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Argyllshire / Strachur/Strathlachlan churches
« on: Monday 30 December 19 03:10 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All

I have McKellar ancestors who had 3 of their children and indeed were married in Strathlachlan - they moved to Paisley in the late 1790s. However on doing some reading up on both churches it appears that Strathlachlan church wasn't built until 1792 and they married in 1782. I know most people back in the day rarely had the full on church do so get that the marriage may have been in someone's front room but would the baptisms have been the same?

I can't find anything online about the history before that - other than snippets on Wiki and Scottish touristy sites. Does anyone know of a good online source that might give me more information please?


Ann :)

Renfrewshire / Lapslie/Cameron Brick Wall help needed please
« on: Sunday 29 December 19 04:42 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All

This one has been running me ragged for a lot of years. Agnes Lapslie (Lapsley) was born on 19th March 1804 in High Parish Paisley. Parents Robert Lapslie and Janet Cameron. She married William Wilson in the Paisley High parish on 5th December 1824(No parents names recorded)

On her death certificate her father is down as James. The informant was her son-in- law and I'm assuming this to be an error as her Baptism record clearly says Robert.

I am trying to find out more info about her parents and if she had any siblings (The only OPR listing for children of this couple on Scotland's People is her). I have looked on SP, Familiy Search and Ancestry to no avail and keep checking back every now and then as more records become available but still finding nothing.

I can't find a marriage for her parents so don't know if they were local to the area or had moved there as many did around the time to work in the weaving trade. EDIT She is decribed on her baptism as the lawful daughter so there should be a marriage

Any help would be much appreciated in case I am missing something that's staring me in the face


Ann  :)

Renfrewshire / O'Hara & Kilpatrick Conundrum - Mystery Solved
« on: Saturday 28 December 19 22:47 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All

One of my brick walls I'm hoping for some help with. John O'Hara (spelled many ways in different records) married Mary (sometimes recorded as Martha) Kil or Kirkpatrick on 3rd February 1834 in Abbey Parish Paisley.

Up to this point it's not so bad. John is recorded on the 1841 as from Ireland and on the 1851 as being from Co. Antrim. Mary/Martha is recorded as born in Paisley. John died before 1855 so there's no death certificate and I haven't found Mary/Martha's yet.

My query is really to veryify an assumption I suppose. Their marriage is recoded in both the Church of Scotland records with them being recorded as living in Charleston (South end of Paisley) but it is also recorded at St Mirin's which is the RC church in the centre of Paisley. (It wouldn't have been in the current one cos that was built in the 1930s but in the original one nearby - both of which are in the town centre). Their children were all baptised as Catholic yet all of them ended up marrying in the Cof S as did their children.

At the time a mxed marriage would have been frowned upon and my gtx3 grandfather was most definitely on the way when they married as he was born on 12th July 1834. Is it reasonable to assume that John wasn't Catholic ? I haven't even begun to look for him yet as I'm sure that one really is going to be a needle in a haystack.

All opinions welcome :)



Argyllshire / McKellar & McFarlane- help please!
« on: Saturday 30 December 17 02:50 GMT (UK)  »

My gtx 5 grandparents were Archibald McKellar and Jean McFarlane. They married on 8/2/1782 Strathlachlan , Argyll. A couple of generations later and the family were well established in Paisley.

I'd love to find their baptisms so I can get at least a generation back. It's a common name in Argyll which is what's proving difficult and they're not on any census nor can I find death records for them as pre 1855 I think when they died.

They did not stay in Argyll tho as the last child I have found for them was born in Renton (Daniel)(Dunbartonshire) tho he eventually crossed the Clyde  as my gt x4 Duncan did.

I know Argyll mainly as a tourist but not this area. I have checked SP(several times over a lot of years)  but finding nothing that helps me there as could be any one of many

Many Thanks


Renfrewshire / Isabella Clark - Baptism sought
« on: Friday 29 December 17 20:16 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All

My gtx3 grandmother Isabella Bisland (nee Clark) was born in Paisley around 1817. Her parents were Archibald Clark and Jane (on some records Jean) Tweedale (shown as a multitude of things from Twiddle to Tividale).

