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Dublin / Re: How do I know for sure if these are my ancestors?
« on: Thursday 29 February 24 17:12 GMT (UK)  »
Apologies...fat finger syndrome :) Yes, it was this marriage in 1922 to Patrick Dowling.

Dublin / Re: How do I know for sure if these are my ancestors?
« on: Thursday 29 February 24 15:31 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all - just a quick pop back into this thread to let you know that, 8 years later, I finally found a marriage record for my Elizabeth McEvoy.

I was rooting around on Irish Newspapers Archives to see if I could find anything to do with her brother (my ggf) around the time of his death. He was an alderman and was very involved with Dublin GAA so I was hopeful that I might find something of interest... and boy did I. Included in the attendees of his funeral was on Mrs E Dowling (sister) which point I nearly fell off my chair.

It turned out that she got married in 1923, at the ripe of age of 58 and lived until 1947.

Wexford / Re: Ancestors in Oylegate
« on: Tuesday 03 September 19 16:13 BST (UK)  »
My Oylegate ancestors are Cartys & Quinlin/Quinlans, generally from Coolamain, Ballynaslayney and Ballydonfin.

Kent / Re: Strood, Kent, Poor Law Union
« on: Saturday 19 January 19 19:57 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all,

Can't believe I'm only seeing this thread now!.  My line are the Elliotts, Minnie Grace Elliott (mother of Bert, Reginald and Minnie) being my 1st cousin 3x removed).

As far as I can see Minnie Grace and Frederick Valentine never married, at least I cant find a record for it anyway. Frederick was fond of the women - he had a son by an Eliza Butler (Frederick Valentine), cant find a marriage record there either.

He then had Bert, Reginald and MInnie with Minnie Grace Elliott, she's disappeared on me after Reggies birth. He then married Catherine Upton and had another few children after that. I'm doing to head off now to check out the WELLS connection - thanks for the heads up on that.

Minnie's three kids are with him (and Catherine Upton Banks) in the 1901 census but then they seem to have been put into the Homes over the next few years. Minnie's sister Eliza Collins (nee Elliott) is mentioned as is a Mrs Elliott in various transcripts.

The last sighting I have of Minnie junior is a record dated 12 May 1909 when she was discharged from the workhouse to a Convalescent Home in Sandgate. Can find neither a 1911 census or death record for her  :-\

Bert or Herbert - I have him in 1911 in Wales working on a farm but dont have anything for him after that. Would love to hear from the previous poster if you read this.

Reggie / Reginald - bit of an enigma for me tbh. He was christened as Reggie Alfred Banks. Once the three kids went into the Homes their names went back to Elliott. However somewhere along the way Reggie Alfred Banks became Reginald Patrick T(have seen Tarleton mentioned) Elliott. I was very sceptical that this was "my" Reggie until I noticed in this military files that this next of kin was brother Herbert and that he was born in Strood, Kent in 1898.

That's the long and short of it for me - all this is documented on my Ancestry tree here The tree is public so please feel free to take a look - I'm very open to being told that I'm wrong  ;D

Best wishes

United States of America / Re: Albert Snowdon - Ireland to NY c. 1902
« on: Wednesday 18 April 18 22:01 BST (UK)  »
Thank you all for your help.

Groom - yes I have his WW1 registration card, do you see where it has Mr Watkins crossed out and Mrs Mary McEvoy written in? She was my great granny, his sister - that was how I knew for sure that this was our man.

I think you are right too about him entering the US under an assumed name.

Erato - The Albert Snowden in that 1910 arrival is not the same man, although born in the same year, I have other records of him that show he is not our man (one being 1918 arrival into Boston with his wife Alma - address in Sheffield,UK)

Again, thank you so much for your time,

United States of America / Albert Snowdon - Ireland to NY c. 1902
« on: Tuesday 17 April 18 19:50 BST (UK)  »
I've trying to find how and when my 2x great uncle arrived in America - I how why and more or less when but have never found an emigration record for him.

He joined the British Army in Dublin 2 Jul 1902 and had deserted by 4th August!!!  I have in a Salvation Army Hotel in NY in the 1905 census and he died in 1923, living in 225 The Bowery. It seems that he was working for the same firm for the duration of his time in NY and his friend, the bosses son, organised his burial.

He was Albert William Snowden (sometimes Snowdon), born in Dublin in 1879 and died in NY on 3 Nov 1923 from acute appendicitis.

I believe I have all records for him other than his immigration / emigration records and would appreciate it if anyone knew of some way of finding this last link.

Thanks in advance

Northamptonshire / FEARY - Grendon early 1700s
« on: Friday 06 October 17 13:12 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,

I am hoping someone here might be able to help me.

The furthest I can go back with my Feary line (I am a Feary myself!) is to William and Ann Feary who lived in Grendon in the 1720s. They had Thomas (1723), Mary (1726), William (1728) and John (1738) (that I know about) - these two William's were my 5th and 6th great grandfathers.

William (the son) moved to Middlesex at some point and only that his will mentions lands and a timber business in Grendon I would have continued thinking that he was born in Middlesex.

He married Ann Higgins in 1765 in London and they had a son William James in 1778 (Ann was quite a bit younger than William). He died the following year.

I would love to connect with anyone with looking into this family too

Best wishes
Denise Feary McNamara

Wexford / Re: Flynn / Carty
« on: Monday 03 July 17 17:17 BST (UK)  »
I'm afraid I'm no help to you but if your Ann turned out to be the one from Oylegate then I would be very interested as I have a Carty family that I can trace back to a William and Mary (nee Quinlan) Carty who married in 1833 in Oylegate - actual address was Coolamain

Dublin / Where did family live between dates?
« on: Tuesday 27 June 17 13:49 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,

I have a family living in Meath Street when the father died in 1868 and dont have any other mention of any of them until 1886 in James Street North, Dublin (North Strand area - not James' St area) in Thoms directory the year before the mother died.

Would anyone have access to directories for the years in between (1868-1886) that could have a quick look for either an Elizabeth McEvoy (the mother) or John McEvoy (eldest son)

Any help would be greatfully appreciated

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