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We've been trying to identify the location of the attached photo (the full size photo is posted here), and after considering places as diverse as Ceylon, Egypt, and the Balkans in addition to the more obvious UK it now seems most likely to be somewhere in Glamorganshire or Pembrokeshire (the cap badge, uniform and equipment makes it most likely that the men are from the Glamorgan Yeomanry or Pembroke Yeomanry, and the landscape definitely has that British countryside look to it).

tonepad suggested that the building on the horizon near the horseman's rifle muzzle looked like the medieval dovecote at Llantwit Major in Glamorganshire, which it certainly does. While following that up I was googling for WWI army camps in Wales - I didn't find any near Llantwit Major but came across several photos of a pre/early WWI Yeomanry camp at Penally with a similar feature on the horizon - see this and subsequent replies on the other topic for details and links.

So is this photo taken at Yeomanry Field in Penally ?

P.S. The Penally History Group posted several of the photos I found (and the alternative names in the title are from one of those). But although their website says to email them it doesn't give any email address ! With luck one of them is a member here.

I'm specifically wondering how much it is possible to tell simply from his uniform and equipment.

I've done some online research myself, but would like other people's opinions before saying anything else.

World War One / Was it common for a man to serve in two different regiments ?
« on: Thursday 07 October 21 03:38 BST (UK)  »
I'm wondering how common it was for a man to serve in two different regiments over the course of the war.

If so, what would be the most common reasons ?

And would you expect to see two separate service records ?

The specific case involves the South Wales Borderers and the Royal Garrison Artillery

No restoration required.

No idea who the three chaps are.

We're mainly trying to identify where this photo was taken, and the unusual clothing would seem to be a major clue - if only we could tell where it was from !

The Common Room / Passenger manifests - person listed as 'stateless'
« on: Thursday 25 February 21 08:16 GMT (UK)  »
Can somebody elaborate on what this means ?

The gentleman in question is of Polish origin, living in Chicago, and returning from Ireland to the US with his new wife from Ireland (15 Nov 1956 Cobh to NY, TSS New York)

We've discovered a 1955 Q3 marriage between our Ellen Corbett and a Baranowski
A scan of the page with the her entry is available on FreeBMD here and there's nothing unusual there.
A scan of the page with both corresponding Baranowski entries is also available on FreeBMD here

Did you spot it ?

There's a Walter Baranaowski and a Wladyslaw Baranowski marrying a Corbett on p51 of the index, but on p294 of the index there's only one Corbett marrying a Baranowski.

Can anybody explain this ?

The Common Room / "Running away to Spain" late 1920s - passports ?
« on: Saturday 05 December 20 14:07 GMT (UK)  »
We're trying to verify a story that one of my Irish grandfather's sisters ran away to Spain. She was born in 1906, and married in Co.Cork in early 1931, but we know nothing else about her. Our initial assumption is that if the story's true it would probably have been some time in the mid to late 1920s.

The Wikipedia 'Irish Passport' article says that
the Irish government issued its first passports to the general public on 3 April 1924 but that, until January 1930, many Irish Free State citizens also had to obtain British passports.

Was it compulsory to have a passport in the late 1920s ?

Is there any way to check Irish and/or British passport applications made during the late 1920s ?

The Common Room / Grandfather on TV at Wimbledon (tennis) - not sure of year
« on: Saturday 07 November 20 08:27 GMT (UK)  »
My grandfather was a sound engineer, and we all recall mum crying out "Dad's on TV!" during Wimbledon one year. The umpire had a problem with his microphone and the game was stopped for a couple of minutes while my grandfather climbed up to the umpire's chair and fixed it.

We've been trying to narrow it down and best we can come up with is that it was the final (or possibly semi-final, maybe even quarter finals) of the women's singles, some time around 1978-1980.

I've found four complete matches on the official Wimbledon channel at Youtube - 1980 Evert/Goolagong final, 1980 Navratilova/King quarter final, 1978 Navratilova/Evert final, and 1977 evert/Wade semi-final. Each is a couple of hours long so I haven't watched them, just quickly scanned through and I can't see anything in them.

Does anybody have any suggestions as to how I could track this down ?

(I'm really hoping against hope that there's a tennis fanatic reading this who'll answer "Oh yes, I remember that, it was ..." - ever the optimist!  ;D )

I have an account at

I was recently invited to view a contact's tree on Ancestry.

However, this new tree is on the Australian site ( ) and I apparently have to create a new account over there in order to view it.

This may be because I only have a free account, so I'd be interested to know if anybody else has come across this.

RESOLUTION (Thanks to everybody who responded):  You can log into any Ancestry regional site using the same login as your normal one. That even works with a free account.

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