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The Common Room / Who was Sarah Ellen Dilley?
« on: Tuesday 20 December 22 12:29 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone find out the back story for Sarah Ellen Dilley?

I can find her on the 1939 record in St Pancras, London. Born 25th July 1893
She has a son called James Dilley. The record says "married"

There is a death certificate for Sarah Ellen Dilley Oct 1973 which gives her birth as 20th August 1893. It may or may not be the same woman.

She is on various electoral registers in the late 1929's/early 1930s in Islington with a Sidney Dilley.

I can't find a marriage for her or a birth register for her son James.

I would like to know whether she did actually marry, who she married and whether her son was born under the surname Dilley or another name.

Any help, advice or guidance would be very much appreciated.

The Common Room / Catholic burials 1853
« on: Tuesday 10 May 22 12:46 BST (UK)  »
Apologies if this has been asked before, but would a 4 year old catholic child who was died in the workhouse, be buried in an Anglican ceremony in an Anglican burial ground?

St John the Evangelist, Westminster, London 1853. Jeremiah Harrington.
I've found a burial record for a child of this name on Ancestry but a unsure if, being a catholic, he would have a C of E burial

Thanks in advance for any help,


Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / I have too much Irish DNA
« on: Friday 15 April 22 14:49 BST (UK)  »
With the new changes in Ancestry, I've lost my Scottish and my Irish has gone back up again. Even with the various changes over the years the Irish has hovered between 30 and 40%.

The new facility in Ancestry regarding maternal and paternal DNA amounts confirms my paper trail. Whoever it comes from its definitely my maternal side.

The problem has always been that I only know one set of  gt gt great parents came from Ireland.

Does a percentage this high mean there is more than one set of ancestors with Irish DNA ? Or can it mean the DNA comes from further back and is cumulative.

One maternal great gt grandfather is unknown as his daughter was illegitimate. His parter, my gt gt grandmother is just a name in a birth certificate and I've been unable to accurately identify her. Another gt gt
grandfather has unknown history - just a name in a birth, death and marriage certificate with no other information regarding his religion or place or origin.

Circumstantial evidence points to these unknown being Catholic, possibly Irish.

Would having more than one set of Irish gt gt grandparents account for the high level of Irish DNA?

Surrey Lookup Requests / Lambeth birth parish register look up please
« on: Wednesday 21 July 21 15:15 BST (UK)  »

Would anyone be able to look up a birth parish register for Sep 1919 in Lambeth please.
Child is Edward R Macdonald (might be Mcdonald) MMN is Lane.
I simply want to know if he was the child of Mary Ann Lane and John Macdonald.

Mary Ann would have been 48 at the time so I'm not sure whether she could be his mother.

John Sutcliffe married Mary Ann Lane in 1890. St Saviour Southwark. According to FreeBMD no other John Sutcliffe married a Mary Ann Lane between 1837 and 1890.
It was a C of E service at St Mary Magdalene, Southwark.

As far as I know John was C of E and I can't find any records other than a birth certificate for Mary Ann Lane between 1871 and her marriage in 1890

They had a number of children. These are the ones that are causing me a headache:


All these children had C of E baptisms

Then today I find that some additional Southwark baptisms were added to FindmyPast catholic records and these children appear to be baptised again in a Catholic ceremony.

On both sets of records the parents are John Sutcliffe and Mary Ann. On the C of E records it simply says Mary Ann Sutcliffe. On the catholic records it states John Sutcliffe and Mary Ann Lane. On a couple of the Catholic records it also says "Sub conditione et (sin? caeremoniuus?" It's very difficult to read) which I'm lead to believe means there may have been a previous baptism?

All baptisms, both C of E and catholic, are in the Walworth/Bermondsey/Southwark area

It's the DOB's that are the sticking point

Florence has the DOB of 21st June 1895 but the 22nd on the catholic. Close enough not to really be a worry.

Henry's is a big discrepancy - May 7th 1899 on C of E but 21st April 1900 on the catholic

William DOB 21st May 1901 on C of E but 21st May 1902 on the catholic

Arthur DOB 21st Nov 1903 on C of E and the same on catholic

Edward DOB July 1906 on C of E and no DOB on the Catholic just a date of baptism Oct 7 1907. Edward death registration was Dec 1907.

