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Ireland / Furlongs of Mountjoy Dublin
« on: Sunday 26 April 15 20:50 BST (UK)  »
Hi All

I am looking for any information on the Furlongs of Richmond St North and Russell Street Mountjoy. I know of the relationship between the Behan (Brendan Behan) and the Furlongs as it is well documented , but can find little on the Furlongs. I do know that Granny Furlong moved over to Birmingham England with her two daughters and shortly after arriving was arrested for bomb making. What I am looking for is anything on Thomas Henry Furlong and his wife Mary Anne O'Connor (granny furlong) and their children. Family say they know at some point there was a connection with Wexford but I cant seem to trace them back from Dublin. John/Jack Furlong married Kathleen Kearney mother of the Behan boys Brendan Behan and Dominic (second marriage to Stephen Behan) . The furlongs can be found in 1901 and 1911 living in mountjoy . My direct descendant is Leo Furlong.  Any help appreciated. Thanks  :)


Ireland / BMD's after 1958 Frustration
« on: Friday 13 June 14 17:38 BST (UK)  »
Hi Everyone

Does anyone know of any future plans for BMD's after 1958 to be released ??

Carol  ???

Alderney, Guernsey, Jersey, Sark / Guernsey or Jersey McCafferty
« on: Wednesday 26 March 14 22:34 GMT (UK)  »
Hi everyone

This is my first time researching Channel Islands (also using iPad) . I have an ancestor Mary Ann McCafferty, she is recorded on census pages as being born in either JErsey or Guernsey (mostly Jersey). She married Robert Hazell in Kingston Ontario CAnada in 1848 , Robert was in the a Royal Artillery, the appear in England in 1851 onwards (although I haven't found them on the 1861 census)- he may have been posted overseas. The marriage certificate is one that was recorded by the army and it doesn't have Mary Ann's fathers name on it , I did think that it would have to be recorded in the England and Wales records but I can't find it there . I tried family search to see if I could find her birth there but have only come across a birth for a Charles McCafferty in 1848, MAry being born in 1828 according to census pages. Any tips on how to research or find any information on Mary? I realise that her name is not usual of the Channel Islands. I found one on the 1841 census spelt Mickafferty living with a family called Le Coq in st HElier. Sorry for bad typing . Any help appreciated


Ireland / Irish Certificates Online
« on: Thursday 06 March 14 10:07 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Everyone

Its been a few months since I ordered a certificate on line , for the life of me I can remember which site I ordered it from (sure it was HSE) , I am questioning myself because the last one I ordered which was summer last year it cost around 10 Euros ...does anyone know if the price has gone up as I am looking at the HSE site and they are saying 20 Euros ??


Dublin / At a loss on the 1911 Census
« on: Tuesday 04 March 14 16:21 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Everybody

Please ...please can someone put me out of my misery here !! Found family on the 1901 census

John Patrick Dunne 33 Compositor b. Dublin
Mary Anne wife 30 b. Co Westmeath
Gabriel 7 son
Josephine Mary dau 5
John Baptist son 3
Kathleen Agnes dau 1

They all lived at 51 Innisfallen Parade, Inns's Quay , College Green Dublin . I have searched like a lunatic for the past few days trying everywhere in Ireland to find them in 1911 ...why cant I find them ??? desperate now any help would be very much appreciated would think with names like Gabriel and John Baptist they would be easy

thanks in advance

Carol  ???

Armed Forces / Naval Registration Record Deciphering.
« on: Monday 02 December 13 19:25 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Everyone

I have the registration records from Kew for a relative that I am having trouble understanding . At the foot of the document in remarks it reads "W of 30th Nov 03 contempt and skulking 5 days cells. Not forfeiting time and pay". Then on the next line "Run 7.8.06 'Magnificent' Bangor Co Down".
Last line reads "N.L.7938/07/ not claimed for further service in R.N."

What I would love to know is what the term "Run" means ? and also what the last line means. Would this be the time he left the navy ?

Any help appreciated.


England / Baffling Census 1911
« on: Wednesday 30 October 13 20:41 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Everybody :)

Firstly I have such a puzzle that Im really not sure which board to put it on , so please forgive me if its irritatingly on the wrong one .

I am searching for an ancestor Edward McGarry born 1885 County Clare Ireland. He signed up with the Royal Navy in 1901 his registration papers I have from Nat. Archives start recording in 1902. I found him in the 1901 census and then again what I think is him in the 1911 census . My problem is the address for the census on the typewritten page (hope you all know the site Im looking at)  says Findhorn, Welsh Black, Bristol, Glos. So I click on to . and the actual image says Census of SCOTLAND 1911, which I always thought we could not see anyway , could someone take a look it for me please ???


South Africa / Indian in South Africa
« on: Tuesday 22 October 13 13:45 BST (UK)  »
Hello Everyone

I am a total novice to research in South Africa , I noticed rutti tuttis post on Read this before posting but I couldnt see a link to the PDF mentioned ??

Any directions or advice on searching for Indian families who went over to work on the sugar plantations from 1860 onwards ? All I know is some of them travelled on the ship Truro and worked in the Natal region.

thanks for anything you can help with  :)


Armed Forces / Military BMDs
« on: Monday 26 August 13 20:29 BST (UK)  »
Hello Everyone

Can anybody tell me where I can obtain birth certificates for children whose father was in the Royal Artilliery from 1870. The children were born in various places, England, East Indies , and Ireland. I do have a volume number and page number but which GRo would I approach. The one in particular I want was born in Donegal . Appreciate any help .


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