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London & Middlesex Completed Lookup Requests / ROBERTS -1861/1871/1881 - ISLINGTON
« on: Thursday 27 July 06 14:11 BST (UK)  »

i'm trying to find Ellen Parry (nee Roberts), I have looked on the 1881 census but havnt been able to find her. I'm hoping to find her living at home with parents as a child to discover the ages of her siblings and parents.

she is on the 1891 census here : RG12/4660 28 16

as Ellen Roberts age 35 born Islington, London married to Robert Parry also 35

I believe her parents were

William Roberts
Mary Watkin Rees

Ellen was one of 7 children

William Rees

no dates known



Caernarvonshire Lookup Requests / PARRY family, please help 1891/1901
« on: Thursday 27 July 06 11:12 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to trace the PARRY family

Unfortunately i am sadly lacking on information

the information i have is.....

Dr. Robert Hilton Parry married Ellen Roberts and together they had 5 children

1) Robert Parry (went on to marry a Hilda, and have 2 unknown children)

2) William Hilton Parry (apparently last known around church street?? caernarven, had 2 children both unknown as to names or gender)

3) Enid Parry (married a robert thomas, and had 2 children "Nefrida" and "Robert Garyn")

4) Olga Dilys Parry (born in the quarter of Jun 1891  in Caernarven District. She married a Robert Burrell and had 3 children "john" "ellen" and an unknown child.)

5) Dr. T Geraint Parry (no further information known)

I have no other dates or locations for any of these people, any help is greatfully received.

Olga is clearly the link to bring forth the other information.... could some nice kind person find them on the 1891 & 1901 census' please?



The Common Room / census cd's
« on: Tuesday 21 March 06 14:07 GMT (UK)  »
can anyone give me a bit more info on the census cd's that you can buy?

do they just contain pictures of the census or has someone transcribed them so you can do searches?

are they different from each supplier? is there a specific company's one i should get?

Cardiganshire Lookup Requests / Mary Watkin Rees
« on: Monday 20 March 06 16:34 GMT (UK)  »
i have very limited information and am trying to find ancestors of a Mary Watkins Rees she married a William Roberts and together they had 7 children that i know of (listed below )....i unfortunately dont have any dates for her or her children but believe she was from machynlleth.
Her eldest granddaughter (from margaret) was born in 1881 so we're probably talking about her birth being around the 1820's

Margaret Roberts
John Roberts
Ellen Roberts
William Rees Roberts
Griffith Roberts
Grace Roberts
Kathreen Roberts

hope you can help.


Cardiganshire Lookup Requests / 1841/1851 Davies
« on: Monday 20 March 06 15:56 GMT (UK)  »

in continuation from this post (,140970.0.html) on the carmarthenshire board, i am now searching for the parents of Elizabeth Davies born Lampeter, cardigan shown in this census with her married name of Jones

1881 census RG11 5382/31 pg 2

Thankyou for reading this.


Carmarthenshire Lookup Requests / Jones/Bowen Clarification please.
« on: Monday 20 March 06 13:51 GMT (UK)  »

i've been looking at the 1881 census and at RG11 5382/31 pg2  it shows a john and mary bowen as visitors, can anyone confirm that mary is john and elizabeth's child?

i dont have any details of Elizabeth's (nee Davies) family unfortunately.

i have a vaige note that they had a child called mary but i have no dates and would love to be able to confirm this.

i have looked on the BMD and the only marriage i can find for mary and john is in Q.Dec 1872....what was the legal marrying age as 12 and 13 seems awfully young, can anyone find a marriage that i have missed?

i also believed there were two other children jane is shown but annie (no dates known) and john (the one i was initally searching for.... born 22 apr 1862) are not to be found.

i hope you can help!


Sussex Lookup Requests / 1861 Brighton Census Please
« on: Monday 06 February 06 01:18 GMT (UK)  »
Please could you find a couple living in brighton in 1861 they married on 15 dec 1855
i would love to know firstly if they had any children and secondly where she was from so i can try to find her parents and indeed her living with them in the 1841 census - i hope!

David Gardner Booker born 7 dec 1817
Eliza Hunt



Dorset Lookup Requests / 1891 - Poole - GOVER
« on: Tuesday 24 January 06 01:33 GMT (UK)  »
please can someone help me find a Charles Henry GOVER b.dec 1861

in the 1881 census he is living at  Grape Vine Ashley Road, Dorset
 RG11 / 2096 / 94 / 35

he married in march 1882 to either a Harriett BURT or a Sarah Maria DIKE and i would love to know which.

in 1891 he should have 2 of his 4 children with him (florence b.1884 and alice b.1889)




Sussex Lookup Requests / 1851 Keymer, sussex lookup - COLLINS
« on: Monday 23 January 06 22:27 GMT (UK)  »
please could someone lookup a

Richard COLLINS born C.1820
he had a son (Thomas Dukeson Thorpe COLLINS) born c.1844 in Keymer,sussex

would it be possible to try and find them in 1851 to see who the wife was? and if there were any other children.


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