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Europe / Paul Larsen, father of Maren Nikolina Paulsdatter b 1818 Vefsn, Nordland
« on: Tuesday 25 June 24 23:32 BST (UK)  »
Here is another mystery.
Maren Nikolina Paulsdatter was baptised in Blaaefjelddal on or about 19th April 1818, the 4th Sunday after Easter Day (apparently). Her parents were Poul (Paul) Larsen and Henricha Elisabeth Ingebrigtsdatter.
Paul was (supposedly) the son of Lars Pedersen, Tiphaug and Milla Andersdatter, Tiphaug.
I have yet to find a marriage record for Paul and Henricha, but it appears that they had other children together. Henricha died in 1843.
There is a marriage record for a Paul Larsen to Berit Nilsdatter on 22nd June 1823 at Dolstad Kirke and they had a child together, Jacob Mathias Paulsen born 26th May 1824 in Tuvnes. Berit died in 1869.
Another tree has Paul Larsen dying in 1869 in Tuvnes, but that may not be correct.

We have Isabella (Elisabeth in 1861 Census) Smith born in December 1857 to Walter Smith and Sarah née Jackson.
Here is an apparent record of Isabella's marriage to Alexander Lobban in August 1874
On the FreeBMD index, I only find an Isabella Smith marrying an Alexander Thopson in Q Sept 1874 in the Bellingham reg district.
Where is the marriage of Isabella and Alexander?

Milly (Millie) Stone married Mark Kotkin in the September quarter of 1923 in Whitechapel (volume 1c page 399).
Who were Millie's parents and where was she born?
Millie and Mark emigrated to the USA and lived in Montana.
Thanks for any help.

Europe / ANE KJERSTINE CHRISTINE ERIKSDATTER 1822-1911 in Vefsn, Nordland, Norway
« on: Wednesday 22 May 24 16:14 BST (UK)  »
Ane is my great great grandmother and I would like to find as much as possible about her colourful life; husbands, partners, children, census records and anything else of record.
One tree states she died in 1911 at Anabakken, Granmoen, Vefsn, but I haven't found that record.
She is said to have been born on 26th August 1822.
Ane had children with four different men (or did she?): Jakob Jakobsen, Ole Jørgen Olsen, Ole Olsen Aune and Ole Amundsen Olsen.
Any help will be much appreciated and I can add information to my tree.
Thanks, Richard PJ

I am R born 1952 in England.
My twin brother D is a DNA match with shared 45 - 52% 2530 cM. No mystery there.

Our mother H was born in Norway in September 1924. Her mother (our grandmother) W born 1893 spent her whole life in Trondheim. On the birth certificate for H, the mother was W (we have no doubts about that), but the father was said to be AO. I have yet to find any DNA matches with the family of AO among hundreds offered by Anc***** and MyHer*****.
The next closest DNA match to me is K born 1966 in Norway. We have 5% shared DNA 316 cM across 16 segments. Ancestry suggests K, D and I can be "Half 1st Cousins." I have identified the mother of K to be M and the grandfather of K to be JHON and the great grandfather of K to be OJON. There are many cousins on Anc** and MyHer** who are shared matches.
So cousin K and I have the same grandfather JHON but different grandmothers.
I hope you can follow all this. Is my theory sound?

Europe / Where was JØRGEN HASS OLSEN NYLAND in 1923/24 in Norway ?
« on: Friday 10 May 24 17:37 BST (UK)  »
My person of great interest is Jørgen Hass Olsen Nyland. I am now thinking that he is my maternal grandfather - or at least the brother of a man who was the father of my mother Hjørdis Paulsen Olsen who was born on 28th September 1924 in Trondheim, Sør-Trondelag. My mother's birth certificate states that Arthur Olsen was the father, but DNA does not support the fact that Arthur Edvard Olsen 1890-1949 was my grandfather.
Strong DNA matches lead me to believe that JØRGEN HASS OLSEN NYLAND is my grandfather. He was born on 16th April 1891 in Vefsn, Nordland. Jørgen died on 23rd April 1962 in Vefsn. In 1900 he was incorrectly identified (methinks) as a female with his parents Ole Jorgen Olsen 1854-1933 and Ellen Petrine Olsdatter Christenson 1856-1922. In 1910 Jorgen is in Vefsn with "Kristensen" family as Skoleelev.

I have seen a marriage record for Henry Cromwell on 10th September 1918 in Kings, New York. He apparently married Anna M (May) Marmal. The couple appear to be living as man and wife in the 1915 Census. Anna May was said to be born in 1886 in England, but i can find no birth record for her in the FreeBMD index or the GRO.
Who was ANNA MAY MARMAL ? I have seen her surname listed as Manuel, but I can't find a birth record under that name. Was this a first marriage for Anna May? Perhaps she was married before like Henry?
Any help is much appreciated as always.

Australia / GEORGINA MURRAY DRYDEN née BRUCE died 31 MAY 1980 in Sydney
« on: Thursday 25 April 24 17:12 BST (UK)  »
Georgina (Gina) was born on 2nd August 1905 in York, Yorkshire, England. I am almost sure that she died on 31st May 1980 in Sydney having moved from England after 1965.
I have found electoral rolls for Gina and her daughter, A, in 1977 and 1980 living in Sydney. I do not know if A is still alive. Gina was a nurse who had married Percy William Dryden. Percy died in 1964.
Any additional information about Gina and family will be much appreciated.
Thank you. Richard

Lanarkshire / Stewart Thomas Swan born 25th January 1958 in Harthill, Lanarkshire
« on: Sunday 21 August 22 22:00 BST (UK)  »
We'd like to learn more about Stewart Thomas Swan who was born at 10 Greenrigg Cottages, Harthill, Lanarkshire on 25th January 1958.
His birth certificate states that his father was Stewart Swan, a coal miner (boiler?) and his mother was Elizabeth McNeil Swan née Moody. Stewart and Elizabeth married on 20th March 1948 at Eastfield.
Can we learn more about Stewart Jr's parents, siblings and his early life?
Stewart died in May 2022 and was married four times, all in Scotland, but we have no dates for these marriages.
Thanks for any help.

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