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Renfrewshire / Woodside Cemetery & Crematorium
« on: Tuesday 09 October 18 15:34 BST (UK)  »
Just to let everyone know in case they haven't noticed, the above cemetery now has their records online on their website :) although not all details like cause of death have been correctly transcribed :(

Scotland / Russell Young (Nom de Plume - Runner?)
« on: Wednesday 23 November 16 09:20 GMT (UK)  »
Just a wee note to advise that Russell sadly passed away earlier this month and his funeral is in Kilbarchan today.

He used his own name on the "Talking Scot" Forum as he was an Admin/Moderator on that Forum and I believe (from the surname interests) that his name was "runner" on here.

He was also the leader of a wee Family & Social History Group in Kilbarchan village along with the many other community projects he was involved in including participating in the village day "Lilias Day" every June.



Scotland / Problem with Scotlands People
« on: Saturday 28 February 15 18:15 GMT (UK)  »
I'm hoping that I don't have an IT problem, but is anyone else experiencing difficulties in purchasing credits on Scotlands People today?

I keep getting a message that the connection is not secure and that a certificate has expired and the page gives me a button to go "back to safety".

I'm now running a full scan on my laptop but my firewall and security all appeared to be in order.

If this post is not in the correct place, I apologise, but thought it would be seen quickest here.


Down / House in Bangor
« on: Tuesday 27 January 15 00:25 GMT (UK)  »
I have a brick wall in a branch of my family in Scotland and trying to look at all angles and seeing if anyone suddenly says they know something about the family.

I have a marriage of a Bertie Sheldon (25 years) to my Great Aunt, Margaret Mulgrew (35 years), in Glasgow in 1938.  I can find no trace of them after that.  Bertie was an Electrician and his address at the time was given as 48 Princeton Road, Bangor, although I think it should be Princetown Road. Bertie's father was also Bertie and a House Painter and his mother was Elizabeth Menelly.  I suspect that Bertie was Brethren as they were married according to the forms of that Church although Margaret's parents were staunchly Presbyterian.

I've tried searching records online, googling the names, Sheldon Family websites and even Sheldon Family Facebook pages, but nothing :(

Thanks and hoping someone knows something about them,


Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Scanning a Daguerrotype
« on: Wednesday 09 April 14 12:40 BST (UK)  »

I hope this is the right place to post this request.

I have a photograph in a frame which I believe to be a Daguerrotype from reading on various sites on the Web but from c.1865 which I know is quite late but looking at the dress of the lady subject in it and the outside frame (hard black jointed folding with biblical scene on one side) and internal frame etc that looks like the date.

I want to try and see if others agree with the date but I just want to check and this may be a daft question but will scanning, with the light involved, affect it in anyway?  Are there any types of photo around that time which would be affected by scanning? 

I also have another photo which I think is c.1900 which includes, I think, the same lady and want to see if others agree.

Thanks for your help,


Renfrewshire / Tinto House
« on: Monday 23 September 13 13:28 BST (UK)  »

Just wondered if anyone knew anything about this place which was situated at the Hurlet, Glasgow. I'm not sure if it was an Old Folks Home.  I am really looking to find out where their records may be as I'm also not sure if this was a private Home or run by the Health Board.

After searching for the death of someone for quite a while, I have found someone who passed away there in 1983 with a shortened version of my person's name.  There are no family details on the Death Certificate and the informant was the "Officer-in-Charge", however, this person has exactly the same date of birth as my person.  It's a bit strange as there was family still alive and some living very close to the Hurlet.

I've tried googling but the only significant snippet was an advert in the Edinburgh Gazette by QLTR for another person who passed away there.



PS Admin I'm sorry didn't know if to post this in Lanarkshire or Renfrewshire.

England / Prisoners of War
« on: Friday 12 April 13 15:53 BST (UK)  »
I'm sorry if this question is in the wrong place on the Forum.

I am looking to find out if there are any lists held anywhere that show foreign Prisoners of War from WW2 in the UK?  And any lists of those who did not return to their home that became East Germany or one of the countries further East??  In particular, those that may have stayed on in Central and Southern England at least until the mid 1950s??

Many thanks for any assistance.


Antrim / Mulgrew/Milgrew
« on: Thursday 29 November 12 13:00 GMT (UK)  »

I am trying to find out more about the following couple:

Thomas Mulgrew/Milgrew (born c.1860, Ireland & died 1944, Scotland) and Sarah McKay/McCoy (born c.1857 possibly Ireland & died 1955 Scotland) - their names changed in certificates which I take it was due to their accents??

They were married in Lisburn in 1886 and then appeared to immediately move to Glasgow, Scotland.  I have quite a lot of information about them and their 15 children (one of whom was my Maternal Grandfather) in Scotland but I'm now looking to work back and find out more about their life in Ireland.  Thomas was originally working in the shipyards in Govan but suddenly became a dealer and shop owner and I wondered how he managed that and wondered if he inherited money from Ireland.  I had a look at the Will calendars online but couldn't see any that fitted.  I've also had a look at the Irish 1901 and 1911 and noted that pretty much all Mulgrews in Ireland appeared to be Roman Catholic, however, this couple were staunchly Presbyterian so that may make family easier to find??

Is the first step to order marriage certificate from the Irish GRO?  Are there any other sites I could be looking at for more information?  All my research so far has been in Scotland so forgive me if I'm a bit slow.

I also have a post on the General Scotland section from some time ago for any information about them and the children in Scotland.

Many thanks,

Scotland / Mulgrews/Milgrews
« on: Saturday 28 August 04 09:36 BST (UK)  »

I am researching Mulgrews/Milgrews who came to Scotland from Ireland c.1880 and in particular Thomas Milgrew(Mulgrew) & Sarah McKay (McCoy) who went on to live in the Govan Area of Glasgow and were reputed to have 17 children and 3 shops (1 in Barfillan Drive, Glasgow).  I can only find Birth Certs for 12 children (1 of whom is my grandfather).

Any information appreciated.



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