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Been going through some old records and trying to find information on the gaps in my family tree.

I am now hoping someone may have access to details or records and could kindly carry out a death/burial Look Up for me please.

I would like death/burial details for Maria Cobb aged 74 ( GRO ref 9d 102. Beverley September quarter 1913 ). I have Maria aged 71 on the 1911 census living in Beverley, so the death record I mention above is the nearest match I could find age and location wise.

Pending any replies of confirmation I could then hopefully order a duplicate digital death certificate.

Many thanks in anticipation for all offers of help and assistance.

Steve ;)

Norfolk / Help trying to find ancestor after 1891 please.
« on: Monday 08 January 24 21:17 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to find an ancestor after 1891. I had some really good fortune over the weekend with information and details regarding another ancestor in this family after posting a Look Up request.

I am trying to find more about Elizabeth Waters who was born in Fincham in Norfolk in 1868. I have managed to find a baptism record for her dated 06.12.1868. I have also found her on the 1881 and 1891 census but I am struggling to find a mention of her after this time. In 1891 she was working as a General Domestic Assistant for a Hannah Bunkall aged 71 a widowed butcher at High Street in Downham Market.

Unfortunately I do not possess any subscription to any family history websites so my research is limited.

Just wondering if anyone has access to information or records and could help push my search along.

Many thanks in advance for all offers of help and assistance  ;)


Norfolk Lookup Requests / 1934 Burial Death Look Up request please.
« on: Sunday 07 January 24 12:41 GMT (UK)  »
Would like to try and find more information on a 1934 death for Isaac Waters ( GRO reference Downham 4b 397 ).

I believe the Isaac Waters that died in 1934 may be the second husband of my Great Grandmother. She passed away in 1909 and I have recently obtained a digital copy of her death certificate and found a burial for her at North Runcton.

I can find no record for Isaac Waters after the 1911 census. Research shows the Isaac Waters listed above to be the best match. Just wondering if anyone has access to records or information that could help confirm please.

I did consider ordering a digital image from GRO but when I entered the details the only options available were either a certificate or PDF, both of which are more expensive than the 2.50 digital images I had previously ordered. I didnt think it was worth the gamble of ordering a certificate or PDF without further research to ensure this was definitely the Isaac Waters who was married to my Great Grandmother.

Many thanks in advance for all offers of help and assistance.


Just been revisiting some old notes and realised that I have a photograph of my Grandparents in wedding attire.

They married at St Peters Church in Wisbech in 1908. I have a copy of their wedding certificate together with all the records I need regarding Census, BMD`s etc.

Unfortunately the marriage photo has been cut ( in the long distant past ) with a pair of scissors so it only shows the bride and groom who are seated facing each other.

Appreciate this is a long shot but does anyone have access to local directories who might be able to carry out a Look Up for me please. I would be interested to learn the names of any photographers listed within the Wisbech area circa 1908.

I have previously checked the BNA but can find no reference to the wedding.

Many thanks in advance for all offers of help and assistance.

Steve  ;)

Leicestershire / Help with address called Cosby Hill. Countesthorpe.
« on: Sunday 01 October 23 14:00 BST (UK)  »
Have recently visited the Wigston Record Office for the first time and obtained some fresh information and leads.

This has helped me kick start my family tree research. One thing leads to another and I have found an ancestor in 1974 lived at a location called Oak Bungalow, Cosby Hill, Leicester. Further research appears to suggest the address was Oak Bungalow, Cosby Hill near Countesthorpe.

Having drove past another ancestors former residence in Countesthorpe on my way to Wigston I am now curious to try and find out where Cosby Hill is/was. The nearest my research leads me is to Cosby Road in Countesthorpe.

Does anyone have any local knowledge and could assist with my query?

Many thanks Steve  ;)

Just downloaded a digital image of my 3 x Great Grandmother death certificate. I only recently became aware of the GRO offering to make digital certificates available for download at 2.50 per image ( a great saving on the 7 for PDF copy and 11 for printed certified copy ).

I am really struggling to decipher the cause of death. I would greatly appreciate some help and assistance.

Many thanks in keen anticipation  ;)

Leicestershire Lookup Requests / Burial Look Up for 1887 please.
« on: Friday 12 May 23 18:44 BST (UK)  »
Have just received some replies to a post I placed on the forums earlier.

Just wondering if anyone has access to records or information and could kindly carry out a burial Look Up for me please. Would like to find out the burial details of Elizabeth Banbury who died on the 5th January 1887.

Many thanks in anticipation for all offers of help and assistance.

Steve  ;)

Leicestershire / Lunatic Asylum. Information required please.
« on: Friday 12 May 23 14:37 BST (UK)  »
I have just found a newspaper article from the Leicester Journal in July 1870. It relates to a Mr Richard Banbury being summoned to court to show why he should not contribute to the maintenance of his child in the Lunatic Asylum. The case was adjourned till Friday.

Unfortunately I can find no further mention regarding the outcome or who the child might have been.

Apologies in advance if these questions have been raised before, but where was the Lunatic Asylum and does anyone know if there are any records available for research?

Many thanks Steve

Leicestershire / Help required please tracing ancestors after 1914 marriage.
« on: Sunday 09 April 23 19:40 BST (UK)  »
Been going through some old notes and trying to tie up a few loose ends.

John William Banbury was born circa 1891 in Leicester. I know his parents. I have him listed on the 1891 and 1901 census. He then turns up in Llangennech, Carmarthenshire, Wales on the 1911 Census.

He married Frances Helen Lloyd on 17th Jan 1914 at Newport (Wales) Register Office. Unfortunately the information I was eagerly anticipating was not listed on the duplicate marriage certificate  :( as both their Fathers names were missing with just a line entered in the box where the names stood have been ( I do know the parents of John William but I was hoping to find out more about Frances Helen ).

I have not been able to trace them after this time. I do not possess subscription to any family history websites but I have been able to find a mention of a John and Frances on the 1921 Census living in Risca.

FreeBMD does not reveal any births in any locations after 1914 when placing Banbury in the surname box and Lloyd in the Spouse/Mother surname box.

I have also found a mention of a John W Banbury living back in Leicester on the 1939 Register at 10 Dorothy Road but whether this is the John Wlliam Banbury I am looking for I don`t know. If it is, what happened to Frances?

Without wanting to sound or appear ungrateful I am not too bothered about details before 1914, I am trying to find out what happened to John and Frances after their marriage.

Many thanks in anticipation for all offers of help and assistance.

Steve  ;)

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