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Fife / DUNCAN, William; (1818 - 1894); Fife, Scotland
« on: Wednesday 06 August 14 23:41 BST (UK)  »
Wanting to make contact with anyone researching William DUNCAN (born 22 Jul 1818, Ramornie, Fife - died 11 May 1894, Muirside, Fife) and either of his two wives -- Janet FIFE (Fyfe) (born before 17 Jan 1815, Cults, Fife - died between 1851 & 1855) or Ann (Annie) HAXTON (born c1833, Newburn, Fife - died 27 Nov 1905, Collessie, Fife).

William & Janet Fife married 23 May 1841 @ Kettle, Fife and had children David (1841 - 1922), William (1843 - 1933), Janet (1846 - 1918), Catherine (1848 - 1884) and Ann(e) (1851 - unknown).

William & Ann Haxton married 24 Feb 1855 @ Kingsbarns, Fife and had children Christina (1856 - 1881), John (1857 - unknown), Robert (our ancestor) (1859 - 1941), Andrew (1861 - 1946), Divinnie (Divina) (1864 - 1877), James (1866 - 1946), Helen (1868 - unknown), Agnes (1870 - 1949), Alexander (1873 - 1905), and Mary (1878 - unknown).

Would appreciate any family history and photos to fill in blanks on this line of our family tree.

Banffshire / Bridgend Cottage, Parish of Alvah
« on: Wednesday 05 March 14 18:38 GMT (UK)  »
We are trying to determine where BRIDGEND COTTAGE, Parish of Alvah, County of Banff was located when our illegitimate grandmother, Lizzie Ann Reid, was born there June 24, 1892 to Lilly Jane Reid, Domestic Servant (Domicil - Gushetbog, Parish of Marnoch).

Any hint as to where this might be would be greatly appreciated ..... Google (and other engine) searches have come up with nothing.  We have found Gushetbog without too much difficulty.

Joanne  ???

Aberdeenshire / HERON, Gilbert Jr and REID, Lilly Jane
« on: Wednesday 05 March 14 16:41 GMT (UK)  »
We are looking for information, photos and/or contact with descendants of Gilbert HERON Jr (April 21, 1853, Logie Buchan - May 28, 1941, Chapel of Garioch) and his wife Lilly (Lily) Jane REID (October 14, 1868, Banff - August 1, 1951, Keithhall).  We know that Lilly was Gilbert's third wife.  He married first in 1879 to Helen MATTHEW (1854 - 1890) and had children Gilbert, James, John, Ann, Eliza-Bella and Jessie-Jane.  He married second in 1892 to Ann MILNE who was quite a few years his senior.  They had no children together although Ann had children prior to the marriage (James CHEZNE, b1861; John MILNE, b1863; William McRAE, b1866 and Alexander COWIE, b1869).

Gilbert married third on December 2, 1908 to our great grandmother Lilly Jane REID and they had two children, Elsie (1909 - 1998) and William (1911 - 1984). 

It is known that Lilly had four illegitimate children prior to her marriage to Gilbert ~~ Lilly Jane Meldrum REID (father unknown; 1891 - 1984), Lizzie Ann REID (our grandmother; father unknown; 1892 - 1957), Mary Ann BARTLETT (father: James Bartlett, not married to Lilly Jane; 1898 - 1986) and Charles Coull REID (father unknown; 1906 - 1988).

Gilbert was the son of Gilbert HERON Sr and Ann CRAIGHEAD and had siblings Ann (Annie), Jane, Elspet, James, John and George.  Lilly Jane was the daughter of William REID and Margaret REDFORD/REIDFORD and had siblings Mary Ann, Margaret, Christian (Christina), Elspet (Elsie), William, Alexander, Barbra (Barbara), Catherine, Helen, Annabella, Jessie, Robert, Eliza and Robina. 

We have obtained many birth/marriage/death records for Gilbert, Lilly and their siblings through ScotlandsPeople but cannot seem to find much on their descendants.  From what our mothers have told us, our grandmother would not speak about her family when asked.  After reviewing all of the information that we have managed to gather we think she may have been embarrassed about her mother's illegitimate children (and also the number of cousins in the Reid family who were illegitimate -- last count was a total of seventeen!!). 

