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Suffolk Lookup Requests / Re: Collins/Collings family
« on: Sunday 10 July 16 10:18 BST (UK)  »
Thank you annes for looking those baptisms you have found confirm my family tree it's been difficult to find Suffolk records online. Will have to look into debenham now. Quick question the baptisms in Kenton do they mention a mother's name at all

I found those baptisms too they are the children I was thinking they may have had, my ancestress born 1829 was in fact Martha not Maria so your not wrong I believe. 

Yes I have those baptism dates thank you though their daughter Maria born 1829 is my great x4 grandmother. I believe there may be more children but haven't been able to find anymore baptisms. Just that elusive marriage haha there's always one I had put a note that Maria's maiden name may have been Bennett. I believe Thomas was born c.1781 and Maria Bennett born c.1784 both from ellastone but it's quite far from Shelton don't know what to do next. Best wishes

Hi just wondering if anyone would be kind enough to help locate a marriage record for Thomas and Maria Burgess. As of yet I have been unable to find any posibles they would have married sometime I imagine between 1800 and 1829 they later settled in Hanley, Staffordshire. Thomas was a Potter places I believe could be where the marriage occurred include;
. Ellastone
. Stoke on Trent area
. Hanley
. Wollstanton

I would love to find the marriage and maybe some documents for the children . I know they had 5 daughtets including Patience, Eliza, Caroline and Martha. Any help would be appreciated

Radnorshire / Re: John Brace
« on: Tuesday 31 May 16 07:51 BST (UK)  »
Hi I believe I am related to Eleanor through her sister Ann they were both children I believe of David and Susana Worthing of Brilley. Ann married my ancestor James Shufflebottom of Hanley, Staffordshire. Ann was born c. 1814 in Brilley on her and James daughter Deborahs baptism it is stated that Ann was a daughter of David Worthing of Kington, Hereford. How James met Ann I don't know but they spent some years in Worcestershire. Its a shame not a lot of Herefordshire records are online I'll be contacting the church on brilley anything I find I'll post. Would love to work on the family together cousin

Suffolk Lookup Requests / Collins/Collings family
« on: Friday 27 May 16 03:36 BST (UK)  »
Was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to lookup all baptisms for the Collins/Collings family in the following parishes Kenton and Debenham. I'm looking for the baptisms between 1650 and 1754 particularly my ancestor Barnaby Collins who was born c. 1680. He likely married in Kenton to an Anne sometime prior to 1701 when their first son Barnaby was born. Looking for any help anyone can give me. Can give further details If needed
Best wishes and thank you

Glamorganshire / Re: Evan Watkin & Cecil Help
« on: Sunday 24 April 16 00:55 BST (UK)  »
Hey just seen your message
Two eyes are definitely better than one I had a quick look over the baptisms it seems Edward (Morgan's father) and Morgan (Rowlands father) were 2nd cousins both grandsons of Jenkin David of Swansea it seems the family may have hailed from Swansea moved to egwlysilan maybe for work and then to coychurch where their wives were from its only a theory for now but seems to work out. However I do know from court papers that a jenkin David was living at coychurch in 1622 so it seems the David family do have strong links there. the court paper mentions Coity Manor. Still a way to go but the answer is definitely there some where. Just out of curiosity where do you live at the moment as I am within travelling distance to coychurch. Best wishes

Glamorganshire / Re: Evan Watkin & Cecil Help
« on: Friday 22 April 16 21:42 BST (UK)  »
Hey mate thanks for the reply

I think definitely all the David family in Coychurch are some how related it's just fitting them all together I'm going to try and make a family tree for them. It seems there were a total of around 20 David members having children in Coychurch including a William possibly his brother. The only baptism for Rowland I can find is in Eglwysilan there was also a Morgan David who had children in Coychurch around the same time as Rowland I have found a baptism for Morgan (father Edward) also in Egwlysilan so it seems plausible they were from Eglwysilan. You also mentioned a will for Jenkins David does he mention any siblings nieces or nephews in it at all?

Glamorganshire / David Family
« on: Friday 22 April 16 01:55 BST (UK)  »
Hi I know its been 4yrs since your post but would love to discuss the David family with you my Ann David married Evan Griffith in 1774 at Coychurch. I have had a look through the Coychurch baptisms and have found all the David family members I can unfortunately there are at least 6 Ann Davids who are born but Rowland & Cecil parents of Ann b. 1747 looks like a match. My Ann and Evan had 5 children Catharine, Lewis, Evan, Jenkin and Cecil. the names of the children seem to link closely to Rowland and Cecil, Cecil is obvious but then Lewis & Jenkin match Ann's brothers. I wonder then if our families are related. I have some info on Rowland too I believe he was born at Elgwysilan circa 1722 son of Morgan. I believe all the David's I have found in Coychurch are all related whether siblings or cousins etc. just having a hard time linking them all together. Would love to discuss

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