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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: Marriage witness deciphering
« on: Saturday 05 September 20 13:56 BST (UK)  »
Duncan's a great suggestion. I had been struggling with the first letter, I wanted to say P but with an errant downward stroke but it doesn't match with other capital Ps on the same page. D really makes sense.

Also, the final three letters I wasn't sure but 'can' looks good.

Definitely agree with that initial S, that's consistent with similar elsewhere on the page.

Thanks. Going to see if I can link an S. Duncan to the married couple.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Marriage witness deciphering
« on: Friday 04 September 20 23:56 BST (UK)  »
Hi there, would anyone be able to help decipher the name of the first witness on this marriage certificate please?

It's for the marriage of Joseph Hinton and Elizabeth Gallagher in Sunderland, 1897. The second witness is A Pybus (Annie Pybus). The full certificate is in this post here for extra context here:

I'm trying to track down details of Joseph Hinton and thinking to try to work out who this witness was, but can't quite crack it. Thanks!

Durham / Re: Joseph Hinton of Sunderland 1872
« on: Monday 31 August 20 01:03 BST (UK)  »
Tickettyboo - thanks for posting this. I really like newspaper clipping. I had found a couple of clippings linked to the theatre with his name on but hadn't found that one. Good to think of my great grandfather leading a day trip out for the theatre crew.

I just need to work a bit more on his time in Sunderland which is still the confusing link for me to my missing earlier Hinton line.

Durham / Re: Joseph Hinton of Sunderland 1872
« on: Sunday 30 August 20 00:14 BST (UK)  »
Thanks, that's awesome. I didn't know it was that easy. I'd relied on index searches on Ancestry which are inconsistent in whether they show the maiden name.

I'll some more digging next on the address at marriage, the theatre link, the other marriage witness and my Irish hunch. Any other suggestions for routes to explore would be great.

Durham / Re: Joseph Hinton of Sunderland 1872
« on: Saturday 29 August 20 22:14 BST (UK)  »
Motherís maiden surname was Middlehurst  :)

Ah yes, thanks :)  ... but I guess I really meant how did you identify her maiden name as Middlehurst? As I couldn't find a suitable match for that. Thx

Durham / Re: Joseph Hinton of Sunderland 1872
« on: Saturday 29 August 20 21:53 BST (UK)  »
The address is 19 Farringtons Row, which was 'The Eagle Tavern' in 1891. The occupants in 1891 were a family called Elliott + two servants.
Perhaps Joseph was just lodging there in 1897?

JenB - this is really useful, thanks. Leads me to think even more that he was temporarily in Sunderland rather than born / living there permanently. This is a good thread for me to explore further.

The only evidence I have that he was born in Sunderland were on the 1901/1911 census records so I've begun to doubt this more.

Durham / Re: Joseph Hinton of Sunderland 1872
« on: Saturday 29 August 20 21:48 BST (UK)  »
Have you eliminated Joseph Hanton living in Sunderland , living with his widowed mother Catherine Hanton, born St Helens in 1891 ,siblings Mary aged 23 and Thomas aged 19

I had spent time on this as at first glance it seemed possible. I believe it's not the same person. I think this one went on to marry Isabella (Green?) and in the 1901 census is living in Middlesbrough working as shipyard worker, with two children Joseph 3 and Minnie 1.

This Joseph Hanlon's timeline would be:
  • 1874 birth index: registration record in Jan-Mar
  • 1881 census: living with family in Bishopwearmouth on Lime St, with William Hanlon from Ireland head of house, Catherine wife, John, William, Mary, Thomas and James siblings
  • 1889 death index: father William died
  • 1891 census: living with widowed mother Catherine Hanlon/Hanton, born St Helens, siblings Mary aged 23, Thomas aged 19. Listed as a boilersmith apprentice.
  • 1901 census: Joseph living in Middlesbrough working as shipyard worker, now married to Isabella (nee Green?), with two children Joseph 3 and Minnie 1
  • Also 1901 census: Joseph's mother Catherine Hanlon aged 65 widow, now working as housekeeper for Robert Emmerson family in St Andrews, North Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland
I think it's not the same because:
  • I can't find any Joseph Hanlons born in Sunderland within those few years other than the above so I think the 1901 entry contradicts my Joseph Hinton's 1901 Almondbury entry
  • Discrepancies in birth registration year, plus name (which would have to be a deliberate name change rather than misspelling in this case), plus the fact William was not listed on Joseph's marriage cert as father even though he would have lived with him up to age 15, plus the discrepancy in job

Can't be 100% on this but I don't think it adds up - especially on my point 1 above

Yes Hanlon Joseph 1874 and Thomas 1871 mother Middlehurst
One question please Radcliff: what did you mean by 'mother Middlehurst'?

Durham / Re: Joseph Hinton of Sunderland 1872
« on: Saturday 29 August 20 14:10 BST (UK)  »
JenB - yes probate was to his children.

Witnesses were:

Annie Pybus - Elizabeth Gallagher's niece.

I confess - the other name I haven't been able to ready properly or track down and is therefore a relevant thread to follow still. You should be able to see in the image above if it posted okay - looks like S. Pinnear perhaps?

Address at time of marriage was 19 Farringtons [something] (Avenue perhaps, but looks like Pair or Parish). I have tried to look into that, I couldn't find anything useful related to Farringtons Avenue or similar but if you have tips on how to use that for more investigation here that would be great.

Durham / Re: Joseph Hinton of Sunderland 1872
« on: Saturday 29 August 20 13:59 BST (UK)  »
This is a clip from the marriage cert

(protected by Crown Copyright)

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