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Family History Beginners Board / Re: Claudy, Ireland, Millbrook, Millar Eakin, 1800
« on: Saturday 09 October 21 23:11 BST (UK)  »
Hi William Houston,
My name is Skip Allen...or Thomas W Allen, Jr. that Jo mentioned in her note.  I wish I had known she was contacting you in 2020.  She probably told me, but 2020 was a hard year and I probably missed it.  Anyway, one of my cousins contacted the current resident of Millbrook, who as you mentioned is the daughter of Millers who have lived there for several generations.  You mentioned a lot of the land has been sold off to the McReas, who are also kin to the Millers in a round about way.  Alex Miller's, 1906-1972, father was Alexander Miller, 1847-1938.  Alexander married Minnie Chambers, 1857-1901.  Minnie's mother was Catherine McCrea, 1812-1901, and Minnie's father was Moses Chambers, 1810-1863. I just learned that connection recently. 
Jo mentioned that my Great Grandfather was William Miller, 1845-1892, who migrated to New Orleans in 1966.  He was my brick wall until I connected via DNA with a couple of cousins now living in England.  The oral history about the Miller family was limited, but I had heard that they had flax mills in Ireland and were well to do back then.  However, oral history is rarely right.  The English Cousins mentioned that Alex's daughter was still living in the old house.  I understand nothing has been done to it since the 1940s if then.  I was told that Alex became interested in Genealogy before he passed and his daughter at Millbrook has an extensive tree. 
One of the cousins wrote to the daughter and asked about their connection.  Her letter broke my brick wall almost completely.  She mentioned John Miller, 1817-1870, my 2nd great grandfather, was married twice.  The first marriage produced five children.  The oldest boy had a corn mill in Artigarvan, the two daughters married locally to Ritchie and Lyons famililes, and the other two sons moved to American and lost touch with the family.  Since then, I have discovered the wives of John Miller were, first Mary McCandless, 1807-1845, and the second Margaret McCutcheon.  I was able to find the will of John Miller and he only mentions 4 children from the first marriage and two from the second.  I have found the Ritchie connection, but not the Lyons family connection.  So I still have holes. 
I do not believe John Miller came from Scotland himself...I think his family was in Ireland for several generations.  I haven't proven this completely, but I believe John Miller's father was James Miller, 1783-1846, and James' father was Robert Miller, 1760-1790.  I desperately need to look at the tree Alex Miller created.  You mentioned that his daughter was in her 80s and that is correct.  I understand that she has arthritis very badly and finds it difficult to write.  My cousins asked that I not write her and ask questions because she would answer, but it would be hard on her.  An uncle visits from time to time, but is also elderly and doesn't know how to take a picture of the tree or get a copy made.  So, I have been struggling along finding what I can. 
I do want to make a trip to Ireland and England to do some research, but it will be a year or a year and a half before I can make the trip.  I hope I will be able to meet my cousin.  Since you live close, would you consider making a copy of the tree for me.  I would write my cousin and introduce myself and explain you would make a copy for me.  I will be glad to pay you to do this for me.  I know this is a long shot...but worth trying to make it happen.  Please respond regardless.  I would love to ask someone from the area about Claudy and other stuff.  We have been working on our tree since the late 60s and it is just now that we are finding our way in Ireland.  Thanks for reading my post.
With warm regards,
Skip Allen

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