Archibald and Jane had 6 children (so far only found 6) and there are baptism records for the first 5 then Isabella comes along and nothing. I find this odd even tho it was around the time of various things going on in the Church of Scotland.

1817 fits with info on census info and her death cert. She married John Bisland in March 1839 in Paisley. (Anyone local who knows the publican Bislands yes same family but my Bislands weren't RC).

Whilst I know for sure this is her, would just like to find her baptism if possible



Inverness / William Fraser - Brickwall
« on: Friday 29 December 17 17:01 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All

This one has been a nightmare and has had me pulling my hair out for a long time. William Fraser who according to the census was born about 1815 and from Fort Augustus left the rea and moved to Paisley where he married a Janet Cameron in 1834.

I know he died in Paisley in 1871 although I cannot find a death cert (and several people have looked and still not found). I know when he died cos his widow applied for Poor Relief and he died  in the workhouse infirmary. The lack of a death cert means I can't confirm his parents.

He and Janet had 6 children the eldest being Hugh born 1835, followed by John, Robert, Margaret, William and Alexander.

William was a shoemaker and on a visit to the Inverness archives a couple of years ago I tried looking at shoemakers in the area to see if I could find any connection - not a sos!

Given his name and where he's from, this really is a needle in a haystack. Does anyone have any suggestions for trying to find his parents?



Antrim / Antrim weavers
« on: Friday 29 December 17 01:12 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All

I have found out today that my gtx4 gradfather was from Co. Antrim. He left Ireland sometime before 1834 when he married in Paisley Renfrewshire.

On the 1841 census for Paisley he is a Hand Loom Weaver but by 1851 he was a carter. This would fit with what happened in the mill industry around the time when basically the machines took over and a lot found themselves with no work. He had loads of kids so had to do something else.

I currently have no clue about where in Antrim he was from nor do I have his parents names (other than using the naming convention for his children as a guess). Whilst I have ancestors from other parts of Ulster they were farmers and this is my first from Antrim. I don't really know much about the area or weaving industry in the 1800s in Ireland and wondered if there were any good books or web sites anyone who knows the area and its history could recommend before I start looking for him in earnest?

His name is John O'Hara and he was born around 1814ish. His father may have been a Daniel



Renfrewshire / Looking for a missing death - Martha O'Hara
« on: Friday 29 December 17 00:05 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All

Am looking for a missing death for Martha O'Hara (nee Kilpatrick). Martha has on some records been recorded as Mary and under umpteen different spelling of O'Hara (including Harrow). Her husband John I know died before March 1855 because he is shown as deceased on his eldest son Daniel's marriage cert on 2/3/1855 but she was shown as still living.

I haven't been able to find her on any census post 1851where they are recorded as OHaro (no apostrophe) at 57 High St, Paisley. There is also a contradiction in terms of her place of birth. The 1841 says Ireland but the 1851 says Paisley. She married in Paisley and all her many children were born there. She was born about 1814 going by the age on the 1851.

I'm still working my way through her childrens BMDs but I know she was definitely gone by 1880 as she is shown on a marriage cert as deceased.

If anyone is able to locate a death cert for her I'd really appreciate it

Best Wishes


Perthshire / Where is Craigbui, Fortingall
« on: Wednesday 27 December 17 21:27 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All

I have Cameron ancestors from Camgouran and was looking for a marriage between Alexander Cameron and K(C)atherine Cameron. I have found 5 children born to the couple one of which I was doubting until I found a marriage 1775 between an Alexander Cameron from Craigbui and Katherine Cameron from Finnart.

My dilemma is can't find Craigbui and I know Camgouran where the other 4 children were born is at the very other end of Loch Rannoch from Finnart. Does anyone know where Craigbui is (or was)?



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