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The Common Room / Re: Ancestry 'Worldwide Membership' - Australian Discount Pricing?
« on: Wednesday 06 January 21 11:26 GMT (UK)  »
Hello RootsChat Members,

We decided to go ahead with the World Deluxe Membership, on the Canadian Ancestry site.
6-Months for $64.99  +  $6.50 Tax  = $71.49 (Canada-$) 
The Currency Conversion Total in Canadian-to-Australian-$ = $76.83 (AU-$)

Which is certainly a much more preferable amount to pay, than the $169.99 (Australian World-Wide 6-Month Membership.

We have signed into the Canadian site, and briefly tried searching Australian BMDs and UK Census records, then signed out. 
Then signed into the Australian site, did the same searches, all works well at this stage.

So thank you again to everyone,
Jeanette H.

The Common Room / Re: Ancestry 'Worldwide Membership' - Australian Discount Pricing?
« on: Tuesday 05 January 21 14:46 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Glyn,

Thank you for your Post, and for checking the Canadian site.  I did go into the Swedish site, but then I remembered that Canada's Currency value is very similar to Australia. 
It would appear that the availability of records are the same, no matter from which site one chooses to Login into.

I am just amazed at the price difference on the Australian site, compared to Canada (in particular), it just does not make sense. 

We will probably go with the Canadian Conversion, (we have until 10th January, to decide). 
We will report back and let you know how things go.

Thanking you,
Jeanette H.

The Common Room / Re: Ancestry 'Worldwide Membership' - Australian Discount Pricing?
« on: Tuesday 05 January 21 12:53 GMT (UK)  »
Hello RootsChat Members,

Thank you to all for your comments so far.

I have just checked the Canadian Ancestry site, offering (50% off)  Memberships,
'Everything on Ancestry World Deluxe' ($64.99 Canada, for 6-months).

Currency Conversion: Canadian $s - to - Australian $s = $66.1660

Can anyone please tell me, if I was to purchase from the Canadian Site, would I still be able to  access all Australian and UK records.

Thanking you,
Jeanette H.

The Common Room / Re: Ancestry 'Worldwide Membership' - Australian Discount Pricing?
« on: Tuesday 05 January 21 06:13 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Mckha489,

I am unsure how this would work.
I would also have to take the Currency Conversion into consideration.

I do not believe it would create any problems with the DNA (AU), and I believe that all DNA Communications are held in USA (at .com).

Thanking you,
Jeanette H.

The Common Room / Ancestry 'Worldwide Membership' - Australian Discount Pricing?
« on: Tuesday 05 January 21 03:23 GMT (UK)  »
Hello RootsChat Members:

Wondering if anyone has got any suggestions?

Regarding: Ancestry 'Everything On Ancestry Worldwide Membership' (3rd Option).

Has anyone in Australia come across a further Discount for this 3rd Option?

The usual Price is - $169.99 for 6-mths. (apparently always Marked Down from $249.99).

UK and USA, always appear to have various Discounts, but for some reason very few for Australia.

I am aware that they are currently offering (50% off)  'UK Heritage Plus Annual Membership' (for $124.99, ending today 6th Jan. 2021).  This is the (2nd Option), and not the one I prefer.

Thanking you,
Jeanette H.

Technical Help / Re: Laptop Will NOT Re-Connect to Home WiFi.
« on: Wednesday 26 June 19 14:37 BST (UK)  »
Hello to all RootsChat Members who have contributed to this Topic.

We Have All Systems GO!
After opening the Laptop (HP EliteBook, 8460p) today, there was something different.
The 'Internet Availability Connection' Icon, as to whether online /offline was only showing a small dot as offline, instead of a large orange dot.

I had also turned the 'Wireless Capability' button, off, before Closing Down last night.
So when the laptop had powered up today, this was still in off position.

Then when I clicked on the 'Internet Availability Connection',  this time I could actually see our Internet Connection, I clicked on it and it asked me for the 'Security Code' (Password).
This had not happened previously.

