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Hi everyone. I have been researching a family named Ginifer (spelt many different ways!) who lived in Castlemorton/Welland, Worcestershire in the 19th/20th century. This photo was found with other Ginifer photos (although none as old as this one appears). It is stuck on a dark green shiny card with no marks on the back.
Could anyone suggest a date and possible occasion?

Thank you

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Ancestry DNA story - regions of Great Britain
« on: Tuesday 21 August 18 17:59 BST (UK)  »
Hi all, new to DNA and have so many questions.

I have access to the results of 2 Ancestry DNA tests; why would one have lots of different regions of Great Britain in their dna story (eg West Midlands, Southern England, Northern England) but the other have just 2 broad regions. ("England,Wales & NW Europe" plus "Ireland, Scotland") . They are both the updated versions and are not related to each other.


World War Two / What do copies of a WW2 Army Service Record look like now?
« on: Wednesday 15 May 13 22:02 BST (UK)  »
My mother paid for a copy of her late father's service record back in 1988 but it is a short typed up letter listing basic facts only - when he enlisted, was promoted, posted to different regiments. At the end it lists dates of service eg  BEF 9.1.1940 - 31.5.1940, followed by a list of medals issued.

Has this changed at all? Do current applicants receive a copy of the original document much like the WW1 records on Ancestry? The family would like to find out more about his war service - he was issued the Italy Star but his records don't mention Italy, just North Africa to 23.1.45 followed by Middle East to 19.10.45.

I have all the forms filled out ready to reapply but don't want to end up with an exact copy of what was received in 1988.

Thanks for reading


Kent / Cottage Homes, Cheriton. Admissions
« on: Tuesday 29 January 13 19:55 GMT (UK)  »
Hi there

I am posting on behalf of a friend  :)

Her ancestor has been found in the Cottage Homes in 1911 with 3 siblings aged between 5 & 14. According to the census they were all born in Folkestone. There is no family story about them being in a children's home. We have been unable to find any matching birth entries in the area. Now wondering if they were either born elsewhere - or registered with different surnames? The elder two children should be in the 1901 census but we've drawn a blank so far. suggests that the archive only have 1922 onwards admissions. Has anyone looked at these records before?

Totally new to Kent research so any tips helpful.


FH Documents and Artefacts / Address on Death Certificate
« on: Saturday 03 March 12 13:12 GMT (UK)  »
A death certificate in my possession says that the deceased, Charlotte Spindler was "Widow of William Spindler a labourer of 56 Bloomfield Street, Bromley"

Would this address refer to her last known home before entering the workhouse? In 1881 she was living at Augusta St, Poplar, and the death occurred in 1886 at the workhouse, Poplar - she was 93.

I am trying to trace the marriage of Charlotte to William and wondered if the address could help? In previous census she moved about a bit but none are in Bromley.

Any thoughts please  :)

I have recently been sent this scanned photo by a cousin but we don't know who the subjects are. My cousin thinks the woman looks like his late father. Can anyone give an estimate of the year it was taken and any other clues in the picture please.

No need to restore as quite a good picture to start with.

Thanks for looking

Armed Forces / drowned at sea - was he in Navy?
« on: Sunday 02 May 10 20:48 BST (UK)  »
I have found 2 separate references to a man saying that he drowned at sea, off Bonny Africa 25th March 1858. One source says that he was lost due to the "unsettling of the boat while on duty" which suggests he was not simply a passenger as I had originally thought.

I have checked the National Archives register of seaman's services, but he does not appear.

His name was Culloden Robert Miller and he was 19. Can anyone suggest other places to look - he had a very unusual first name which helps! Would there have been a death certificate? I have found no other family members joining the navy.

thanks for any ideas


Gloucestershire Lookup Requests / check PRs St Andrew Clifton please
« on: Friday 09 April 10 08:53 BST (UK)  »
I am hoping someone can check a couple of IGI references for further details?

marriage of William Miller to Ella Call 1 January 1848 St Andrews Clifton

hoping for father of William to be also William Miller gentleman

The other is:

baptism of William Frederick Redman Miller (son of above couple) 15 Jun 1849 - the familysearch ref just says "Bristol" no church so hoping it was at St Andrews also - unless sks knows how I can extract the church using the batch number? C016805

thanks for your help


Australia / Look up Victoria please
« on: Thursday 08 April 10 20:05 BST (UK)  »
I have had fantastic help on this board before so I am hoping some kind person can come to my rescue again!

I am still on the trail of the Miller family, see:,394865.0.html

I have now come across a George Redman Miller who was the son of William and Ella Miller, born c1870 in Chewton VIC

I know that William and Ella married in Bristol in 1848 and had a son William Frederick Redman Miller in Bristol. They can't be found in England in 1851 so they may have already left for Australia.

Hopefully there were other children between William b1849 & George b1870. This might help me to narrow down when they arrived. If any one could find reference to this family I would be most grateful.


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