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Wow, now I know the words  ;D (loved the turtle neck sweaters!)

Maybe .... would it be normal to get a tattoo for working on a ferry (if that's what he was doing?). I've been looking for the missing censuses with no luck

just checked - i don't have anything for Mont and Annie in 1891 or 1901


I think the drunk enumerator may have been involved in dodgy tattoos as well.

I'll check what I have for them in the later years.


and drumroll .... she exists, here's Mont's birth certificate  ;D came today


(singing) It's here, it's here, it's here  ;D

Mont's death cert

Enjoy! Then post me :)


Wow, no limits to your detective skills. I can see how it looks like "Shant" but I'm claiming it's "Mont". The ages on this census are out - so it looks like whoever informed the census taker on the night was either telling fibs or .... maybe one of the younger ones gave the information over and guessed. 


It does indeed  ;D

Well done! Big smiles!

So we effectively have her CENSUS records for 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881 and missing in 1891 and finding it hard to find a death record (oh and did I forget to mention that really annoying missing marriage record).

Esther GRIFFITHS / WHITCHURCH did exist!

I haven't heard back from email (maybe 16 years ago is .... pushing it)

Howdy solidrock,

I have sent an email (in relation to Esther Griffiths / Whitchurch) so will let you know if I receive a reply. I am still delving through the info you posted a little while back (I'm still here - just in catch up mode adding information to my files etc).


found this on freecen - shows who the witnesses were

Marriage entry

County   Worcestershire
Place (with link)   Dudley
Church name (with link)   St Andre
Register type (with link)   Unspecified
Marriage date   14 Feb 1853
Groom forename   John
Groom surname   WHITCHURCH
Groom age   22
Groom parish   Dudley
Groom condition   bachelor
Groom occupation   Cordwainer
Bride forename   Harriet
Bride surname   HOLLIES
Bride age   17
Bride parish   Dudley
Bride condition   spinster
Groom father forename   Samuel
Groom father surname   WHITCHURCH
Groom father occupation   Miner
Bride father forename   Jeremiah
Bride father surname   HOLLIES
Bride father occupation   Furnaceman
Witness1 forename   James
Witness1 surname   MACKAY
Witness2 forename   Eliza
Witness2 surname   DANKS

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