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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / 1830 Baptism - Co Kerry, Ireland
« on: Tuesday 28 June 22 10:09 BST (UK)  »
Hello All,
This is the baptism record for a 3 x g grand aunt/uncle, and it is difficult to read.
It is transcribed as Johanam Coffee, parents Dionysu Coffee and Maria Connor.  The parents are right. I'd like to know if anyone can read/translate the rest of the entry as well as confirm the child's first name.  I thought maybe it was John but all other such Johns have come up as Johannes.  Ancestry is giving me hints for a Hannah Coffee for this child.  As yet, I can't even confirm if this child is male or female.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello all,

Many years ago I had FTM and was happy with it until I had to change laptops and the backup failed and I had to start again...twice (I do accept the problem was most likely me not the program). My laptops are workplace issued and changed every 3-4 years, so I didn't bother anymore about the software and worked on my Ancestry tree online.  Soon, I will be purchasing my own laptop and want to have my tree, sources, and files accessible offline too. The laptop will be Windows 11.

I thought FTM was the way to go but then find it is being discontinued by Ancestry. So, my question is which software is best for Windows 11 system, that syncs with Ancestry (including sources, photos, records) and that is suited to mainly Irish, English, and Australian records?

Thanks for your time.

My 3 x g grandfather appears in the 1901 Census at the age of 77, living in Ballynakilly Upper, Glanbehy, Kerry with his wife, Ellen, aged 67 and son, Maurice, 29. By 1911, Ellen and her son, Maurice are living at the same address (different spelling - Ballynakelly) and Ellen is a widow.

Maurice's year of birth, 1826, is derived from the 1901 census, so may be out.

Despite many searches and name spellings, I can't find a likely candidate for Maurice's death. I would be appreciative if someone can do a quick search to confirm he is not there and I will just have to consider his death unregistered.


Kerry / Spillanes of Ballyvirrane are confusing me
« on: Thursday 02 June 22 08:06 BST (UK)  »
Hello all,
My Spillane line is causing me a few headaches, which is not unusual.

My 2 x great grandfather, Peter Spillane, 1846-1927 has a baptism entry on irishgeneaology with his parents as John Spillane and Mary Sullivan.  Subsequent children have the mother of Hanora Sullivan, John is shown as marrying Hanora  Sullivan in February 1845.  I also have the extract from the 1851 census with Norah (Hanora) as the mother.

I figured it was an anomaly that Peter's mother was Mary, as names in my family can be interchanged with middle names and diminutives.

Then, following up on some DNA matches, Peter's younger brother, Patrick, comes up as my half 2 x great grand uncle. So now I  am back to whether Peter did have a different mother, even though he was born after the marriage to Hanora and grew up with her as his mother.

Any thoughts?

Ireland / Note on Birth Entry
« on: Tuesday 12 April 22 04:35 BST (UK)  »
Hi All,
My 2nd cousin was born in 1911, in Killarney. Her parents were not married. Her father is listed and cross out with a (1) beside it and there is a notation beside the entry. It looks like one W. H. D. 

Looking further down the document, W H Dodd is the register but it doesn't explain the 'one' / (1)  any thoughts?

I have put the link to the page here for reference to the registrar.

Happy New Year to all,
Years ago, my cousin scanned and emailed these small photos to me. Unfortunately, the originals can no longer be located. The youngest girl is my grandmother, with her older siblings and parents. Probably taken in Leighlin Rd, Crumlin circa the early 1930s.

Is there any way to enlarge (even a little bit) without losing the quality?

Thanks in advance.

Australia / Queensland BDM - which one to get?
« on: Monday 16 August 21 03:29 BST (UK)  »
Hello All,
I haven't bought a certificate from Queensland before and it gives me three options for historical records:

Registration Image (online PDF) $23.30
Source image (online PDF) $23.30
Historical Certificate (posted) $32.75

I'm happy with online PDF but what's the difference between registration and source images and is there one which is better to get than the other?

Thanks in advance.

Cornwall / Loammi William Williams
« on: Saturday 14 August 21 11:50 BST (UK)  »
Hello all,
I am seeking some help with this gentleman and whether his true origins can be found/confirmed. I have included all the information i have to date

Loammi William Williams
(various spellings on Loammi)

Born: no consistent evidence

Baptised (record from Cornwall OPC Database)
Name: Loammi Williams
Date: 14th Dec 1811, St Just In, Penwith St
Surname: Williams
Fatherís forename: not recorded
Motherís forename: Elizabeth
Notes: Base

Marriage (from marriage certificate)
Name: Laomi William Williams Age 23 (Should be aged 26 based on baptism)
Father Ďlong deadí, (if William Williams was thought to be his father, he passed in 1844, therefore after the marriage. Perhaps Loammi knew details of his paternity)
Residence: Newlyn, Cornwall
Date: 16th July 1837  Church of Paul, Cornwall
Bride: Rebecca Davy  Age 22 (1817-1903)

William Davy Williams 1838-1925 Born Cornwall
Henry Vine Williams 1841-1917 Born Cornwall
John Davey Williams 1842-1925 Born Cornwall
Elizabeth Davey Williams 1843-1869 Born Cornwall
Rebecca Williams 1845-1925 Born Cornwall
Mary Ann Williams 1847-1920 Born South Australia
Emily Florence Williams 1854 Ė 1913 Born Victoria
James Ernest Williams 1857-1932 Born Victoria
Annie Williams 1860-1861 Born Victoria
Died: 1870 Ranters Gully, Castlemaine, Victoria  as per Coronerís Report

Many online trees have him as the youngest of 12 children to William Williams (1768-1844) and Elizabeth Giles (1771-May 1811) most key records indicate St Keverne, Cornwall. However, mother Elizabeth died in May 1811 and Loammi was baptised Dec 1811, with notes saying BASE

Interestingly, Martha Williams, often listed as the 11th child, baptism record is also from 1811
Date: 20th Oct 1811, St Just In, Penwith St
Surname: Williams
Fatherís forename: WILLIAM
Motherís forename: Elizabeth
However, with mother Elizabeth dying in May 1811, is this a delayed baptism or the child of yet another mother?

If he is attached to the correct family, there are older sisters who may have been Loammiís mother, however, the sister whose name is Elizabeth would have been too young.

Any help, pointers, fresh eyes, redirections would be appreciated.

Glamorganshire / James Richards
« on: Wednesday 04 August 21 12:08 BST (UK)  »
Hi All,
I have no experience of researching in Wales, so I'm hoping to be pointed in the right direction.
My research is into two men (father and son) by the name of James Richards, and, I declare now, I don't know much.

James Richards (the son) marries Rebecca Harry nee Williams in 1878, in Eaglehawk, Victoria, Australia.  On his marriage certificate, he names his parents as James Richards and Mary Ann Owen, his father's occupation is listed as 'none' - something that's unusual.  James also gives his place of birth as 'At sea on voyage from Wales'.  His age is given as 22, putting his DoB sometime around 1856. I have had no success with passenger lists for James or his parents.

When James and Rebecca have their son, James Henry Richards, in 1880 in Eaglehawk, Victoria. James is 25 and gives place of birth as Glamorganshire, Wales.

After looking through Victoria BDM indexes, no trace can be found of the parents James and Mary Ann, nor can a death be traced for James himself, although it's believed to be between 1914 - 1935

I have no information or evidence as to siblings for James either.

Given the lack of information in Victoria for this man and his parents, I am trying to take a step back into Wales and see if anything can be found. 

Thank you for your time, I hope this makes sense.

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