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Good afternoon all,

Firstly please forgive me if this is covered elsewhere.

I have made several deletions of people on Ancestry and my FTM on my laptop is set to automatically sync. 

Can someone advise if I let the sync go ahead automatically will it recreate these deleted individuals onto Ancestry from my FTM programme.

Or, should I set the sync in FTM to manual and go through all the changes manually.

Obviously I don't want to have to go through deleting lots of people again because they have been reinstated to Ancestry.  (Serves me right not checking properly - )

Thanking all


Can anyone help with this -  I have been banging my head against the proverbial for a number of years:

My x times ancestor Thomas William Gillbe married as below

Margaret Dawson   1843   Jul-Aug-Sep        St Giles    London, Middlesex
Thomas William Gillbe   1843   Jul-Aug-Sep        St Giles    London, Middlesex

On the marriage certificate Margaret's dad is listed as Edward Dawson(Tailor or Sailor - I think it is Tailor).  It does not say deceased.

In 1851 Mr and Mrs Gillbe are living together and also with them is a Mary Riles (Mother in Law).  Assuming she is Thomas' MIL that would make Margaret's maiden name be Riles or Riley.  But her child Mary Ann Gillbe (my gt gt grandma) birth certificate states mother's maiden name as Dawson.
I now wonder if she is Thomas' mother, not mil.  But then her name would be Gillbe.  HELP.....

I cannot make any sense of it.
I have looked at so many census records trying to find Mary Dawson (Riles/Riley) and a remarriage between a Riles/Riley and Dawson. I have scoured every birth, baptism and goodness knows what else.  I cannot make any sense of it.   I have given myself a headache.

A fresh brain is what is needed.  Mine is fuddled.  I am very grateful for any help.

1851 Census showing the Gillbe (although mistranscribed as Gilby) family.  DOUBLE HELP.....
Mary Riles (or Riley) at the end born Ireland. 

Yours well and truly stuck. 

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Any Idea what this signature is
« on: Monday 08 April 13 22:31 BST (UK)  »
Most grateful for any input.

Bedfordshire / Levi Church - born Bromham
« on: Sunday 04 November 12 21:10 GMT (UK)  »
Good evening everyone,

Could someone please let me know if there was a definite outcome of the completed subject regarding Levi Church parentage.  There were two Levi's born in close proximity and year of birth to one another.  One had a father William - the other Joseph.  Both married an Eliabeth.

I tend to go with Joseph as the father of Levi, but keep banging up against other people who say it is William.

I did manage to find the record of Levi who was buried in Kempston (but cannot remember or repeat where I found it - very helpful!).

I am obviously reluctant to put the wrong parents onto my tree - this has stumped me for many years and I am considering purchasing the parish registers of Kempston, Bromham and Ampthill to further my research but just wondering if your help may make this unnecessary. 

My Levi married Dorcas and my gr grandad was John born 1840 who married 1. Mary Ann Pepper, then 2. Sarah Chandler (13 years his senior).  John and Mary Ann had a son Jack (born 1868) who had a son John William born 1888 who is my grandad.

Very grateful for any help.
I do have photos of John (born 1840 and Sarah his second wife) and Jack if anyone would like copies I would be happy to share.

Many thanks everyone,

Kind regards,

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / John and Sarah Church
« on: Saturday 23 June 12 13:08 BST (UK)  »
Please could someone help to tidy up this picture.  It is of my great great grandad John Church, born bedford in 1840 and his second wife Sarah Chandler born Ampthill 1830s.  His first wife died when she was 29 leaving him with three small children so I suppose he needed someone to help him.  Also my great aunt told me that this lady used to cook lovely bacon and onion puddings for the men who came in from the fields.  She was a housekeeper cook (unmarried) prior to marrying him in 1871. He, his son and grandson were all blacksmiths.

Also, any idea what date.  (he died aged 66 in Dartford workhouse in 1909)

Thank you for any help you can manage.  I am very grateful.


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