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Hi all new and older members,

I posted in 2011 about trying to find my Holdsworth family. I can only trace them back to Charles Holdsworth born circa 1801 in Idle, according to the 1841 census. I descended through his son William, b. 1819 according to the paper trail. Charles appears in that census and doesnít show again. No BDM paper trail, for Charles. We bought all death certificates for a Charles up to the 1851 census (he doesnít appear on it). No marriage listing for Williamís mother.  No birth listing for William.  I have Williamís marriage certificate to Mary Gill.

Four years ago my sisters and I took DNA test of several different sites.  At this point we have become quite familiar with genetic genealogy, even helping adoptees to identify birth families, but we cannot solve the puzzle of our complete lack of DNA matches on our Holdsworth line. 

We have found multiple DNA matches to each of Motherís family surnames back to Charles Henry Holdsworth, but we have nothing that proves genetically that William Holdsworth 1819 or Charles Holdsworth 1801 are linked.

I have one small DNA match with the surname Holdsworth, my middle sister has none at all and my youngest sister has two.  I am fresh out of ideas to continue my searching.  We donít even have mystery groups of any significance, with DNA matches.  Any advice about how to proceed from here will be gratefully accepted.

Kind regards,
Jill Ross

Hi All,

Happy Easter to all!  I have 4 days to obsess once more over my family tree, before I head back to work.  I have posted some of these photos previously, but am still fixated on working out who they all are.  I've now looked at them in a montage and I'm wondering if it's possible they are all of the same person at different ages. 

The second and last photos are positively identified as my Gt Grandmother Mary Ann Gaunt.  Looking at the chins, mouths and noses in all these photos, they appear to be the same shapes and sizes and I'm wondering if they could all be of her.

The dresses of the other 2 ladies are throwing me off a little as they have been dated on this forum before.  She was certainly not well to do and these dresses look a little more expensive than Gt Grandma could afford.  Does anyone else see the facial resemblance please?  Any comments gratefully accepted.

Kind regards,

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / another one foor dating please
« on: Tuesday 05 February 13 10:03 GMT (UK)  »
This lady is unidentified, but has a strong resemblance to my Grandmother's sister Amy born 1892. I would think it was someone born a couple of generations before though.

She's lovely and I really wish that I had a decent copy of her!  :'(

Could someone please help with dating and any other clues to her identity please?


Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / old photo for dating please
« on: Monday 04 February 13 09:16 GMT (UK)  »
Apologies for the poor quality of this photo, it is a photo of a photo and I have no idea who it is.  I would really appreciate any help with dating the photo so that I can start to check out suitable people in my tree.

Would it be unusual for the man to be sitting and the lady standing?  Could that signify ill health or the like.  Any guesses very welcome.

Kind regards,

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Mission Impossible I think!
« on: Saturday 25 February 12 02:53 GMT (UK)  »
Dear All,

I'm hoping that someone among you may have the technology that may help to decipher this writing on the back of an unidentified photo of a soldier and his men.

The large writing is easy to decipher, but on closer inspection there is some fainter, smaller writing down closer to the right hand corner. I think that this may contain the name of my relative.

The name I think I see under a magnifying glass is "Edwin", but I'm not at all objective, as that is what I really want to see. I think I can also make out the word "with" in very tiny writing.† The writing is done in with a grey lead pencil.

I am including a scan of the whole back of the post card and then a scan just of the writing in the corner and keeping my fingers crossed that better minds than mine might come together to solve the mystery!

Please can someone have a guess no matter how tenuous?

Kind regards,

I wonder if anyone can help me with some information please? I am trying to trace my Holdsworth family back further than 1801.† In more recent times this family line lived in Bradford, but originally came there from Calverley.

I know and am in touch with many of my living relatives from this family line and we have been researching the Holdsworths for about 10 years now and we really haven't got very much further in all that time.

My Gt Gt Gt Gt Grandfather was Charles Holdsworth, a farmer in Idle/Calverley (substantiated by his son's marriage certificate) and was not listed as deceased in 1842 when his son William Holdsworth married.
Charles married Mary Hornby (listed on website) and when one of the youngest children Susannah was born on 11 Oct 1837 he is listed as a farmer in Simpson Green Idle Yorkshire. Mary died in 1838 (I have her death cert). Charles appears on the 1841 census as a farmer in Simpson Green and year of birth is listed as 1801 and with him are several children, including William and a Jonas Holdsworth who on the original census document shows up living in a second dwelling on the property.† Maybe a Brother? I can't find a likely death certificate.† My cousin has spent a kings randsom on most Charles Holdsworth's certs from the death listings, but none of these turned out to be even possibilities of being ours.

 My Gt Gt Gt Grandfather was Charles son, William Holdsworth b.1819, who married Mary Gill in Otley Yorkshire on 25 Sep 1842.† In 1841 there is a listing for a William Holdsworth and a Jonas Holdsworth in the criminal registers.† Both were found guilty of housebreaking and sentenced to 9 months in jail.† The date of their trial was 20 Oct 1841.

This is the only information that I can find.† Does anyone know if full court transcripts are available anywhere or if there should be at least an address, next of kin, which might give me further information leading to clues about the rest of the family or at least allow me to know for sure that this is my relative, as the name Holdsworth was somewhat common in Yorkshire at that time?

Holdsworth is my maiden name and this family are the one's I know the least about - very frustrating!

Any help will be very gratefully received

Kind regards,

Yorkshire (West Riding) Lookup Requests / Isaac Wells
« on: Monday 18 April 11 04:00 BST (UK)  »
Hi there,

I'm hoping that someone may have access to parish records, burials and MIs and might be able to help with locating a grave of my 5XGt Grandfather Isaac Wells.

He was born 26 November 1752 in Bowling Yorkshire England.  He married Mary Clayton 20 November 1776 and he died 16 February 1824. These dates come from other family trees on Ancestry. Isaac features in the Cudworth book Around Bolton and Bowling (I think).  He was spoken of as the trusty agent of Sir Francis Lindley Wood and was apparently clever at finding iron to mine in the district. There is a letter written by Isaac also referenced in the Cudworth book. Given that he seems a little more prominent than my other rellies, I am hoping he may have a headstone somewhere in the Bowling Cemetery (I live in Australia).

I'm also struggling to find a death listing for his wife Mary, who was born in 1751 and doesn't appear on any death listing.  Her last child was born in 1795. Mary was the daughter of George Clayton and Martha Binns.

Any help to further my search for both of them would be gratefully received.

Kind regards,

Hello again

I have another photo that I would like to have dated please?  I would also like to know how old you think the people in the photo may be please and how old the children look?  Is it probable that the youngest is a girl?

Kind regards,

Europe / Family History in Scicily - help needed please!
« on: Tuesday 28 December 10 00:45 GMT (UK)  »
hi there,

my daughter and her husband are expecting their first baby next year and he/she will have an Italian heritage which I would like to research and document.

dad is called ??? Gianchino and Grandfather was born in Scicily and emigrated to Australia, age 6 with his parents. the history on the Italian side is largely lost due to older generations passing.† my daughter's husband was born in Victoria Australia.

I have no idea where to start with my search and would love some help and advice† please. I have a subscription to Ancestry, but only one that covers me for Australia and the UK.

Any help at all as to where to start will be gratefully accepted.

kind regards,

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