So I believe that the problem possibly arose because the 'Wireless Capability' Button had been on all the time.  As when I previously would start-up the Laptop, all 3-Buttons on the right-hand top, would light-up.                 

I closed the Laptop down, then re-started it again, just to see that it was going to continue to connect to the WiFi automatically, and it did.

I updated the Norton Protection, straight away, then Windows did its updates, which only took about 10 minutes.

From now on, I will start the Laptop every 2 days, for updates etc.

My thanks goes to everyone who contributed to this Topic.
It has been a combination of joint teamwork that has helped to achieve this Result.

Your  suggestions, links etc. helped to spark my thoughts, to focus on the relevant areas.

I had not wanted to connect via Cable, but was considering it as a last resort.  As in 2012, we had a Laptop hard-drive fried, when a power-surge came down the phone line.  So since then we have only used WiFi.  Now that we have the NBN in (Aust.) we have the FTTN Unlimited WiFi with VOIP.

'Hallmark', I was intending to go through the Screen Process that you posted, as it was all familiar to me, I was thinking perhaps I had not gone through the Process in the correct order.  Thanks for taking the time to Post the screen shots, I will keep this in mind, should I ever need it.

'Mckh489', Thank you for the Link.

Thanks again everyone, a job well done!

Jeanette H.

Technical Help / Re: Laptop Will NOT Re-Connect to Home WiFi.
« on: Tuesday 25 June 19 16:58 BST (UK)  »
Hello Hallmark,

Thank you for your reply.

I always ensure that 'Flight Mode' is off.

Also, thank you to  'andrewalston'  and  'Calverley Lad'  for your Posts, I will get back to you soon.

Jeanette H.

Technical Help / Re: Laptop Will NOT Re-Connect to Home WiFi.
« on: Tuesday 25 June 19 16:46 BST (UK)  »
Hello [Ray],

Thank you for your Reply.

I believe that we did purchase this Laptop (HP EliteBook, 8460p) from a reputable Seller (pc-tek-it), they also have a business offline.  We previously purchased from them in 2012 (7 years now) a (HP Pavillion 6 Laptop, Win. 7),  it just keeps going, never had any problems.  Yet we had another one (same type) purchased 6 months previous at Harvey Norman, and it only lasted for 4-years. 

We have always purchased NEW, I do not know if this Laptop (HP EliteBook, 8460p) had a previous owner, as it was possibly an obsolete unit, it may have just been, upgraded from (Win 7 to Windows 10 Pro) seen as this Unit was Released in 2008.  I had asked for Windows 10, but it had already been installed with Windows 10 Pro.  The Unit casing is in excellent mint condition.

This Laptop (HP EliteBook, 8460p) has never been connected to the Modem / Router.
It is used in the next room (about 10 meters from the Modem (no restrictions, directly visible).
Also, in this room is a Laptop (ACER-Win 10) that is used everyday and is also on when we check the (HP EliteBook, 8460p).
The Modem is connected to this Laptop (HP Pavillion 6 Laptop, Win. 7), and no other.
This is as it always has been.
Both of the Laptops that are on each day, connect automatically, to the Internet, once turned on.
The same with the 2-Tablets (but are not always in use).
Jeanette H.

Technical Help / Re: Laptop Will NOT Re-Connect to Home WiFi.
« on: Tuesday 25 June 19 16:24 BST (UK)  »
Thank you to 'Groom' and 'Mckh489', you were both very quick to reply early yesterday morning.  However, as I was feeling drowsy, I had already signed out and preparing to close everything down, even though I did view both of  your posts beforehand, but it was too late to set up the other computer to check and reply.  Thank you for your replies and Links.

'Mckh489' if you care to re-post your Link, as the brief look I had of it, there appeared to be possibly other relevant information, that may be useful.

I have found the button on the Laptop which enables 'Wireless Capability'.
It is automatically on, when I turn the Laptop on.

Jeanette H.

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