The C of E burials were all close of their dates of births but the Catholics re-baptisms were between 1907 and 1910.

Some of the children then appear to have undergone Confirmations:
Florence in May 1907
Henry in June 1909
William in June 1911

Does anyone know why they would have had both a C of E and then a Catholic baptism? In several cases, several years later? And why would some of the birthdates have been altered? It is something to do with the required age for Confirmation?

I'm concerned that these aren't even the same people but the shared names and location make it seem unlikely this is a coincidence.

The Common Room / If there's a will is there a way?
« on: Tuesday 08 June 21 19:18 BST (UK)  »
I found a probate record on Ancestry for my gt grandmother Hannah Williams:

"WILLIAMS - Hannah of 32 Barking Road, Essex. Widow died 23rd March PROBATE LONDON 18th April to city-missionary and Susannah Williams spinster Effects 1745"

With this information would I be able to locate a will and buy it? I know Hannah was a practicing Catholic so leaving some money to a priest doesn't seem that odd. What is odd is that if I have the correct Hannah Williams, is that she had two daughters of her own so who is Susannah Williams? Would it give some detail of her identity on a will? her address, perhaps age?

And would 1745 have been a significant amount of money in 1899 is left by a supposedly poor widow?

Any response to these questions gratefully received  ;D

The Common Room / Patrick Harrington - the missing years
« on: Tuesday 11 May 21 19:16 BST (UK)  »
I'm trying to discover what happened to my Gt uncle Patrick Harrington between the years 1946 and his death in 1992.

He was born on the 20th Feb 1903 and I've been unable to locate him on the 1939 register. He does appear on various electoral registers in Bermondsey/Southwark before 1939 living with various members of his family.

In 1946 he was living with his sister Hannah Ashman and her husband, George Ashman in Southwark, London (electoral register)

I have his death certificate for 15th September 1992 where his address was Milton Regis, Sittingbourne, Kent. His death was registered by his gt niece, the granddaughter of his sister Mary Ashman. Various members of the Ashman family had moved to Kent, about 30 miles from where he was living in Milton Regis.

I can't find an electoral register for him in Sittingbourne to discover whether he married. It's possible he did marry and his wife pre-deceased him. He could possibly have had children but it might then be rather odd that his niece registered his death.

Any thoughts on how to discover more about him or additional information always very much appreciated.

The Common Room / Identifying the correct Margaret Barrington and Ann Williams
« on: Wednesday 31 March 21 15:37 BST (UK)  »
My great aunt Norah (Hannah, Hanorah) Bradshaw was living in Canning Town in 1893 - according the catholic census 1893, found on FindMyPast. She was living with her son and her husband, who was a sailor.

There are two other women living with her. Ann(e) Williams and Margaret Barrington. Norah's maiden name was Williams and I'd hoped that Ann, having the same surname, would be able to lead me to Norah's father - the long-lost and still-not-identified John Williams.

Rootschatters did an amazing job of discovering loads of information about Norah, and at the time the thread was active I was certain I'd discovered the identities of both the other women.

In January this year I had a computer disaster. Some of my information was not backed up (just one more cr**py happening in the years 2020/2021)

I've gone back to the register of the 1893 catholic census and discovered that some of the information I'd followed may in fact be incorrect. The Margaret Barrington I'd identified as living at 56 Baron Street, Canning Town in 1911 was a widow from Limerick. However, looking at the register there is no cross under the "married" column. I'm not certain if this means Margaret had never been married or no longer had a living husband at the time of the census.

Ann Williams is still not identified to my satisfaction. I can see from the register that she was married at the time of the 1893 census and that she was over the age of 21 but that's about it.

Norah's mother was born in 1832 and her father in approx 1831 (his age calculated from his death certificate) Norah was born in 1865 so I've gone along the lines that Ann and/or Margaret might be an older relative and born around the 1830's or of a similar age to Norah, born in the 1860's.

The only thing that I can say with certainty is that they were born before 1872 and were catholic.

If anyone has any ideas how to positively identify these ladies I would be very grateful.

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / A bit of a challenge...
« on: Saturday 13 March 21 16:40 GMT (UK)  »
I'm not bad at using Photoshop but I have a photo of an unknown family member that is so bad I don't know where to start.

If anyone is up for a challenge I've uploaded the image but it really is very poor.

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