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Yorkshire (West Riding) / Benjamin Thorpe - Aussie convict from Halifax area
« on: Sunday 10 April 22 08:13 BST (UK)  »
Greetings all

I'm working backwards here. I'm trying to seek out information about a Benjamin Thorpe. I believe he was born circa 1814 around the Halifax area. Then I think he married Maria Petty, though he would have only been around 16 if this is the case. His age tends to change a lot through the years, and not in the logical way!
(From FamilySearch)
Name   Benjamin Thorpe
Residence Place   Shelf, Halifax
Spouse's Name   Maria Petty
Spouse's Residence Place   Shelf, Halifax
Marriage Date   10 Jan 1830
Marriage Place   Halifax St James, Halifax, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
Marriage Place (Original)   Halifax, Yorkshire (West Riding), England
Event Type   Marriage
Event Type Note   Baptisms, marriages & burials
Page   127
Source Publication Year Range   1600-1846
Affiliate Name   Borthwick Institute for Archives

Benjamin pleaded guilty to embezzlement/larceny at the Spring Assizes in York and was transported for 7 years to Tasmania. He was aboard the ship Gilmore in  Oct 1831 ( ). It says in his convict record that he left his wife Maria and 2 children behind. Somehow they had two children between their marriage in Jan 1830 and his departure in October 1831. From what I can gather he eventually got his ticket of leave in 1840 and moved to South Australia in 1846. I have all of his Aussie life documented. He died there in 1876.

I'm hoping I might be able to discover what happened to his wife and children in Yorkshire, but what I'm ultimately trying to do is go further back and hopefully even discover who Benjamin's parents were.

A thought I had was that Maria probably remarried after Benjamin was taken to Australia in 1831. Someone helped me find a potential marriage between Maria and a Joseph Priestly, though I have not yet found them on the 1841 census:
(from FamilySearch)
Name   Joseph Priestly
Residence Place   Skircoat, Halifax
Spouse's Name   Mary Thorpe
Spouse's Residence Place   Skircoat, Halifax
Marriage Date   18 Nov 1832
Marriage Place   Halifax St James, Halifax, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
Marriage Place (Original)   Halifax, Yorkshire (West Riding), England
Event Type   Marriage
Event Type Note   Baptisms, marriages & burials
Page   79
Source Publication Year Range   1600-1846
Affiliate Name   Borthwick Institute for Archives

Unfortunately that's all I have in regard to his English life, and it is all a bit flimsy. I'd appreciate any help you may be able to offer! Thank you in advance.

England / Did my ancestor die in the Siege of Malta?
« on: Thursday 29 November 18 05:49 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all
I recently heard from a distant cousin that one of our common ancestors supposedly died in the Siege of Malta, around 1799-1800. The man's name is Henry Nepean, born cir 1764 in Saltash, Cornwall.

I found a mention of a man I suspect to be Henry in this document (search for 'Nepean' and it shows up): It says he was part of the Sussex Thirty Fifth Regiment of Foot.

Does anyone know where I might be able to find out more?

Europe / Germany/Prussia -- STARKE family
« on: Friday 22 June 18 10:27 BST (UK)  »
Hello all!
I'm trying to find out some more information about my Starke(/Starck/Starkė/Stark) family. The furthest back I can trace them is to Clemens Starke, born circa 1775. His son was Johann Joachim Starke, married to Marie Dorothea Walther, and born in Dretzel, Saxony-Anhalt, 7 May 1799. Johann and Marie's son was Johann Friedrich Starke, married to Marie Elizabeth Menz, and he was born in Tucheim, Saxony-Anhalt in 1831. His son, Albert Friechrich Starke came out to Australia on the "Esther" in 1876. I know quite a lot about Albert, his voyage, his three siblings who also came to Australia (illegally stowed away!), and his descendants, but I know very little about the Starkes in Germany/Prussia.
From what I have learnt from another source the Starkes lived in these nations as they changed:
Clemens Starke - Duchy of Magdeburg
Johann Joachim Starke - same
Johann Friedrich Starke - Province of Saxony (Prussia)
Albert Friedrich Starke - same
I'd appreciate any help you may have to offer! I've included a family chart so it may be easier to understand the generations.

