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Sutherland / Re: Bonar Bridge, Scotland
« on: Saturday 27 May 17 13:59 BST (UK)  »
Hi Annie,
  Thank you for the info.  I would have sent you a personal email, but not so sure how to do that.
  Again, thank you and I will try to figure that out.

Cheers, Chip

Sutherland / Re: Bonar Bridge, Scotland
« on: Friday 26 May 17 00:36 BST (UK)  »
  I don't know about Hugh Munro, but yes Mary Ross (McLean) 1853-1930 was Isabella's mother.  Mary Ross's parents were Hugh McLean and Janet McLean (Ross).  It is all very interesting.  I'm not sure if I want to dig too deep into this.
  Thanks again.


Sutherland / Re: Bonar Bridge, Scotland
« on: Friday 26 May 17 00:22 BST (UK)  »
Annie, djct,
  I do not know nor does my son-in-law know when Isabella married James Levy.  No one knows if Isabella was a single mother for a period of time, this I find hard to believe that she would be.  My belief is that Williamina's father died before her birth and that James took his place, for whatever reason.  Of course I can not prove this, it is just something I think would or could happen.  If this was what happened, then he would have disappeared prior to Dec. 1909 and was, again I can't prove, known in the area.  Do you think this makes any sense.
  I will try to gather more info from my son-in-laws sisters and hopefully his mother.  Until then thanks again.


Sutherland / Re: Bonar Bridge, Scotland
« on: Wednesday 24 May 17 18:00 BST (UK)  »
dcjt, Annie,
 just talked to my son-in-law and he says they believe Williamina's father Munroe died from a building/construction accident.
 I was wondering, because of the size of the area could James Levy have known Munroe, friends or related, cousins as an example.
 No matter what James Levy seems on the surface to be a good man to have married Isabella Ross and taken in her daughter.  For all accounts he treated her like his own daughter.
 Thanks again for all your help.

Sutherland / Re: Bonar Bridge, Scotland
« on: Wednesday 24 May 17 00:41 BST (UK)  »
  I don't know about a step brother named William, but it does raise the question.  Could she be named after her father named William?  Is it possible that he grew up around Bonar and possibly ran away or died somehow?  If he is from the area would there be records of him, birth or death, some sort or roll?
  I will ask my son-in-law about this, to see if his mother remembers anything about her Grandmother.  If he comes up with something I'll post it.
  Again thanks for your help, it is appreciated.

Sutherland / Re: Bonar Bridge, Scotland
« on: Tuesday 23 May 17 15:13 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Annie for your help.
  I was trying to do this by memory and wasn't too successful.  But you seemed to find out quite a lot.
  Isabella Ross married James D.M. Levy after she gave birth to a Williamina "Minnie" Munroe. I am wondering about this girl's father and what happened.  She is in my grandkids line through my son-in-law.  Isabella and James had 7 children, 4 in Scotland and 3 in Ontario Canada.  They came to Canada in the 1920's for the first child James was born in 1926.
  Their children are, with the information I have; Williamina 1909-1993, Rubina 1918-?, John 1920-2012, Agnes 1922-2001, Hamish 1924-24, James 1926-2011, Kenneth 1931-1988 and ?.
  Any info on Williamina's birth father would be greatly appreciated.  I am very sorry about the confusion.

Sutherland / Re: Bonar Bridge, Scotland
« on: Sunday 21 May 17 23:31 BST (UK)  »
Thank you for the speedy replies,

 Looking at what I have right now, I must apologize for I have the names mixed up.  She was born Ross on Ardins farm outside Bonar.  She was born Dec 1891, I don't know if she married but had a child named Munroe and later married a James Dunlop McDonald Levy and had more children.  They came to Canada in the1920's and she died Dec 1974.
 What I would like to know if possible who was Monroe and what happened to him? Also how would one go about finding out if there are any living relatives in the area?  This is not so much for me, but my grandchildren,  for this is on my son in laws side.
 Any way thanks for any help you can give and sorry for the mix up.


Sutherland / Bonar Bridge, Scotland
« on: Sunday 21 May 17 21:55 BST (UK)  »
 I am looking for information on Isabella Levy born I believe Monroe.  She came to Canada in the early 1900's and settled near Windsor Ontario.  If anyone has any information on her family and early life it would be greatly appreciated.


Family History Beginners Board / Re: Elizabeth Ann Fellows and John Lovelace
« on: Friday 12 February 16 21:47 GMT (UK)  »
  I know a little about the Lovelace family in Nova Scotia and offshoots in New Brunswick.  They may be related through a Thomas Loveless of Rhode Island.  He had sons that moved to New York and one to Nova Scotia.  There is a book called A Tory Spy, I think that's the title.  It is written by a fellow whose family name is Lovelace.
  I checked the UEL site and found two individuals with the name Lovelass, an Archibald and William.  Could be related, they settled in Grand River; Eastern District.  This is probably in Ontario, not sure. Check  There is also the Harriet Irving Library at University of New Brunswick in Fredricton,
  Hope this helps.  All the best in your search.


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