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Gloucestershire Lookup Requests / Marriage Look up Thomas/ Halsey
« on: Wednesday 16 February 11 13:34 GMT (UK)  »

I am looking for the marriage of Elizabeth Halsey to Thomas Jones. She was born 1782 and died 1845.
Born in  Eldersfield area. I have no other info. Thanks

I have a handwritten note book by a George Manning which has a note regarding his mother's brother - Thomas Halsey born 1780 it says that he was married in Whitminster to S Vickon 23rd June 18?? I guess anytime after 1798 (age 18) as this page of his book is damaged. Can anyone help please.


Thank you completed Now.

London & Middlesex Completed Lookup Requests / Address in Hampton
« on: Monday 05 March 07 11:19 GMT (UK)  »

I have just received a marriage certificate which tells me that a relative lived at 2 Kempton Villas Hampton. There is no road or Street. I tried Google. Does anyone know where this was? Also the name of the church is not given just says The Parish Church Hampton, in 1926 the vicar was E.E. Charles or Churchs or Clarks (something like that). I had a look at a few church websites but there was little information available. I thought if the vicar could be identified I might be able to get the right church.
Familylore says that this person married in Hampton Court Palace by special Licence...the certificate bursts that bubble!!

Thanks for any help.

London & Middlesex Completed Lookup Requests / Address in West Ham
« on: Monday 05 March 07 11:10 GMT (UK)  »
Could anyone tell me if 27 Charford Rd West Ham still exists? I understand that some major development may be taking place. If it does exist would anyone be willing to take a photo and send it to me by email?

London & Middlesex Completed Lookup Requests / Were these records destroyed?
« on: Sunday 18 February 07 17:47 GMT (UK)  »
My 2nd cousin was born in January 1939 in New Southgate North London. I can't find him on the BMD index but I have a vague memory of someone telling me that a load of records were destroyed during bombing raids in London. Can anyone confirm this and also could it have possibly have been these records that were destroyed?

Hi folks

I would be interested to know where my relative is buried ( I don't think he was cremated as that facility seems to have been added years after he died). His Name was Norman Wilfred Gardner age 5 killed in the Silvertown Explosion of 19/01/1917 ref West Ham 4a 222. He is listed as having been buried at the East London Cemetery. I have had a look at their website and they charge 15 for a search but I am reluctant to spend this as I don't know what info a search will produce. Does it tell you where in the cemetery they are buried so that you can find it easily? Is there anyone who would be able to look at the actual records for me as I am in Gloucestershire. I would like to visit and pay my respects one day to the uncle I never knew and I have a cousin nearer London who would probably go too.

Thank you


Sussex Lookup Requests / Death of Clara Florence Gardner 1981 Crawley Please
« on: Sunday 18 February 07 13:34 GMT (UK)  »

I am trying to find the reference of this relatives death - missing from BMD on Ancestry & not on Free BMD. My trouble is that a family member has already done the tree and has the details but will not communicate anything to the rest of us!! Can anyone help ?
many Thanks


Gloucestershire Lookup Requests / Lydia Tinkler Morris nee Spurrier
« on: Sunday 11 February 07 12:15 GMT (UK)  »
I'm looking for a record of her death. Last known to be living at Cotteswold Rd Tewkesbury Holy Trinity Parish in 1901 age 59. She has been easy to trace up until now because of her middle name. She moved out to Worcs when she got married but was back by 1901. Any pointers? I've tried BMD, Free BMD etc but it may be my lack of experience rather than the records which is the problem.


Wiltshire Lookup Requests / James Ayliffe Born Ashton Keynes please
« on: Friday 02 February 07 10:20 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking for the birth of James Ayliff / Ayliffe. According to the 1861 census he was born Aston Keynes about 1804/5. He married a Susannah ? but I can't find the record of that either.  What I am really after is finding out who his parents were as I am trying to prove a link with a lady I am in contact with who is looking for an Edward Ayliff/Ayliffe, if they are brothers we have a link but they could be cousins or nothing at all.?In 1841 James is living "Marlborough St Peter" in the High St and is a Carpenter.

Can any one help me or tell me what to do next? Thank you.

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