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Lancashire / Help from a theatre buff needed!
« on: Wednesday 05 October 11 00:40 BST (UK)  »
 :) Hi everyone, I'm trying to find evidence of a person who seems to have been on the stage in some capacity but we don't know whether this was as an actor, comedian etc.The person I'm looking for is either John Larkin (born 1870ish) or John Bentley (born 1885ish). My mother remembers seeing him in a newspaper article when she was about 5 years old (in 1935) and remembers that this person was related to her. She was living in Manchester at that time. She is keen to find out more about him. If anyone knows anything about him it would be great to hear from you. Thanks heaps.

Lancashire / Manchester KINGS/Madeley
« on: Friday 22 July 11 23:41 BST (UK)  »
I'm really fortunate to be related to KINGS! Does that make me a Princess  :)

I would love to make contact with relatives of William King and Emma Jane Madeley who married on 21st December 1895 in Beswick, Manchester. They had 4 Children, William (my grandfather), Samuel, Albert and Richard.
William was emigrated to Canada as a 9 year old child when his father died suddenly, he returned to England before WW1 then married Agnes Bentley in 1922.
Samuel spent some time in a childrens home (possibly Nicholls Hospital in Manchester) and later married and had 2 children...Sam and Doreen.
As yet I don't have  info about Albert or Richard.
I would LOVE to find photos of some of these people, or hear news of their lives. A BIG ask I know....but miracles DO happen! Many thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Derbyshire / Hannah King
« on: Wednesday 18 May 11 03:47 BST (UK)  »
Hi there, I'm new to all of this so I hope this posts ok. Does anyone know if the Hannah King who died in 1850 at the Belper Workhouse was related to Richard King who was born around 1808 in Belper? I'm thinking she may have been his mother.

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