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Cavan / Pictures of Cavan
« on: Friday 02 November 07 12:32 GMT (UK)  »

Some lovely pictures of Cavan and it's people through the years.

Browseable rather than searchable.


Armed Forces / 2nd Leicestershire ( Where to Start Looking at Kew?)
« on: Thursday 28 December 06 22:18 GMT (UK)  »
I found at the LMA, records for husbands G, Grandfather when he was on the training ship Exmouth, It said on the records in OCT 1892 he was then being transferred to the 2nd Leicestershire ( he would have been 14 at the time).

Where would I start looking in the NA at Kew? Could someone please point me in the right direction?

Many thanks!

( Some Background info that I have already found)

Did he run away from the Army to Join the Navy and then went back to the Army?

By 1896 when he was 18 he was entering the Navy fraudulently in 1896, see link  ( The newspapers are on my to do list in the new year).,197304.0.html

I've found his papers joining up to the RA in 1897 ( Unburnt) and 1905 (burnt)

Armed Forces / Prosecuted for Fraudulent Entry ( Navy)
« on: Sunday 19 November 06 18:38 GMT (UK)  »
I hope that you good people might help please?

On the attached record Thomas was prosecuted for fraudulent entry into the Navy.

I'm guessing HL ( in his sentence)  means Hard Labour, but what does CP mean? Crown Prosecution??

And where would I possibly, be able to track down some information as to what the fraud was?

(I have his Army records and he twice joined up using a false surname so I'm guessing it might be along these lines.)

Many thanks


Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Mum and her Nan
« on: Thursday 19 October 06 21:28 BST (UK)  »
I wondered if you kind people may like to play around a bit with this picture of my mum and her nan, a bit of a tidy up and I'd love to see a bit of colour if you had the time.

Great Nana  had a bit of a reputation, She was Irish, hated Royalty and loved Hitler.......  unlike mum who used to hide photos of the Queena nd P. Margaret under her bed! ( mum grew up with her until she died as she like to take over things). She was also known for hanging my uncles by their braces on the coat hooks!  ;D little legs dangling!

In those big pockets of hers on her apron...... she filled with stones to pelt her son for giving mum marg instead of butter LOL

Bedfordshire / Where next in Bedford
« on: Tuesday 26 September 06 23:27 BST (UK)  »
Great Grrandparents got married in Holy Trinty,  Bedford in 1883. Tracing them through the following census and where my grandmother was born they always lived within close distance.

Problem is going through the fiche for baptisims at the SOG last weekend none of their children were baptised there.  GGD is a brick wall before they married. but her family seemed to love filling in forms and registering people.

I want to look at other churches without hopefully going through them a-z

What would possibly be the next place they would have gone to, to have their children baptised? The last child I am aware of was born in 1900.

No problem going through  all of the fiche if  I have to but I would like to put off getting glasses for a while if you know what I mean..........  :-[

Thank you!

Bedfordshire / Identifying Bedford Streets
« on: Tuesday 02 May 06 23:33 BST (UK)  »
Hoping that some kind person will help.

I have an address in the 1891 and 1901 Census of Russell St Bedford.
I've check old-maps, streetmap, multimap and can't seem to find any trace of it. I have also googled in case there was a company there, To no avail.

Does anyone have an idea where this street may benow on a map? ( maybe renamed?)

The street before on the census is Chandro St ( sp??)

and the street after is Clapham road.

Many thanks in advance


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