Any and all information that anyone can provide us on these families would be greatly appreciated including any of the family members --- we may already have the information but a second verification of things is better than not receiving anything.  Contact with the descendants of Gilbert's children and step-children from his first two marriages would also be appreciated as they may be able to shed some light on Gilbert and Lilly too.

Joanne ;D

Alderney, Guernsey, Jersey, Sark / Laurens; Jersey, Channel Islands
« on: Friday 01 June 12 07:03 BST (UK)  »
Trying to document birth, ancestry and emigration information for Walter Laurens, born c1873 on Jersey, Channel Islands.  We think that his second name was Randolf.  His parents may have been Jean (John) Laurens and Jane LeQuesne.

We believe that it is this Walter who married July 10, 1918 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and died in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  His wife's name was Emily Robb, but we have no details on her either.  Walter and Emily had six children (five daughters and one son) all born in Manitoba, Canada.

OR, maybe, our 1918 Walter Randolf is a son of the 1873 Walter.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.  We are at a loss  :-\


Roscommon / Cunningham: John, Richard & Michael; Roscommon prior to 1769
« on: Monday 23 January 12 05:24 GMT (UK)  »
According to the book 'The Cunningham Family of Antigonish, Nova Scotia' (by Leonard Cunningham, 1929), these three brothers (John, Richard & Michael CUNNINGHAM) were on their way to "America" when their ship went aground off the shore of Nova Scotia in about 1769.  They all settled in Nova Scotia and Richard and Michael both died and were buried at Antigonish.  Not sure about John --- the book states "Of the eldest brother, John, little is known and no date of his birth or marriage has been found.  The theory has been gradually forming in my mind that he was many years older than Richard or Michael -- that he married in Ireland and his wife was with him in the ship; that his younger brothers had been left to his guardianship and came to America with him, and that some of his sisters accompanied him".  Additional information can be found by Googleing the book .... it's a digital format online.

According to this same book, there were also three sisters (Mary, Magdalen and Jane CUNNINGHAM) who arrived with the aforementioned brothers.

Who were their parents?  Where, exactly, did they come from in Ireland?  What other family might there have been that remained there?

Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.

Banffshire / REID, Lilly Jane and Ancestors
« on: Saturday 21 January 12 06:53 GMT (UK)  »
Trying to locate family for Lilly Jane Reid.  According to the record of the birth of her daughter, Lizzie Ann REID, born June 24, 1892 at Bridgend Cottage, Alvah, Lilly Jane Reid was a Domestic Servant at Gushetbog, Parish of Marnoch. The Registration of Birth was extracted from a Register of Births for the Parish of Alvah in the County of Banff.  There is no father shown on Register of Birth so we assume that Lizzie Ann (our grandmother) was illegitimate.  On Register of Marriage for Lizzie Ann to John Duncan at 11 Union Road, Macduff, Lilly Jane Reid (bride's mother) is listed as a Domestic Servant (no location).

Have copies of both Lizzie's Registration of Birth in 1892 and her marriage in 1912, but cannot firmly establish her connection with her mother in the 1901 census.  The only Lizzie we have found so far is one living with a Helen Anderson at 13 Union Road, Macduff, as a boarder.  Cannot seem to relate any of the Lilly Jane Reid's found on census returns to our family.

Who were Lilly's parents?  When and where was she born?  Did she have siblings?  Did she eventually marry?  When and where did she die and where is she buried?  Her daughter Lizzie, son-in-law John Duncan and their infant daughter emigrated to Canada in 1916.  Four more daughters were born in Canada.  John died in 1940, Lizzie in 1957 and the last of their daughters died in 2011 shortly before her 90th birthday.  According to family lore, family in the 'old country' was never spoken about as the girls were growing up.  All remember Grandma promptly changing the subject if ever questioned about her ancestors. 

Can anyone help?  Assistance greatly appreciated.

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