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Wiltshire / Re: Robert Carpenter of All Cannings
« on: Tuesday 07 December 10 21:56 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Ken,
       Thanks very much for that stuff. I had only a few dates from those listed. but I had two for Richard chr 174X.

   I did an IGI search on Richard Carpenter and Mary as parents and extracted the Marden references and found three groups of children.

The earliest group contained Richard (chr.14 Feb 1717) and two siblings, Mary (6 Mar 1720) and Joseph (17 Oct 1724).

The second group contains six children - Barnice, Richard(1), Richard(2), Mary, Robert and Sarah with dates between 1743 and 1753. Richard(1) was christened 3 Aug 1745 and, as you point out, Richard (2) on 4 Dec 1746. But which was which? Is there an early death/burial record I've not uncovered? The duplication does not look to me like a simple trancription error.

Just to complicate matters further, the third group contains two children with dates in 1755 and 1757, Elenor and Ann, the children of Richard and Mary CarpenDer. The dates would allow them to be sisters of the previous group if one assumes that the surname is just another mis-spelling by whoever filled in the Parish Register. But who knows?

Thanks again


Wiltshire / Re: Robert Carpenter of All Cannings
« on: Tuesday 07 December 10 10:54 GMT (UK)  »
Yes, that's the right couple. Robert's father I believe married a Lucy Burbage in Erlestoke on 30 Oct 1765 but unless I'm completely wrong that's as far as I've been able to get. Except for a bit of speculation. A member of the Rivers family b. All Cannings married an Abraham Burbidge in Urchfont at a time when Lucy would have been a small girl. He came from Keevil where there are plenty of Burbidges of both spellings and a number of Lucys most of whom seem to have died in infancy. So I'm stuck really.

Regarding the other wives, why couldn't all the Richard Carpenters marry anybody but a Mary?  :) I can't help with surnames either I'm afraid. I have a number back to before 1700 tentatively but I would be very interested to see your "take" on the list to 1600.


Wiltshire / Re: Robert Carpenter of All Cannings
« on: Monday 06 December 10 21:25 GMT (UK)  »
I believe that the Robert Carpenter you are seeking is my 3xG GF. From other posts I have seen of yours that you may have a lot of the information that I could supply but I thought it would be good to check.

I hope after all this time I may be of some help.


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