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London and Middlesex / looking for John Yeo
« on: Thursday 14 September 23 15:00 BST (UK)  »
hello all
 not sure if any one can help me with the 1921 census.
If you can I am looking for a John Yeo on the 1911 census he is living at 93 Kilravock Street, Queen's Park, Harrow Road, Paddington   in the home of  Henrietta Batchelor born 1859 St Pancras .
 John was born abt 1910 and is down as a Nurse Child (Nurse) I am trying to find if he is still a round in 1921 as the John I am looking for is in New Zealand by then, he was put in an orphanage abt 1914 I know its not a lot to go on if he is still in the UK I can cross him of my list.
thank you for reading this kind regards Sue

Hi I have never done research in New Zealand,  can you tell me how easy it is to find records on line.
 Do you have the same information on wedding and birth certificate  as we do in the UK.
If a person born in 1911 in Auckland was put in an orphanage can you access records.

All I have is a name  John Anderson  date of birth 1911 to go on.
can any one give me a clue what sites are available .

kind regards Sue

Lancashire / In search of Eliza Watts Dempsey
« on: Tuesday 04 July 23 15:14 BST (UK)  »
Hi  all
I think I have tried most places but can not find Eliza, I know she married
Alfred Benjamin Kelly in Aug 1871 Manchester.
Eliza father name was Thomas Dempsey, I have not been able to find anything before that.
Eliza may have died at some point before 1886 or Benjamin left her.

I believe  Benjamin as he was known by 1881 was living  in Liverpool with a lady Mary Louisa Levine and did not married her until June 1886 .

I believe Alfred Benjamin and Benjamin Kelly are both the same man,  my great grandfather.

Benjamin is my brick wall I know his father was John, and he was born in Manchester married Mary and had my gran Lillian Kelly born 1889  Manchester,  who is another story.

Sorry to be so long winded,  but any help would be very much appreciated.
kind regards Sue

Lancashire / 1939 Reg
« on: Wednesday 09 February 22 16:04 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all
 I am not sure if you can help with the 1939 Reg
but if you can I am trying to find the family of Edward Mattinson born 1883 and wife Alice Ann born 1885 as far as I know they always lived in Lancaster. I have had no luck at all or with Ernest Ledster / Lester  born 1906 wife Margaret Alice born 1906 again Lancaster.
any help would be appreciated.
Kind regards Sue

Lancashire / Bluecoat school in 1940s
« on: Wednesday 04 August 21 13:07 BST (UK)  »
Hi all
Please can anyone help, two of my brothers were sent to the Bluecoats after their mum died and two were sent to the cottage home in Fazakerley, ( they did all come home after dad remarried ) can you tell me if there are any sites I my find records or any information.
   any information would be very much appreciated
                      kind regards Sue

Galway / Help with Keefe and Forde family
« on: Sunday 21 March 21 13:58 GMT (UK)  »
Hi I hope you may be able to help me I am new to looking for Irish records and need help please.
 I have Bridget Margaret Forde born 1935 she was married in 1957 in England, her farther was Michael Forde I only have her mothers maiden name of Keefe.
I have tried looking on ancestry and family search but had no luck finding a marriage. or anything else . I really don't know were to go next .
I believe  Bridget family lived in Galway they where Roman Catholic if that helps.
Any help would be very much appreciated
                      Kind regards Sue

Other Countries / Polish records
« on: Friday 19 March 21 14:40 GMT (UK)  »
Hi can anyone give me some advice as to where I may find any records for Poland if there are any.
  Kind regards Sue

Lancashire / Norris Family Liverpool
« on: Friday 14 June 19 15:57 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to find some of he children belonging to Henry born 1821Liverpool,  and Ellen Norris born 1827 Liverpool.
They had 8 children I have not been able to find 4 of them.

 Mary Ellen born 1860
Henry born 1864
 Thomas 1868
Elizabeth Jane 1875.

If any one can help I would really appreciate . 
it I think I am not seeing the wood for the tree's
kind regards Sue

Shropshire / Help please
« on: Sunday 05 May 19 14:51 BST (UK)  »
Hi I am trying to find information for Thomas Hackett born abt 1771 Redington Rutland, he married Mary ?  no idea when, they had a son John born 1806 Berrington Shropshire.
I have found Thomas in 1851 in Llwynlidman, Shropshire, again in 1861 Morda workhouse he was a butcher so was his son John.
if any one can help or point me in the right direction were to go next I would really appreciate it.
   kind regards Sue

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