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Somerset Lookup Requests / Re: monkton combe near bath look up
« on: Saturday 04 October 14 03:09 BST (UK)  »
Could anyone perhaps see an original parish register for this marriage record?
Jonah Doel Married Ann Frapwell in Monkton Combe, Sth Stoke on 20 Aug 1825
I'm guessing Jonah may have been previously widowed in Westbury and eloped to remarry perhaps as there are no other records of this couple that I have found. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

I have had no luck from this post, however I bought the transcripts offline myself from Wiltshire FHS and lulu dot com if anyone is interested. As far as the last name Adlam, there are about 40 burials in Westbury under this name. Variations of the name include Adilom, Adlamb, Adleham, Adlem, Adlom and perhaps more. There are equal if not more baptisms in Westbury under the name Adlam and more under the variations. Good luck with your research.

Wiltshire Resources & Offers / Baptisms and Burial Records for Westbury
« on: Monday 30 December 13 03:12 GMT (UK)  »
Hi there, I would greatly appreciate some help unlocking the mystery of Jonah (Jonas?) Doel. Without going overboard on his wife & children this is what I have so far:

Jonah Doel, Ag Lab, Born abt 1791 in Hawkeridge, a small village two miles west of Westbury, Wiltshire. Jonah was a farm labourer. Jonah Doel’s died Apr-Jun 1844 or Jan-Mar 1857 (Jonas) in Westbury or March 1875 in Somerset (ages?). Jonas Doels Christened in Westbury: 19 Jun 1768 to Samuel & Jane, 15 Oct 1785 to William & Jane, or Jonah on 14 Aug 1791 to James & Jane (born in Hawkridge, died in Somerset?).

If possible it would be great to know the ages of these men when they died to discern which one is which. Many thanks!!! Aaron

Cheshire Lookup Requests / Re: ASHTON - Cheadle
« on: Sunday 21 April 13 11:22 BST (UK)  »
Thanks 'rip 1944' for the leads on the Old Colonists Association. Are these records held at the Auckland Library? Just about to head there next week and would be great to have a look for it. Many of the details of his life I believe were fabricated. His age changed more often than any other person I've ever researched.

Found this book on the Clontarf's two journeys to be very interesting & informative:

Auckland “New Zealand Herald” Obituary:
Sampson Ashton 1828 - 1921 who lived under the reign of five Sovereigns:
George IV 1820 - 1830
William IV 1830 - 1837
Victoria 1837 - 1901
Edward VII 1901 - 1910
George V 1910 - 1936
died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs Rachel Hayson, Birkenhead, on Wednesday 13 December 1921, after a brief illness. He was born ninety-three years ago at Chissell, Lancashire, England. He was in the service of the N.Z. Railways and considered he was one of the oldest locomotive drivers in N.Z. He was employed as engineer on the San Prisco mail steamer City of Nebraska in the early Auckland days, and in a similar capacity on the old H.M.S. Challenger, which made a scientific expedition to many parts of the world. “H.M.S. Challenger Expedition a famous British expedition, to study physical and biological conditions in deep sea. 1872-76 Results fill 50 Vols.” He recalled an occasion when he drove the locomotive on which the late Queen Victoria journeyed from King’s Cross to Liverpool. The Queen remarking to him in those pioneering days of the “iron horse” that he was a young man to hold such a responsible position as driver of the engine. After retiring from the railways 30 years ago he developed an enthusiasm for prospecting for gold, and for long periods he prospected alone on the alluvial deposits of Moonlight Creek and at Ahaura, near Greymouth. He was a warm admirer of the late Mr R.J. Seddon whose old age pension scheme he estimated as a considerable blessing to the old folk. He resided at Birkenhead from 1915 and his wife predeceased him fifteen years ago. Mr Sampson Ashton is survived by 3 daughters: Mesdames Alfred Hayson and Fred Pugh senr, of Birkenhead, and Mrs Agnes Williamson of Christchurch, two sons, Mr Thomas Ashton, of Western Springs, Auckland and Mr George Ashton of Christchurch, and a large number of Grandchildren and great grandchildren. The interment took place at the Birkenhead Anglican cemetery yesterday afternoon, the Rev. J. Lawrence Greer performing last rites.