Armed Forces / William Collins INCE - Royal Army - Gibraltar? - 1840s
« on: Saturday 08 July 17 14:42 BST (UK)  »
This post also connects to this thread:

I am looking for information about William Collins Ince.
His baptism:
First name(s)   William Collins
Last name   Ince
Birth year   1816
Baptism year   1816
Baptism date   06 Dec 1816
Place   Chester, St Mary-On-The-Hill
County   Cheshire
Country   England
Mother's first name(s)   -
Father's first name(s)   John
Father's last name   Ince
Record set   Cheshire Diocese of Chester parish baptisms 1538-1911

It says on his daughter Amelia's (b 1840) baptism that he was a Gunner in the Royal Army. I have a fair notion that this is him:
First name(s)   William
Last name   Ince
Sex   Male
Service number   -
Rank   Gunner & Driver
Unit or regiment   3rd Bn. Royal Artillery
Sub unit   2nd Company
Year   1841
Remarks   -
Location   Dover
Country   Great Britain
The National Archive reference   WO 10/1818
Record set   British Army, Worldwide Index 1841

William was married to Jemima BLOWN. They married in Dover, Kent, in 1838. Their daughter Amelia was also born in Dover, in 1840. But then I believe they had a son, John Collins Ince, born in Gibraltar in 1846. John turns up in England later on, and is in the army also, but I really would like to know what happens to William! His wife Jemima remarries in 1851 to a John Drummott. Did William die sometime between his son John being born in 1846 and his wife remarrying in 1851? I'd love to know!

Cheshire / INCE family
« on: Saturday 08 July 17 12:22 BST (UK)  »
Hi there

I'm trying to track down the parents and potential siblings of Amelia Collins Ince.

Here are the baptism details I have for her.
Name:   Amelia Collins Ince
Gender:   Female
Baptism Date:   9 Feb 1840
Baptism Place:   St. Mary-the-Virgin, Dover, Kent, England
Father:   William Collins Ince
Mother:   Jemima Ince

On the original baptism scan it states William Collins Ince is a Gunner in the Royal Army ("Gunner R.A.")

I have found Amelia in the 1841 census with her mother, Jemima, living with a family called "Rose" at St Mary, Dover, Kent. The head of the household, William Rose, is also listed as being in the Army.

I cannot find Amelia, Jemima or William Collins Ince on the 1851 census. However I have Amelia on the 1861 as a servant and by 1871 she has married into my Waters family and I know the rest from there. It's her origins that I'm interested in.

Regarding her father William, I think I have found a baptism for him. This is why I'm posting in the Cheshire forum as opposed to the Kent one.
First name(s)   William Collins
Last name   Ince
Birth year   1816
Baptism year   1816
Baptism date   06 Dec 1816
Place   Chester, St Mary-On-The-Hill
County   Cheshire
Country   England
Mother's first name(s)   -
Father's first name(s)   John
Father's last name   Ince
Record set   Cheshire Diocese of Chester parish baptisms 1538-1911

So I guess what I want to find out, if possible, is:
William on any census!
William and Jemima's marriage
Any of Amelia's siblings (though I doubt there are any)
William and Jemima's deaths
Any records of William in the army?

Thanks everyone!

Surrey / WATERS family at Ashtead - Marriage
« on: Sunday 24 July 16 03:13 BST (UK)  »
Hello all,

I'm having a hard time locating the marriage of George Waters to an Elizabeth in the late 18th century. Presumably they would be close to Ashtead, Surrey, as that's where they started to have children from about 1800 onwards.
The children I have found for them include:
George, christened 1800
Maria, christened 1804
John, christened 1806
Elizabeth, christened 1808

I am not real familiar with parish records, so I'm not even sure that what I've found is 100% right. My direct ancestor is George Waters christened 1800, and I have him on the census records and that all seems to add up. He is a labourer in 1841 married to Anne Letford and living at Ashtead. There is another George Waters living near Ashtead at the same time, and he is a coach builder, but they are of no relation so far as I know.

George and Elizabeth can be found together with their son John on the 1841 census. Both parents are aged 70 and John is 30. It says that Elizabeth was born in another county, so there may be a clue there.

If I can find a marriage of George and Elizabeth Waters in the late 1700s I'd be very happy, and hopefully I can start working back from there.

