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Glamorganshire Lookup Requests / 1841 census Swansea piece1426/04 Prothero(e)
« on: Friday 17 June 05 09:18 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has access to the 1841 census for Swansea and would be kind enough to look for Prothero(e)s there for me?

I am looking for my g.g.g. grandmother Sarah Protheroe who was born Swansea c. 1835

On family history online I found a possible match on Orange street Number 34 Piece1426/04 folio 12
with a mother Martha and siblings George, William and David.

Looking for Sarah's father Thomas Protheroe, a tailor I found one on Orange street but folio 13

I am wondering if they are maybe all one household that is split between the end of one folio and the beginning of the next?

I would be greatful if anyone could confirm/disprove this.

In 1851 Sarah  seems to be working as a servant seperate from her parents, so I'm a bit stuck with confirming who exactly her family is at the moment.



I'd be very appreciative if anyone might be able to find the following Cooper family (or similar to it) in the 1841 census:

James Cooper  head occ. Leather __
Eleanor Cooper b.1806 Middlesex
George Boon Cooper b1839
Thomas Cooper b.1837
Elizabeth Eleanor Cooper b. 1840

The address on Elizabeth's birth cert (of 1840) is 13 King St., Bermondsey New Road, Leather Market district of Bermondsey so hopefully they are still there...

Thanks for any help,

Best regards,

The Common Room / Rootschat in the BBC news
« on: Friday 10 June 05 03:36 BST (UK)  »
I was browsing the bbc website and came across this:

International fame indeed for Rootschat, Congratulations Trystan and Sarah :)

And well done all the rootschatters who solved the case for the West Mercia police :)


Hi all,

For the June Rootschat challenge we are investigating an Allan Robertson from Camberwell b. 1873 and are currently rather stuck trying to find his grandparents.

If anyone would be kind enough to check for the following family members around St George in the East/Stepney/Limehouse we'd be very grateful.

George Robertson b.1820 Limehouse ship chandler
possibly married to a Mary Walker Robertson b1822 Glasgow

Colin Robertson b. 1823ish Middlesex
Elizabeth Jane Robertson b.1823

George Robertson bn 1800? ship chandler?
Mrs Robertson....(wife)
John Robertson bn 1845 Limehouse
James Robertson bn 1843ish Limehouse

In 1841 we have an address from the Post office directory for a

George Robertson ship chandler, St Anns Place Limehouse...but this may just be a business address.

Thanks for any help or advice,

Best regards,

I think I found a new brother for my great grandmother Catherine today....but he's not living with the rest of the family on the 1871 census.

I believe I may have found him at RG10/414 f 39 as Phillip Woolf bn 1864 Middlesex, London, but I don't have access to the census image and he is down as a nephew to the head of the family.

I would be really grateful if someone could tell me which family on that folio he belongs too.

Best regards,


Glamorganshire Lookup Requests / 1861 Swansea census lookup please, Mat(t)hews
« on: Thursday 12 May 05 06:52 BST (UK)  »
I would be really grateful if someone could find the Mat(t)hews family below in the 1861 Swansea census:

Mr Matthews (details unknown) head labourer
Ann Matthews(wife) aged 33 b. Carmarthen
William aged 10 b. Carmarthen
David aged 3 b. Swansea
Mary J. aged 1 b. Swansea

In 1871 they were at 23 Greyhound St.

I am still struggling to decide which of two Mathews families my gg grandfather Edward belongs to and I'm hoping that the 1861 census might yield the answer to this as one of the Edwards fathers is dead in all later cenuses (thanks Casalguidi and VAT for the look ups 1871-1891) so I'm hoping to find out whether or not he is called John to see if it makes sense to order a birth cert. with reference checking.

Thanks for any help anyone can give,

Best regards,

The Common Room / Can anyone help alllegs? Brickwall challenge no. 2
« on: Wednesday 11 May 05 09:47 BST (UK)  »
I had a nice personal message from Alllegs about her brickwall......can anyone help? She was very helpful with the May Rootschat challenge:

I'm looking for my great grandma Margaret Hubbard (nee Williams).  All I have is her marriage certificate which states that she married Edward Hubbard on Christmas Eve 1923 at the Parish Church of North Ormesby, Middlesbrough.  She was 27 and living at 22 Chester Street.  Her father was William Williams, I don't know what he did for a living as he had died prior to 1923.

Margaret and Edward had 3 children, Kenneth (b 1923), Edward (b 1925) and Edith (b 1927).  All are dead except my gran, Edith.  She knows nothing of her mother as she apparently died in 1927 when my gran was 4 months old, possibly of TB.  I cannot find any trace of a death record though.

I can't find Margaret's birth either as I don't know where she was born and as you can imagine there were hundreds of Margaret Williams born c1896.

The only other info I have is that Margaret possibly married below her status and was disowned by her family.  I also have a 'forget-me-not' bracelet which my gran was given as a child with the following names on it.....Charlotte, Evelyn, Hilda, Melva, Aunt Pattie, none of which mean anything to me yet.  My gran feels as if something un-toward may have occured as she was never allowed to talk about her mother, she seemed to be a bit of a taboo subject.

I would really appreciate some help as my gran would like to know what happened to her mother and she isn't getting any younger if you see what I mean....

Anyone got any ideas?

Best regards,


The Common Room / May Brickwall challenge
« on: Friday 06 May 05 09:51 BST (UK)  »
In the process of getting votes for and against whether the Rootschat May challenge should be completely random or not I recieved a PM suggesting that we should investigate a particular brickwall for someone who has been very helpfull to others but is now a bit stuck.

Since I thought that a very nice thought (I will leave the authoress of the PM annon. in case she does not want the publicity I thought I would advertise the brickwall here so that more people might see it.

It involves a Vigers family John b 1810 who married Sarah Ethelreda in 1830 in St Georges Camberwell.

They moved to the states by 1833, but then back again by 1834 and I believe the problem is in finding any trace of the family in America (where Sarah possibly died) or in the 1851 census in London.

The relevant posts with more info on are:,41216.0.html,47875.0.html

It would be great if someone can help with this family,
Best Regards,


The Common Room / The May 2005 Rootschat challenge-now with recap
« on: Sunday 01 May 05 02:31 BST (UK)  »
May is now's time for a new challenge!

Well done to everyone for the fantastic success of the April challenge, I just hope we might have half as much success with May.

After receieving everyones views...opinion seemed to be slightly in favour of a completely random person. as per April, so.................

The random number generated Rootschat May challenge is:

Florence A. Hunter

found in RG11/0245 folio 7 p.7

I haven't checked whether she survived even 1881 or not, but maybe we can investigate her family if not.

So...On your marks......get set......and it's go with the May challenge........

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