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I’m trying to work out how my gt gt grandparents would have ever come into contact for my gt grandfather to have been conceived.

Backstory: my Ancestry DNA matches include a group of shared matches who don’t fit into my family tree, so obviously there has been a non paternal event in the past. It seemed strange because they are all American descended from Mormons and I’m English.
The most recent male that they are all descended from is a Joshua Albert MCCOURT, 1857 – 1937.
I have come to the conclusion that he was my gt gt grandfather who fathered my gt grandfather in 1893 (based on looking at the amount of DNA I share with my matches and what our probable relationships would be; eliminating all the other lines in my tree where my DNA matches confirm what I know on paper; the fact that I have no DNA matches going back on the supposed line)

So here’s what I know…Joshua McCourt was born in Armagh, Northern Ireland in 1857. In 1872 he emigrated to Canada and married his first wife in 1875. They had 7 children together, their last being born in 1888. At some point afterwards he moved to the USA and married his second wife in 1896 and they went on to have 11 children. Anecdotally, one of my DNA matches (Joshua’s grandson) told me that Joshua’s first wife gave birth to a baby who wasn’t white, so he left her and moved to the USA thereafter.

My gt grandfather was George William Teagle SMITH, born in London 1893. His mother was Jane SIMPSON, born 1858. The story around my gt grandfather’s parentage is already pretty confusing – Jane’s husband Edwin SMITH was named on the birth certificate as father, but the death records have him as dying in 1891. My gt grandfather was adopted by a George Thomas TEAGLE. I made a thread about this years ago which covers this more if that helps!

Soooo….my gt grandfather was born between Joshua’s two marriages, but what I really can’t figure out is how he and Jane would have ever met and why. What might be significant is that Jane’s father William Henry SIMPSON was born in Charlemont, Armagh and Joshua McCourt was born in Lurgan, Armargh which are just 18 miles apart. Could they both have been in Ireland at the time I wonder? I’ve tried looking at passenger lists but not sure if I’ve looked at the right thing. Could he have come to London as a Mormon missionary or something?

Any theories would be welcomed!

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / What does the first crossed out word say?
« on: Wednesday 02 February 22 21:11 GMT (UK)  »
From the 1911 census. I can make out "living at home", but what is the word before? Could it say "still living at home"? Or is it a crossed out surname, possibly Smith? 

London and Middlesex / Ever heard of the West Drayton industrial school?
« on: Monday 24 January 22 09:19 GMT (UK)  »
According to a 1907 newspaper article, my gt grandfather was sent to the West Drayton Industrial School (at the age of 17) after committing a crime.

I can't find any record of this institution's existence! There is nothing on Google about it, and I can only find a couple of other newspaper articles that mention it, in the same context of a court recommending a boy be sent there, all in 1907/8.

It must have had another name but I'm at a loss as to what. I've also read that the industrial schools were only for boys up to 16 so curious as to why he'd be sent to one at 17 (his age was known in the article).

Any ideas what school this was?

My great grandfather was admitted to the Forest Gate District School (London) in 1897, at the age of 7. I see him still there on the 1901 census.

In 1910, at age 20, there is an orders of removal to the West Derby union as he now apparently resides at the Belmont Workhouse in Liverpool. The apparent grounds for removal don't explain anything - they just give details of his birthday, birth address and parents.

I'm confused by this - would there be a reason why somebody would be moved to a completely different poor law union?
Or, could it be that he had left the London workhouse, moved to Liverpool, and then ended up back in a workhouse there?

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / What might this say under Blackfriars?
« on: Friday 14 January 22 08:02 GMT (UK)  »
This is a birth place from the 1921 census. Whatever it said has had Blackfriars written over the top. States to be somewhere in London.

The closest thing I can come up with is Hammersmith but I'm not sure. It looks to be quite a long word.

This could actually be quite useful information!

Family History Beginners Board / Where did Sophia Roffey go?
« on: Monday 10 January 22 22:33 GMT (UK)  »
Sophia ROFFEY, born 1844 in Bermondsey to George William and Eliza.

I see her on the 1851 census with her parents (mistranscribed as Raffay) but can't find her after that.

other siblings are with the parents in 1861. I can't find a plausible death record, marriage record or on the census.


Family History Beginners Board / Can anybody find any of this household in 1911?
« on: Thursday 03 December 20 15:19 GMT (UK)  »
In 1901 in Sheffield there is a household of a Priscilla WELLES (although looks like WILLIS in the image) born London abt 1857; her sister Louisa BOAG born London abt 1855 and their adopted child Emily MARVIS born Sheffield abt 1896.

I can't find any of this household in 1911...both sisters are widows but I can't find marriage records for them or a birth record for Emily.


Probably a silly question...

Frederick ROFFEY married Ann susannah MITCHELL in 1898, Islington. I can see the entry on the marriage index.

This was a bigamous marriage as his wife who he married in 1881 was still alive. He was sentenced to hard labour.

What I want to find is the actual record - usually in the London banns collection. I want to know whether he listed himself as single or widowed, where he lived etc.

Would it have been removed? As the record always shows 3 other marriages, is there a way of knowing who else would be on that record and finding the image that way?

Occupation Interests / Style Artist
« on: Friday 18 September 20 08:05 BST (UK)  »
Any idea what this would have been?

1881 census in London

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