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Can't see any photos of Fleet St on this site however there are many of Charles St.

Is this the "Cherub" building you meant?

And another:

Hi maddys52,

Many sincere thanks for taking the time to research on my behalf and posting the links you have supplied in your two previous replies  ;D

I have never seen any photos of Charles Street or the Cherub buidling before. Its going to be a pleasure reviewing all the photos. As previously mentioned I possess very few actual family to see these are the next best thing.

Many thanks Steve  ;)

Been adding a few details to my family tree over the weekend and this got me wondering whether anyone knows if there are any old photos of Fleet Street in Leicester and also Charles Street in Leicester.

My Grandfather worked at Skinner and Bunny in Fleet Street and just realised that the elderly relative worked at Cherub Ltd in Charles Street which appears literally just around the corner.

I don`t possess many family photos, so it would be great if someone could point me in the right direction or recommend a good book with photos of old Leicester in  ;)

Many thanks Steve

Hi. I'm a bit late as only just seen this

My grandfather worked for A H Skinner Co Ltd, Lithographic Printers, Fleet Street, Leicester in 1921. Could this be what you were looking for?

Thank you Steffie for your reply and the details you supply. It could well be that your Grandfather worked with my Grandfather.

Checking the 1921 census, quite a lot of people worked for a printing firm in Fleet Street, and all for A. H. Skinner at no. 3.

Alfred Henry Skinner is listed as an employer as was William Edgar Bunney.

One of the employees has what looks like Skinner & Bunny as the employer.


Many thanks David for taking the time to reply.

I hadn`t mentioned any names previously as I didn`t want to influence any potential replies I had with possible mis-information. I placed the original query as an elderly relative who is no longer with us mentioned once that my Grandfather worked for Bunny and Skinner. He allegedly served his apprenticeship there and she was supposed to be in possession of his apprenticeship papers but these unfortunately went awol along with a lot of other paperwork and photographs before she passed away.

Seems you and Steffie have kindly answered my query  ;D

Many thanks Steve

Many thanks CaroleW, mckha489 and Comberton for your replies.

After placing my original post and receiving the reply from CaroleW I too attempted to purchase a digital image but couldn`t as a digital copy was not available  :(

I was prepared to invest 2.50 but I can not justify spending more ( especially as I have other family tree ancestors who are in the queue before Maria Cobb ) to order a PDF or certificate on somebody who may not be the person I am looking for.........hence my request for death/burial information. I was hoping someone may have burial details which might help confirm the identity.

Many thanks again for all contributions  ;)


Been going through some old records and trying to find information on the gaps in my family tree.

I am now hoping someone may have access to details or records and could kindly carry out a death/burial Look Up for me please.

I would like death/burial details for Maria Cobb aged 74 ( GRO ref 9d 102. Beverley September quarter 1913 ). I have Maria aged 71 on the 1911 census living in Beverley, so the death record I mention above is the nearest match I could find age and location wise.

Pending any replies of confirmation I could then hopefully order a duplicate digital death certificate.

Many thanks in anticipation for all offers of help and assistance.

Steve ;)

Norfolk / Re: Help trying to find ancestor after 1891 please.
« on: Tuesday 09 January 24 19:16 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you very much amondg for your last two replies  ;)

Not quite sure why I did not have Mary Ann listed within the Isaac Waters family, I had Elizabeth, Isaac, Agnes and Robert H, but it wasn`t until you replied that I learnt Agnes passed away aged just 4 years old.

I have found a baptism record for Elizabeth Waters dated 06.12.1868 at Fincham Church.

I too entered Elizabeth Waters details using 1868 plus or minus 1 year option in Downham Market into FindMyPast ( I can still carry out a search but can not access the records ) and it returned 57 results. Of those 57 only 4 ( I have all the details from these 4 records already ) are dedicated Elizabeth Waters, the others are variants of Elizabeth Waters.

I elected to carry out another search except replacing Downham Market with Norfolk. This returned 1,111 results. This will need a visit to the local library to try and evaluate the merits of each record.

Many thanks again for taking the time to research on my behalf and then posting your findings, you`ve been a great help  ;D


Norfolk / Re: Help trying to find ancestor after 1891 please.
« on: Monday 08 January 24 23:31 GMT (UK)  »
1911 census
Louisa Waters  widow 64  born Downham Market  Married 44 years 5 children 4 living 1 deceased
Robert Harry    son 23 brick lab. born Fincham
Albert             grand son   18  brick lab. born Fincham
The child who died is Agnes  birth reg. 1880 Downham burial 2 July 1884 at Fincham age 4
Mary Ann has married George Morton 16 April 1892
Isaac married Sarah Ann West 21 November 1896 at North Runcton
Robert Harry married Katie E A Bloom 1918

So I think I have answered my own question concerning Albert he was registered December quarter
1892 if he belonged to Mary he would be Albert Morton as they married in April 1892.
So he has to be the son of Elizabeth.  ADDED Just saw your reply
Based on the information her mother gave in 1911 she is still alive.

Brilliant information there amondg  ;D some of which I was familar with and some new details too.

The only name I dont really recognise is Mary Ann......who is she?

Yep, Isaac Waters married Sarah West. Sarah sadly died in 1898 and he then married Elizabeth in 1900 but she passed away in 1909.

So if the 1911 census information is correct and Elizabeth is still alive then where is she???

Hope this helps.

Norfolk / Re: Help trying to find ancestor after 1891 please.
« on: Monday 08 January 24 23:17 GMT (UK)  »
There is a marriage 1899 registered Downham for an Elizabeth Watters to Herbert Arthur Higgins

NO wrong one census says she was born Cumberland, so cross that off the list

Who was the parent of Albert Waters registered 1892 at Downham Illegitimate.

Many thanks amondg for your two replies and for taking an interest in my post.

Albert Waters born in Fincham in 1892 was the son of Elizabeth Waters born 1868 and the one I am trying to find after 1891  ;)

Norfolk / Re: Help trying to find ancestor after 1891 please.
« on: Monday 08 January 24 23:11 GMT (UK)  »
Could this be her burial on ancestry in  Norfolk, England, Transcripts of Church of England Baptism, Marriage and Burial Registers

Elizabeth Waters
Death Age   39
Birth Date   abt 1870
Death Date About 1909
Burial Date 25 November 1909
Burial Place North Runcton, Norfolk, England
Parish as it Appears   North Runcton

If it is her she should be on the 1901 census but I haven't seen her as yet.

Many thanks crisane for taking the time to reply and the details you supply.

This is where things get slightly the Elizabeth Waters you mention in your reply is not the same Elizabeth Waters born 1868.

The Elizabeth Waters you mention was married to Isaac Waters ( Isaac was the person who I posted a 1934 burial Look Up request for over the weekend ) and I already have all the information and records for her  ;D

The Elizabeth Waters I am interested in finding was born 1868 and was Isaac`s sister.

So Isaac had a wife and a sister named Elizabeth. Hope that makes sense  ;)

Many thanks Steve

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