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Dorset / James Walter Chorley - information please
« on: Saturday 17 September 11 03:04 BST (UK)  »
James Walter Chorley was born on 21 August, 1881 in Portland. 
His mother Agnes Mary Chorley was not married.   
Sometime in late 1885 she married my ancestor Leonard Gibson Rawson - she bore him two daughters:  Eleanor Susie (b. 1886) and Lottie (b. 1888) - the marriage and births are registered in Weymouth.  She died in mid 1889.
The 1891 census finds the daughters and James Walter boarding with the Masters family in Portland.   
The only other record of him is WW 1 service with the Canadian Army - his papers list his wife
Mary Catherine as his next of kin.
I am seeking information about him and his mother, Agnes Mary Chorley.
Thank You
Cliff in Bethlehem, PA

Yorkshire (East Riding & York) / Caroline WARD/RAWSON/BATTY - 3 in 1?
« on: Tuesday 13 September 11 16:37 BST (UK)  »
I thought I posted this inquiry last week, but evidently it did not go through....
I am seeking information about Caroline WARD (b 1830-32).  In the 1851 census she is found in the home of James & Eliz Lane in Patrington.  She married Thos. RAWSON in the 4th Qtr. of 1851.
In the 1861 census she lists Cottingham as her birthplace - all other  census records list Thirsk.
In 1871 she and Thomas are in Hull with 5 children and his cousin Joseph Gibson.
Thos. died in 1872 and she married Edwin BATTY in June of 1873.  There is no other mention of him.
She is found as Caroline Batty in 1881, 1891 & 1901.  At her marriage in 1873 she lists her father as James Lane (see 1851 census).
Any further information will be most welcome.
Thanks - Cliff Carr in PA

Frederick Thomas Ellerton - b. 1846 in Etton, married 1st: Sarah Jane Acey - b. 1847 in Elloughton, and 2nd: Fanny Ellen Gibson - b. 1849 in Hedon.  He was the father of 11 children, 2 of whom died in infancy.

I am seeking information about the following:

Anne Eliz. Ellerton - b. 1867 - date and place of death unknown.  married?

Alice Mary Ellerton - b. 1869[b  Married: John Josiah Johnson in 1890.  He was born in Skirlaugh in 1867 - parents and date & place of death unknown.

Robert Gibson Ellerton - b. 1874  Married: Mary Hewson in 1904.  Her birthplace and
parents unknown. 

Ada Mary Ellerton - b. 1877. Married: Frederick Kent in 1907.  His birthplace and parents unknown.

George Bernard Ellerton - b. 1882.   Married: Ellen Priscilla Harrison in 1903.  She was born in Hainton, Lincolnshire around 1881 - parents unknown.

Amy Agatha Ellerton - b. 1884 Married?    Date & place of death unknown.

William Jewison Ellerton - b. 1887[b   Married #1:  Lilian Lucy Kerr in 1909 - she was born in Caister, Norfolk - parents unknown. She died in 1915.    Married #2: Edith Gray in 1921.  She was born in 1907 in Hull - parents unknown.

Agnes Mary Ellerton - b.  1888   Married George F. Marlow in 1918.  Nothing is known about George.

Alban Ellerton - b. 1893  Married Gertrude Doris Berry in 1922.  After his death she married Harold Francis in 1947 - we have no record of her death.

Any information would be welcome.

Yorkshire (East Riding & York) / Harrison & Agnes M. Smith of HULL
« on: Saturday 23 July 11 16:46 BST (UK)  »
I am seeking any information on
HARRISON SMITH  (b. 1863) in Hollym, son of William & Elizabeth (Sproxton) Smith
AGNES MARY STRAKER (b. 1866) in Preston
They were married in 1885 (Sculcoates)
They had the following children:
            ALICE M -  b. 1886 in Preston
            GEORGE WM.  -  b. 1889 in Brantlingham
            ELIZABETH - b. 1892 in Hull

For a while, I thought Wm & Ann Smith(my gg-Grandparents) had been married on 12 April, 1819 in Preston, HOWEVER according to her age given in the 1841 & 1851 census records, Ann would only have been eight years old in 1819.   The 1861 census suggests 1807 as her birth year.  Her husband William in Thorgumbald in 1798 or 1800.  Their first-born son William (1830) was born in Hedon, so 1829 would be a better possibility for the marriage date.  Can anyone help?
I do not know Ann's maiden name.....
Cliff in PA

Yorkshire (East Riding & York) / Searching for Jessie Smith
« on: Monday 09 May 11 14:52 BST (UK)  »
Jessie Smith, daughter of William & Elizabeth (Atkinson) Smith was born in Tunstall in 1871 (exact date unknown).
In the 1881 census she is listed as living with her mother and siblings in Raynor's Row, Hedon.
In 1891, there is a 20 year old Jessie Smith (born in Yorkshire) listed as living in Leeds and employed as a domestic servant (perhaps caring for the family's blind son?)
I can find no record after that.
In 1906 her sister Susannah (Gibson) born in 1875, listed Leeds as her last residence before coming to the US with her family.  Could Jessie still have been there then?  Did the Gibsons stay with her before going on to Liverpool and their departure in May, 1906?
Any help would be most appreciated.
Thanks - Cliff  (CBC327)

Yorkshire (East Riding & York) / Thomas Atkinson of Patrington
« on: Tuesday 03 May 11 16:11 BST (UK)  »
Searching for further information about Thomas & Sarah (Crawford) Atkinson of Patrington.  They were the parents of my great-grandmother Elizabeth Atkinson Smith born in 1834.   I thought I had pinned their birthdates down to about 1806 for Thomas and 1801 for Sarah, but recently found information through that gives their baptismal dates as 1798 for Thomas and 1799 for Sarah.  That source also indicates that her parents were
Walter & Mary Crawdord

Lincolnshire Lookup Requests / GILES family of Gainsborough
« on: Monday 18 April 11 00:39 BST (UK)  »
Seeking information about ELLEN GILES and MARY GILES both born in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire - the 1851 & 1861 censuses suggest that they were born between 1809-1811 - were they sisters?
ELLEN married George Gibson (my family) on May 30, 1832 (place unknown)
MARY married Thomas Roydhouse on May 2, 1837 in Hull - their daughter Ellen Ann (born 1855) married my great-grandfather John Gibson in 1873.  Another daughter Jane (born 1852) married John's brother George Gibson in 1881.  John & George were the sons of George & Ellen (Giles) Gibson.   
After marrying, all of them lived in Hedon, Yorkshire and are buried there in St. Augustine's Churchyard.

I am searching for M I s for my great-grandparents:
            William Smith - died: 15 May, 1877 
            Elizabeth (Atkinson) Smith - died January, 1896
They may be buried in St. Augustine's cemetery

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