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The Common Room / Am I making the right assumptions?
« on: Saturday 07 May 11 19:36 BST (UK)  »
Hello all

I am having an almost breakthrough on a confusing ancestor and I just wanted to ask for a second or third or (you get the idea) opinion.

Here goes.

Hannah Owens born c1842 in Hebburn (from census). I have got her marriage cert on Dec 29th 1867 to Joseph Young in South Shields. Father Francis Owens Labourer. There is only one Hannah Owens (and no Owen) born in Co Durham, in 1842 in S Shields. I have her birth cert (5th July 1842, Hebburn) Father Francis Owens, Mother Elizabeth Owens formerly English. Father's occupation Corver.

Now I've been really frustrated because I've not been able to find an Elizabeth English born c1800 Swalwell, Whickham (from census) anywhere - not on the Bishops Transcripts for Durham, not on marriages anyway, not on a baptism for Hannah Owens, anything......

So. I thought all was lost but then this name 'Elliot' kept coming up. Hannah's brother is called Thomas Elliot Owens, there is a huge pedigree tree on the IGI with Elliot (not that I trust trees like that.... but......). Then......

I got sent some pages from the Family Bible that is definitely my family (it goes down to my G Grandad) that takes it back to Owens and then further back down an Elliot line. So I began to question. I then ordered Hannah's brother's birth cert (William Henry b1839). His says he was born on 17th Dec 1939 at Hebburn, father Francis Owens, Corver, mother Elizabeth Owens formally Elliott.

There is a marriage of Francis Owens to Elizabeth Elliott in 1823 in Jarrow (which had a lot of people from Hebburn get married). The first of Hannah's siblings was born in 1824.

So...... my tentative assumption is that Elizabeth mother of Hannah is actually Elizabeth Elliott. Everything points to it apart from her own birth cert.

Do you think I am right to assume?

Thanks very much


Derbyshire / William Reginald Clarke - Derby - What should I do next?
« on: Friday 06 August 10 17:59 BST (UK)  »

I'm wondering if anyone can give me some advice on what to do next.

I am researching William Reginald Clarke who died in Derby in 1954 (I have his death cert). He was 54. At his death  he was living at 9 Dickens Square, Derby. He was a Garage Assistant (Post Office)

He married Sarah Elizabeth Bausor on 11 Sep 1935 at St Giles, Normanton, Derby, where his father is down as Edmund William Clarke (deceased) and his residence is 21 Sale Street. There are no Clarkes as witnesses.

This is where the trail gets difficult. My friend who I am researching for has this information from her family.....

1) William was known as Reggie

2) He was brought up by his Grandmother - perhaps on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent

3) He fought in the 1st World War and lied about his age
- I think I have found his military records under Reginald Clarke born 1897 Maidstone Kent who was thrown out of the army for being underage. His next of kin is down as Artie Clarke.

4) Before he got married to Sarah Elizabeth Bausor he lived in an allotment in a shed in Darley Abbey.

There are two William Reginald Clarke's  registered in 1899 - one in Derby and one in Chesterfield. If you look on the 1901 census you can find a William R Clarke living with this Grandparents William and Elizabeth Ann Clarke on Nottingham Road in Derby. RG13/3223 p21. Because I found this I thought I'd go for the Derby birth. I got the birth cert today and he has no father, his mother is a Mary Elizabeth Clarke of 177 Parliament Street, Derby (which is near to where William and Elizabeth lived at this time on Franchise Street). There is a Mary Elizabeth of the right age living with William, Elizabeth and William Reginald in 1901, but she doesn't appear to be there in 1911.

I have found William Senior working as a dairyman and then a coalman in Kelly's in the 1880's and 1890's. In the 1901 census he is listed as paralysed.

So these are my questions......

1) I think I have the right William Reginald. What else could I do to prove it to be true as there are obviously still a lot of questions - like the father on the marriage cert - I think he probably lied?

2) Is there anywhere that might hold the correspondence about his army dismissal in 1916?

3) How could I find out how William Senior was paralysed?

I plan in the next few weeks to go to Derby Local Studies Library and see if I can find an obituary in the papers or any baptism record but apart from that I can't see where else to go.

Thanks very much for reading if you got this far I look forward to your suggestions!


