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Monmouthshire / Esther Elizabeth Jones, born 1842, Abergavenny
« on: Friday 12 June 20 21:34 BST (UK)  »

I wonder if anyone could take a look at one of my brick walls..

I have an Esther Elizabeth Jones born 1842, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire.
In 1869 she marries a Pollard who was a Ship's Captain and lives in Porlock. Her father is listed as Charles Jones, Farmer.
1871 she goes as Esther Elizabeth, and 1881 she's goes as Elizabeth on the census. By 1891 she had died.

I can't find her on the 1861 or 1851. Nor can I find her baptism. There is a Charles Jones farmer of 80 acres near Abergavenny, but no Esther/ Elizabeth on the census..

Pembrokeshire / Richard Griffiths, b 1781. St Issells or Tenby?
« on: Saturday 06 June 20 16:44 BST (UK)  »
Hello, I have a challenge if anyone has more brain power than I do..  ???
On one of my lines,

Richard Griffiths was baptised January 1781 at St Issells. Father was Thos Griffith. (PR do not record Mother's name).
Richard died in 1849 in St Issells, and is recorded as living at Plum Tree Hall, a tenant for life, from both Tithe maps and from the electoral roll.

A leasehold agreement from 1809 gives a further hint. The land on which he lived was leased for the duration of three lives by a certain Jane Griffiths, for her son Richard Griffiths aged 27, grandson John Evans aged 5, and kinswoman Mary Griffiths aged 14. The document also notes that Jane is the daughter of Henry Griffiths. (This would suggest that she too was a Griffiths before marriage).

Therefore we know that Richard Griffiths was the son of Thomas Griffith/s and Jane Griffiths. He had siblings baptised in St Issells of Anne 1776, and John 1778.
They should have married sometime before 1776 then. There are no records of this in St Issells as marriage records for this period have not survived. I cannot see a Jane Griffiths born in the right period either.

However, in the neighbouring parish of Tenby, there occurred two marriages of similarly named individuals.

August 1781 Thomas Griffith Mariner of St Issells to Jane Morgan widow. Possible death for the Thomas in 1810, sailor. (Recall that Richard was baptised in January 1781)

May 1774, Tenby, Thos Griffith to Jane Price, both of the parish. Witnesses Peter Price, Benjamin Hill, Mr Price (?) and Henry Griffith.

Did the leasehold document mean that Jane was the daughter in law of Henry Griffith, and not his daughter? There is a corresponding birth in Tenby for Jane daughter of Peter Price in c1750.

But, in Tenby parish registers there seems to have been the following baptisms for children of Thomas Griffith and Jane his wife. John 1775. Jane 1778. Elizabeth 1779. Thomas Peter (or Thomas AND Peter) 1780. Martha 1786.
There is a will for a Thomas Griffiths shopkeeper, who died September 1808 and Jane Griffiths as his executrix. The will mentions children John, Thomas, Jane and Martha. No Richard  :( So this is likely to be a separate family.

It is a coincidence that Henry Griffiths appears as witness to the marriage, and is mentioned as Jane's father on the leasehold. The will above also has a Henry Griffiths as witness. Furthermore, the will was proven on 10/1/1809, which is the same day that the lease for Richard Griffiths' land and 3 houses was signed by Jane Griffiths...

Do we think that these are two completely separate families?
It would seem odd for some children to have been baptised in St Issells and others in Tenby. Is anyone aware of any other cases of this happening?

Is it back to the drawing board, and looking further afield for these Griffiths?  ;D
Any thoughts or comments welcomed

Pembrokeshire / Re: To where did Peter Griffiths go? Born 1844 St Issells
« on: Thursday 30 April 20 11:54 BST (UK)  »
I'm still none the wiser as to where he died or when.

If he was alive at the time of the marriage of his son in October, 1898 (I have the original cert), but dead by 1901, you would have thought there shouldn't be too many to look through. My current hunch is perhaps he died overseas.

As was suggested above, if he did work on ships afterwards, then perhaps he was overseas at the time of death and so not recorded here. 

Of course, go for it. Best of luck :)

Hi again all, sorry for leaving you all in the dark for the past day or so. I've been having trouble using the website on my phone. It has been letting me read posts but giving me an error message when I try and reply. I understand your concern treetotal.

Thanks for your help Mark, you've taught me something new; "breeching". Taught by a fellow welshman at that too  :P "Plus fours" is a new term for me, thanks Regorian.

Thanks to all who helped in the detective work for finding the dates of output for the photographer. Superb work, I've lost my knack. I wasn't aware of all the different options for researching photographers. Will come in use for when I research other family photographs.

 That's certainly narrowed down the options of who these two young chaps may be.  The best fit for your guesses of age in my tree would perhaps be Edmund Gill and Gordon Gill, born 1884 and 1888. They were the sons of Captain Joseph Gill, and so not Levi, and certainly wouldn't be a Kippah. We believe they lived at Polkyth House, St Austell and also Cardiff. How do we feel this fits?

Thank you all for the replies so far.

1915-1920 would be a shock, that’s quite late. I would hope that if it is actually that period then family could recognise the sitters.

Interesting re the “breeching” ceremony. Never heard of this, better get googling!

Hello all.

What sort of social class would the clothing of these children suggest?

I had thought that this was my grt grt grandfather and date to the 1870s/80s. Although I’ve since come across evidence that goes against this. I’m trying to figure out if it could belong to a different branch of a family who had less money.

Would I be correct in suspecting that people would “smarten up” for a professional photograph, just as is done today?

PS. At the back of the boy on the left’s hair. Could that be a kippah?

Radnorshire / Re: John Lloyd b 1864, the mystery man
« on: Monday 26 June 17 22:59 BST (UK)  »
I've got a few more crossed off the list now.

Just a side though: could it be that John somehow was changed from Evan ? 8)

Radnorshire / Re: John Lloyd b 1864, the mystery man
« on: Monday 26 June 17 21:33 BST (UK)  »
That's great thanks osprey! Another one off the list. A much better researcher than I! :)

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