Thanks so much, in advance

Surrey / WATERS Banstead and the Asylum Cottages
« on: Monday 16 May 16 08:23 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,

According to the 1881 and 1891 census my ancestor, John Waters (born 1842, Ashtead, Surrey), lived at "3 Asylum Cottages", Banstead. His occupation on both censuses is listed as "Gardener and Bailiff".

I assume Asylum Cottages was near to the Banstead Asylum (which was for mental patients), which has been knocked down and replaced with a prison in the 80s. Do you think my ancestor worked at the asylum as a gardener? Or would the "Asylum Cottages" actually have had nothing to do with the workers at the asylum?

Also, would the street still be there that had the cottages on it? I imagine it was probably knocked down to make way for the new prison.

I was also wondering about the Bailiff part. The asylum wouldn't have need for a bailiff, surely, unless the use of the word has changed over the years. Would he have worked at the local Petty Sessions or The Old Bailey or someplace like that?

Just to give some perspective, on the 1871 census, it lists John as living in Cheam, Surrey, and his occupation is "Garden. Domestic Ser." Presumably he was a domestic service gardener for some private garden somewhere. I don't know if this offers any hints to his later gardening service but I wanted to include it just in case.

I'd love to find out more about this chap, but I'm not really sure where to start! I've found nothing about him in the British Newspaper Archive. I would love any direction from the great people at Rootschat.

Thanks in advance

Australia / The 'Charlotte Jane' and Elizabeth Smith
« on: Monday 01 February 16 11:08 GMT (UK)  »
Hello all,

I'm hoping you may be able to help me.

I have an Elizabeth Smith who married into my Benjamin Thorpe line. They married 15 Sep 1853, at St George Church, Gawler, South Australia. I happen to know that Elizabeth's sister, Margaret Smith, also married at the same church in Gawler. She married Henry Worthington on the 18 Jun, also in 1853. I haven't really hunted for Margaret at all as I don't know enough about her yet.

This is part of the marriage record between Elizabeth and Benjamin.
Spouse's first name(s)    Elizabeth
Spouse's last name    Smith
Spouse's marital status    Single/Spinster
Spouse's age    19
Spouse's birth year    1834

Elizabeth Smith, now Thorpe, died in Port Lincoln, SA, 1 May 1909. In the 'Register' newspaper on the 8th of May 1909 it states "Mrs. Elizabeth Thorpe, a resident of the district for 46 years, died at the age of 75. The deceased came to South Australia by the ship Charlotte Jane in 1848, and passed through many interesting episodes of the early life on the west coast,, She has left three sons (Messrs. T. J. and H Thorpe), and a daughter (Mrs. Bernard, of Port Lincoln)."

Another obituary states:
Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954)
Saturday 15 May 1909
Another old identily died on Satur day night, namely, Mrs. Elizabeth Thorpe, at Ravendale, of heart failure. The deceased was 76 years old, and was a colonist of 64 years, having resided in the district 45 years.

Well, if she was to be on the ship 'Charlotte Jane' in 1848, it would make her in her teens, approx 14. I can't seem to find any such passenger list. Unfortunately I don't know the name of the parents, they are not shown on her marriage or her sister's.

A 'Charlotte Jane' ship did come to Sydney in 1848 and there were two Eliza Smiths on it, but one was 6 and I think the other 26. The ages don't add up.

I thought the 'Charlotte Jane' might have come direct to South Australia, but can't seem to find any records to match that either, at least not for 1848. The only potential one I have found is in 1852 where it has an Elizabeth Smith, age 17, a dairy maid coming from Donegal, Ireland (

What do you think? Is the 1852 ship more likely? And if so, how will I ever track an Elizabeth Smith in Donegal without a solid birthdate or parents? Should I be looking in other states of Australia to find an arrival?
Thanks kindly for any help/advice.

Hi everyone,

I have recently acquired these photos of my great-grandfather and his two brothers. Unfortunately the photos have been taken through glass and aren't very clear. If anyone wants to attempt to fix these photos up a bit I would be most grateful.

They are a pretty decent size, I decided to upload them on a different site and add the links. When the link is clicked it is possible to download the file in the top right corner with the down-facing arrow.

Thanks kindly,

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