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Family History Beginners Board / Where is Amy
« on: Thursday 30 April 15 17:17 BST (UK)  »
 Hi, l hope you can h help with this one, my ancestor Maria Travi   1890-1915 married James Morgan 1887 in 1909, on the 1911 census they have a daughter Amy 1910, l cannot find a birth for Amy but l have found her in and out of City Road workhouse infirmary august to october 1910 with her mother Maria her birth date on infirmary record is 29.12.1909.
Maria died in 1915 and her fathers military record records next of kin Arthur Morgan father but no mention of Amy,
Did she die or did he give her to someone else as has happened as we know.
Going round in circles with this one fresh eyes needed.


Family History Beginners Board / Bridget Clara Margaret Dyson
« on: Saturday 30 August 14 14:38 BST (UK)  »
Hi, l have a bit of a dilema can you help,

When l first put in Bridgets name on Ancestry a tree came up , l never take it for granted that it is right so with my research and the tree l continued to look and it did seem to be right except for a couple of things as follows.

b. 1901 to George and Francis Dyson Tower Hamlets.
1911 census could be her in Lyncote St Dunstans New Road Windsor as he mother was dead and this looks like some kind of home also with a sister Jinnie (could be Jane have not got to her yet)
Outward bound passenger list 1930 address 62 Willfotan St W12 a houswife with sone John !
Canadian Passanger list  says she is Single with son John passage paid by Mrs Airth.
Marriage to Douglas Edward Airth but as C Dyson 1931.
Death Bridget Claira M Airth 1977 apparently death cert says she is Roman Catholic!

Then on Find a grave every thing seems ok except for parents Joseph Dyson and Broughton do l assume they have it wrong am l following the wrong lady.
please any advice.

Family History Beginners Board / Internment camps.
« on: Saturday 02 August 14 12:12 BST (UK)  »
When l first started researching l found that my Great Grandfather who was born in Germany but came to UK in 1870 married and english girl and had children was interned in Alexandra Palace in 1914 and died there in 1918. I read an article thatsaid that the Red Cross had records of the internees and would release records in August 2014., l have been on their site but cannot find any lead to the records where am l going wrong can anyone help please.

The Common Room / Family Trees.
« on: Saturday 26 July 14 19:08 BST (UK)  »
Why do people not check what they have on their trees, l am trying to breakdown some brickwalls and when l put my ancestors name in a tree came up and l thought l would check it out and unless my ancestor was popping across the pond every couple of years to one wife and having more children and then popping back to have children in uk he even names his son in US in 1877 the same as the son in UK in 1887 , found other errors as well he has even put my ancestors wife and children in UK on tree but it dosnt make sence, then l thought maybe the children are not his in US but second wifes but there is a baptims in 1877 with him on register. Had my rant feel better now but it is a warning never use other peoples trees unless certain l would rather leave my research unfinished.


Family History Beginners Board / New eyes needed
« on: Friday 25 July 14 14:36 BST (UK)  »
l have been researching my family trees for some years but recently at last retired and thought l would try and finish them by filling in the gaps and brick walls and l have hit a big one but think l need a new set of eyes as l seem to be going round and round the problem is this.
Francis Trout b 1842 clist st george Devon to Francis Trout and Jane Thomas.
Have him on 1851 census with family.
think may be him on Dorset Prison Admission.1861
1861 census on board a ship.
1861 marriage to Mary Jane Gale (widow) maiden name Spurrell.
have Mary Jane Gale on 1861 census with mother and her 2 children George J age 4 and Sara A age 2.
but then nothing cannot find any one of them on any record.
have tried the children under Gale and Trout .
Where are they all.
Can any one help.
All records in Devon.

Family History Beginners Board / Gt Grandmother
« on: Friday 27 June 14 16:29 BST (UK)  »
Hi, can anyone help, l know most things about my Gt Grandmother  Jane Wickert but the thing really getting to me is where was she on 1911 census, l have 1911 with my Gt Grandad Phillip Wickert (her husband) as Head living with his son Alfred John 27 in 1 room at 7 West Place Chapel Street Clerkenwell but cannot find Jane Wickert (nee Trout) anywhere and did they all live in 1 room seems a bit small for 3 adults , are they seperated.
Any suggestions please.

Family History Beginners Board / Travi family research
« on: Tuesday 07 August 12 15:00 BST (UK)  »
 ???I have been searching for my grandfathers Birth for some time now and not been able to get his Birth Cert. he first appears in 1881.
Father Francesco Travi,occ wire worker
mother Sarah Travi
Francis Travi (my grandfather) age 4
Charles Travi                           age 2 (also no birth cert found)

Sarah and Francisco did not marry until 1882 and l have everything from 1881.
but while still searching for my Francis l came across a Baptism in London. (grandad was born Clerkenwell) as follows.
Francis Franchesto
Father Francis Franchesco
occ. Wire Worker.
Mother Matilda Franchesco
Clerkenwell St Johns.

l cannot find anything  on the Franchesco Name on any search.
So have the registra made a mistake in the surname.
if it was matildas maiden name would they put the father on.

Se what l mean about straws .
any ideas please .

Family History Beginners Board / Rowe
« on: Monday 30 July 12 16:01 BST (UK)  »
Hi, received Betsy Birth Cert father John mother Elizabeth nee Davis occ Naval Pensioner late a licenced beer seller.
Have John 1860 bap father John mother Elizabeth occ Smith,
Have marriage of John Rowe and Elizabeth Davis 1853 (sending of for orig cert)
I think l have the right family but why does John keep changing occupation, l think both parent must have died between 1861 and 1871 as cannot find them on census.
Thanks for your help,

Family History Beginners Board / Rowe
« on: Saturday 09 June 12 11:45 BST (UK)  »
I am researching my husbands gt grandfather John Rowe, on his marriage cert in1879 in Poplar London he states his father is also John Rowe a Blacksmith , on 1881 census in Poplar he states he was born Devonport, l think l have his birth in 1860 Stoke Dameral father John a Smith and mother Elizabeth but l cannot find a census to connect the 2 except 1 in 1861 John Rowe 8 months , Stoke Dameral father John mother Elizabeth but his fathers occupation is Greenwich ol Pensioner.
any help please.

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