This is a photo taken in the Glasgow slums in about 1923 of my friend's Dad. Please could you do us a favour and clean it up a bit? We would be very grateful.

Thanks very much  ;D


Edit: If you scroll down you will see a better photo - the first was scanned in at a very low resolution

Hello... wonder if anyone can help

I have recently ordered my ggg grandmother's birth cert.....

Hannah Owens b 5th July 1842 Hebburn Durham

Her father (from both marriage and birth certs) is Francis Owen (born about 1795 in Hebburn from census info)
Her mother from birth cert is Elizabeth Owens nee English (born about 1800 in Swallwell, Northumberland from census info)

I have the family on the census all the way up to their deaths, but can't find anything before then - no marriage or anything..... The Durham and Northumberland area is so well covered, I would have thought I should be able to find something...... except......

A wedding for a Francis Owen and Elizabeth Elliot in Jarrow on the 1st January 1823 (from Genuki and backed up on Jarrow Bishops Transcripts) - which makes sense because their first child that I know of was born in 1824 (from census) and the name Elliot runs down the family as a middle name - normally Thomas Elliot Owens. There is also a submitted tree on Family Search that has Elliot as the mother of Hannah and numerous trees on GR seem to believe this too...... (although I know they probably all got that from the same source - as I did before I got Hannah's birth cert). I can't find an Elizabeth English married to an Elliot at the moment to see if it was a second marriage.

Can anyone help? Either to find the elusive Elizabeth English or to link together my Hannah with Elizabeth Elliot - where has she come from?

Difficult I know.... but maybe someone might have some ideas?

Thankyou very much



This photo was my Grandad's and he was always told that the baby was him, however he was born in 1920 and this was taken at the beginning of the world war 1, so it didn't make sense, particularly with the other children in the photo. It is only since my Grandad died and we have been looking into the family that we realised the baby was his sister Violet who died when she was 15 months old. We finally put the mystery to rest! If anyone could do a clean up I would be very grateful....




I have been very priviledged this week to be sent 4 generations of my family in photos! My new cousin says any work that can be done on the photos would be fantastic - he found them in his Grandfathers things and they weren't in the best state.....
Here is my GG Grandfather Joseph Christopher Wright..... could any one try and get rid of the crease and generally clean him up? That would be grand......Thanks very much


The Common Room / Help reading cause of death
« on: Wednesday 11 March 09 19:56 GMT (UK)  »
This is from my Great Grandad's death cert. I have no idea what the cause of death is - those medical words get me every time!! Any help would be fantastic.....


Lancashire Lookup Requests / 1841 1851 Census Warrington? Hankinson Family
« on: Sunday 25 January 09 18:09 GMT (UK)  »

I cannot find these people on the 1841 census, I was wondering if anyone else might have more luck....

Joseph Hankinson b 1794 Warrington Lancashire possibly a gardener
Rachel Hankinson (nee Orford) b 1788 Warrington Lancashire
Thomas Hankinson b 1829 Warrington Lancashire

I think that Rachel died in 1847 so she should be on the 1841 census. I have Joseph in 1851 widowed HO/107/2203 p28 in Poulton, Warrington. I'm not sure where Thomas is in 1851 - this could be him HO/107/2203 p2 in Woolston, but I have no evidence to suggest yes or no!

Any ideas or suggestions where they might be, particularly in 1841 would be great. I have all info on Thomas from 1861 onwards.



The Lighter Side / Watch out for the buses and the garden walls
« on: Friday 16 January 09 20:31 GMT (UK)  »
I found out a while a go that one of my GG Grandads on my Mum's Dad's side died in 1943 when he walked in front of a bus in the blackout aged 84.

I then found out that a GGG Grandad on my Mum's Dad's side died when he fell off the wall at the end of his garden because his son in law has left him on his own to wander about when he was 84.

I found out today that another of my GG Grandads, this time on my Mum's maternal side died on the 13th October 1939 when he walked in front of a bus in the blackout aged 71 (although I am sure he felt 84!) - he actually died outside a pub I think - he's my nana's Dad. My Nana is over there <--

All I can say is that I am glad I am not a man in my family who is left alone to walk around in the dark who is 84 (or feels it)



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