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Breconshire / Do you have Jones ancestors connected with Maesmynis?
« on: Sunday 11 October 20 15:11 BST (UK)  »
Do you have Jones ancestors connected with the beautiful hamlet that is Maesmynis, near Builth Wells?  If so, you may be interested to know I have set up a public family tree on  "Jones Families in Maesmynis".  If you have a genuine research interest in the area then you are more than welcome to join us.  :)

Renfrewshire / Jean Baptiste Laroche - River Pilot in Greenock 1851?
« on: Tuesday 27 September 16 13:40 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to find out more information about my 2xGreat Grandfather Jean Baptiste Laroche. 

All I know about him is that he was born in Quebec in 1831 and I believe he may be in Greenock in 1851.  He was a Pilot.

He married my 2xGGM Anne Simpson on 30 June 1852 in Liverpool and their only son James Joseph Laroche (my GGF) was born 20th April 1853 in Liverpool.  (I have the marriage certificate to confirm, which states he's from Quebec and that his father is also called Jean Laroche, also a Pilot).

Ann was a widow when she remarried in May 1855 and I have not been able to find a death or find out what happened to Jean Baptiste Laroche.

From the Quebec, Canada, Vital & Church Records (Drouin Collection 1621-1968) I believe I have found his baptism in 1831 in St Antoine de Tilly which has led me to further information regarding his parents Jean Baptiste Laroche and Marie Marcelle Sevigny.

Parents and siblings are enumerated on Canada's 1851 Census.  Information is limited but they have also named my 2xGGF and then crossed his name out.  Next to his name and age they have written Greenock.

I wondered if anyone has ideas or can point me in the right direction as to where to go from here? I have checked Scotland's 1851 census but unable to find anything.

Many thanks


Yorkshire (North Riding) Lookup Requests / Fylingdales Marriage 1840
« on: Friday 30 January 15 18:16 GMT (UK)  »
If anyone is popping into NYRO or hold parish records, I'd be very grateful for some help,  I'm wanting a marriage lookup please for Sarah Wright and Joseph Marshal Avitt, JFM 1840 at Fylingdales.  FindMyPast hold some records but sadly not for this time frame.

I'm trying to get away without buying the marriage certificate as all I'm after is the bride's father's name and his profession to confirm whether or not I'm on the 'Wright' line!

Many thanks!


Cumberland Lookup Requests / Hallburn Workhouse - Records for my 2xGreat Grandfather
« on: Saturday 18 October 14 12:53 BST (UK)  »
I would really appreciate finding any workhouse related records for my 2x Great Grandfather's stay at Hallburn Workhouse where he died on 20th November 1904. 

In particular, I am trying to find out how long he was in the workhouse.

He was living as a boarder at Ullermire, Hethersgill, Kirklinton in the 1901 census.

His death certificate states cause of death was Senile Decay, Atheroma of artheries, Senile Dementia 1 1/2 months..... so the 1 1/2 months could be a clue. 

His name was John Percival, he was 84 when he died, formerly a stone mason of Smithfield, Kirklinton.

Many many thanks to whoever is kind enough to take the time....I would really appreciate a copy of any register entry relating to John.


Glamorganshire / Caersalem Chapel, Dowlais
« on: Sunday 24 August 14 17:18 BST (UK)  »
I'm visiting Dowlais for the first time over the next couple of weeks and hoping to visit the site where the Caersalem Chapel used to be.  My 2xGreat Grandparents married there in 1842.  I understand it used to be on Wells Street but cannot find that street on any up-to-date maps. Does anyone have any idea on the location using today's maps?

I'm also interested in finding Bethania Court where my Great Grandmother was born in 1848. 

Breconshire / Salem Chapel - Maesmynis, Breconshire
« on: Thursday 14 August 14 11:21 BST (UK)  »
I've been searching for the baptisms of my 2xGreat Grandparents (Rees & Elizabeth Jones-maiden name Jones also) in Maesmynis for some time now and because they were very likely born about 1810/1812 the parish records for that period are missing, they no longer exist.  I've also checked with the NLW and the Bishops Transcripts do not cover those years either.

Their burials are also a mystery - Rees died in Maesmynis April 1869 and Elizabeth died in Llanddewi'r Cwm in May 1889 but there is no record of their burials in the Maesmynis or Llanddewi'r Cwm registers.  I have also checked the MIs for Builth, Maesmynis and Llanddewi'r Cwm, no luck.

Given that I can also only find a baptism for only one of their nine children, I am starting to think they may have been non-conformists which leads me to my question.  Does anyone know if baptism/burial records for Salem Chapel in Maesmynis exist and if so, where can I find them??

I'm visiting Maesmynis the week after next so my search is of an urgent one!!

Many thanks

Cumberland / Percival Family & associated families of Solway Coast
« on: Sunday 10 August 14 13:00 BST (UK)  »

I am a descendant of William Percival 1787-1858 and Elizabeth Irving 1787-1867 my 3xGreat Grandparents.  William was born in Bowness, son of John Percival & Hannah Rayson and Elizabeth was born in Rockcliffe, daughter of William Irvin & Elizabeth Sinclair.  William and Elizabeth married in Rockcliffe in 1810 and raised their family there including my 2xGreat Grandfather John Percival born 1824.

My cousin has recently started a face book page called "Percivals (and associated families) of Solway Coast, Cumberland" for anyone who has a research interest in anyone linked to the Percival family.

Surnames of interest: Percival, Irving, Tinning, Black, Robson, Carruthers, Sinclair, Wannop, Robson, Little, Dent, Graham


If anyone is visiting Northallerton Record Office, I would really appreciate a look-up.

I believe Thomas Layfield born 1793 Melsonby is the son of Thomas and Ann Layfield and has siblings born between 1783-1807 all born in Melsonby.   

I took notes on my visit to Northallerton a couple of years back confirming this but I want to make sure this is right.   

On revisiting my research, I can see on the family search site that all the children born to Thomas and Ann are there but Thomas born 1793 Melsonby is down as the son of Thomas and "Sarah".  I am starting to think I am going mad!!!  Is it possible anyone can check for me??

Many thanks

Lancashire / Mill Road Workhouse Liverpool - Which Cemetery?
« on: Sunday 09 February 14 13:58 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to find out where my 2xGreat Grandmother Ann Latham is buried. 

She died June 1880 in the Mill Road Workhouse.
Her husband and children are living at 63 Oliver Street, West Derby in 1881.

Does anyone know if this particular workhouse had its own burial grounds or whether Ann may have been returned to her family to be buried?  Many thanks.

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