Donegal / Re: O'Neill family in Donegal
« on: Thursday 27 September 12 11:29 BST (UK)  »
Hi, we also have O'Neil family from Dunmuckrum, Donegal and I found info in Donegal Cemeteries sites like '', '' and ''. Just found many wills of the O'Neil family at Proni also and '' had many court sessions mentioning their land struggles. Irish records are incredibly difficult but if your family was wealthy enough to afford a nice memorial then perhaps you'd get lucky.
Good luck and happy hunting ;)

Cheshire Lookup Requests / Re: ASHTON - Cheadle
« on: Thursday 13 September 12 22:22 BST (UK)  »
Pleased to meet you Ted, this family has been extremely hard to unpuzzle. There are many people with similar names in the area from both the Ashton & Higgenbottom family. I think it comes down to how you wish to interpret all the findings in this post because one could really pick any option. My opinion is that Sampson Ashton was the son of Sampson Clayton and Amy Ann Ashton. What happened to his mother is another story and why he apparently changed his name is another mystery altogether. However, what we do know is Sampson & Rachel Higgenbottoms first son Thomas stayed in England with Rachel Higgenbottoms family (sisters) in Glossop. Best wishes, Aaron

Leitrim / Re: Peter Clancy, farmer of Derryherk, Kinlough
« on: Thursday 13 September 12 10:19 BST (UK)  »
Have assessed my DNA results through Family Tree DNA. My 37 point test first gave me the result that I was descended from Niall the ancient ruler of Ireland from whom the O'Neil clan is descended and 1 in 12 Irish people. However, after digging through the results and many Irish names I found a close link (genetic distance of two) to three Clancy men and there is a 88% chance we share a common ancestor within the last 300 years. One of these men is 'Willie Joe Clancy' who according to the book "Historical Notes on the Ancient Sept of Clancy/Glancy by Maria Clancy" is descended from James Murragh MaGlannaghy, Chief of Darty who was beheaded in 1642 after a rebellion against the English. They are from the Glenade region of Leitrim/Sligo however.

Much of the Clancy lands of Darty in the north of Leitrim ended up with Cahir Clancy & Mary Fitzgerald (nee Crofton). Cahir was the son of Melaghlen McGlanchie (aka Maelsechlainn) who died in 1603 and left the Darty lands to him. The Doongarbry castle & lands were taken when Meleghlen conquered Teige Og Maglancie in 1590. Cahir became protestant and made a deal with English forces for peace and probably his own legal title to the Darty lands. However their only successor was Catherine (Isabel) who inherited the castle, lands and town of Doongarbry, Tullaghan, totalling 4,000 acres around the parish of Kinlough and Loch Melvin around 1640. This was eventually divided up between families like the Whites, Windsors & Johnsons among others. Perhaps the family was divided amoung the various regions and whether they remained there between 17th century to 19th centuries remains a mystery lost due to the religious persecution of the Catholics of Ireland.

Cornwall / Re: can someone take some photos for me please - Kenwyn
« on: Tuesday 14 August 12 23:03 BST (UK)  »
Hi there, stumbled across your messages and was wondering if you had come across any graves of the May family? Am particularly trying to unpuzzle two Francis May's born 1680 & 1884, both of Kea and one most likely buried in Kea who was married to Jane Tresize. The other was from Gwennap and is buried there also. I really need to discern the Francis Mays who died around 1740-1790 time range in order to research any further. I would be extremely gratefull for any help with this little issue if anyone can help?

Leitrim / Re: Peter Clancy, farmer of Killanummery and Kinlough
« on: Wednesday 04 July 12 10:30 BST (UK)  »

This family is strikingly similar to ours only Thomas would have to be Peter Clancy of Kinloughs brother.

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