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The Common Room / 1939 Missing family and address
« on: Sunday 22 November 15 23:35 GMT (UK)  »
My father Norman Walsh born 1913 lived on Lower Bridgeman Street Bolton in 1939 with his 1st wife  Alice born 1914 and their son, my step brother, Graham born 1936 died 1976. I know Graham's record will be closed but my father and Alice should be there but can't be found anywhere. The house they lived at on Lower Bridgeman Street was either 22 or 34 and I know they were at one or the other as I have a letter my father wrote in 1936 with the address on and I was born at the other a few years later. Anyway some of the houses on that Street were built in the 1800s. When searching by address there are only 2 houses listed as Lower Bridgeman Street no 78 and 80 yet I know the other houses were there before 1939. I know there is also a Bridgeman Street and Bridgeman Place but these are separate and not the same streets. I thought the most likely solution was that part of the register had been missed hence no family or address and so sent the 1939 register team an email which they acknowledged 3 weeks ago and said they were going to look into it. I have not heard anything since and the 1939 register hasn't changed. Anyone got any suggestions other than waiting. Thanks

Hi all
I have recently asked for help a couple of times with repair and clean up of photos that are being put in a memory album which will be given by my sister in law to her parents in memory of their son (and her brother) who died a couple of months ago. I have really appreciated the help and the excellent quality of the work done and apologise for asking for help again. We have selected another photo to put in the album and unfortunately it has several creases and needs a repair and clean up. But for this photo the album is finished and I hope that my request is within your rules but please let me know if there is a problem.
II'm sorry but have had to reduce the dpi to 250 to reduce the kb to less than 500.
Thank you yet again for your support
Kind regards

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Photo repair Walsh family
« on: Friday 23 October 15 13:16 BST (UK)  »
Hi Could I finally ask if you could repair / clean up the attached photo. I am helping my sister in law Anne (the girl in the photo)  to do a memorial album of her brother (the boy in the photo ) who died earlier this year. We are aiming to complete the album in the next week and then get it printed so Anne can give it to their parents for Christmas. Your members kindly helped me out with a couple of similar photos about a month ago so I am hoping it is still within your rules but please get back to me if there is a problem.
Kind regards

I posted an early entry asking for help with a damaged photo for a memory album and am very impressed with the results. I hope you don't mind me asking again for another photo.  I am helping my sister in law compile a memory book of her brother who died a couple of months ago, which once completed she will give to their parents. The attached photo is pretty badly creased so I understand if it can't be done but if you can restore / repair it would be much appreciated. Kind regards Linda

Hi I wonder if you could help with the attached photo. I am helping my sister in law who is compiling a memory album for her parents following the death of their son  / her brother. The attached photo has been folded down the centre and also has some damage at the top right hand corner. Is there anything you can do to repair it. I had to reduce it to 150 dpi so that it is less than 500kb. I understand if it is not possible and appreciate any help you can give. Kind regards. Linda

Hi - I don't know if you can help with this but I have recently 'found' some old slides which are now over 50 years old and having been able to scan them I am amazed at how they have kept their colour - especially as they have just been in a cardboard box in my loft for at least 25 of those years. However they have gathered some dust  or similar and while I have  brushed them with a soft brush it doesn't seem to have made any difference. Is there anything you can do to clean up the attached? It is a photo of myself and 2 of my brothers and a cousin and was taken by my grandmother and I have never seen them before - it feels like I have found some treasure Thank you for your time. Linda

Hi This is a photo of an unknown young ancestor on my Walsh line which I am hoping that with dating I might be able to identify. I presume it a male child but if I have that wrong please let me know. Unfortunately I haven't got a scan of the reverse - something I didn't realise could be helpful when I had hold of the photo. I have asked for a repair though I know this might not be possible as it is such a small file. I have not got ready access to the photo but can get hold of it from a relative and rescan if needed. Thank you for looking at the photo. Linda

I wonder if you could help with dating the attached family photo. It is one that was my great aunts and I know they are relatives but I am not sure who and hope the dating will help me narrow down the options. I have had to reduce the photo to 150 dpi to reduce it below 500kb. ( I apologise if I have done this incorrectly) Thank you for looking  Kind regards Linda

Hi This is a photo of a couple who are ancestors but I am far from sure who they are. Could you help with the dating - I would guess 1920's because of my views on the  style but to be honest that is just a guess and I have no real idea but I just love the style of it  Thank you

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