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Lancashire / Re: Harry Walker & Norwegian Certificate.
« on: Monday 12 March 12 20:44 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you Neil & Jan,

Much appreciate the time & trouble you have taken, it is one of the family story line I will be back onto in the near future, thanks again.

Best regards,


Cheshire / Re: Ashley Castle, Cheshire
« on: Tuesday 06 December 11 23:07 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Kelly, I was in the middle of looking for info on Castle mills where I used to go when I was a kid & wanted to know if there was a Castle at some time around Castle Mills.

Google (Ashley Castle, Cheshire), click on sixth item down where it says (The Baronetage of England) Volume 3 by Thomas Wotton, Edward Kimber, Richard A. Johnson. There you will find info on the Ameredith family you are looking for.

Created Barqnet, Jan 2nd 1639.

Hope this is of some help to you,
best regards,


 :D Congrats to all on the 1st anniversary  :D

I may have come in drag but, draw the line at shaving my tash off ha ha, Excellent day, the buffet & the cake were fantastic, thanks Cancan. Think everyone deserves a pat on the back for what has been done over the past 12 months.

Will be there next sunday, weather permitting.


 :D Hi all,

We had a good day on Sunday, got quite a lot done, suffered a little with some ant bites but, the savlon took care of them  :-\

Cancan got some very good shots for the web site concerning wildlife & one that had the girls in stitches  :o as to what it said on the gravestone,  :o maybe Cancan will put them up on here but, I'm sure they will be going on the web site for sure ha ha.  ;)

Thanks for all the good wishes, Cancan is organising a picnic for the 16th Oct to celebrate our 1st anniversary of the project & there will be a cake that Cancan will tell you all about in due time.

Best regards  :D


Lancashire / Re: Harry Walker & Norwegian Certificate.
« on: Thursday 22 September 11 08:36 BST (UK)  »
Hi Neil,

Thank you for the information, Harry's cap badge on the first picture I put up is a Royal Artillery badge, I'm wondering if he was involved in the first to land in Norway & the Hunting horn meant that he was either in the Light Regiment, Royal Artillery or the Observation Unit, Royal Artillery.

I will do some more digging & try to find out which Unit Harry was in or which of the Units were from Manchester.

Thanks again Neil,


 :D Thats great news Cancan, hopefully they will take the gear with them & leave the gates unlocked so we can get the cars in. :D

Spatts  ;D

:D Wow, a full year gone by already, mixed feeling about that, I'm now a year older  :-\  maybe if I work twice as hard I won't have this feeling in six months ha ha.

It has been a great experience, the weather is no problem when your having fun & some good laughs with the rest of the gang. At times not everything goes to plan but, hey what the heck, its good to laugh seeing some members running around when they think hover flies are wasps hee hee. Wait till we do the other side near the wall, that should be fun, some big Spiders over there ha ha. :o   ::)

Thanks for the fun & laughs to the gang when doing something worth while.

Spatts.  :D

Lancashire / Re: Harry Walker & Norwegian Certificate.
« on: Thursday 18 August 11 20:42 BST (UK)  »
 :) Hi Guys,

After rumaging through boxes in the loft, I come across some more old pics & another pic Harry Walker with a different cap badge????

Well, I'm confused now, can George or anyone tell me what the cap badges are on these jolly fellows, Harry Walker on the left.


Lancashire / Re: The Crown Inn, Stockport rd, Longsight, Manchester.
« on: Thursday 18 August 11 00:56 BST (UK)  »
Hi Barbara & Derik,

Yes I do have the 1901 Census,

1901 Cen, 796, Ashton Old rd, Higher Openshaw, Manchester.
Thomas Edward Andrew 32, Machine Fitter, born Fairfield, Manchester.
Mary A. Andrew 34, born Bordesley, Birmingham.
Lilly Andrew 12.
Alfred Andrew 5.
Alfred Andrew 62, Iron Moulder.
Elizabeth Andrew 62, born Littleborough, Rochdale.

This is what I don't understand, my mother said they owned the Crown pub on Stockport rd opposite Shady lane, have Alfred & Elizabeth living with daughter & son in law on the 1911 census.

1911 Cen, 86, Stopford st, Higher Openshaw, Manchester.
Harry Walker 42, Planer in Machine Shop, born Lincoln, Lincolnshire.
Lilly Ann Walker 35, born Openshaw, Manchester.
Annie Walker 8,
Thomas Edward Walker 6
Lilly Walker 4 months
Alfred Andrew 72, Tool shop Labourer, born Openshaw, M/c.
Elizabeth Andrew 72. born, Hollingworth Lake, Littleborough, Rochdale.

I just can't see them owning any pub, let alone Alfred & a brother going to Australia or his two brothers going to Australia, Think William Andrew died in Stopford st & his other brother James, I think he ended up in Portsea, Portsmouth, they were born in Duckinfield.

Thank you so much for your time & help, it is really appreciated.



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