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I think you could be on the right track with this.
Nimrod married in 1854 (marriage is on

St Edmunds Dudley 17 September 1854
Nimrod Stevenson aged 20 bachelor furnaceman, father George Stevenson horse nail maker
Margaret Griffiths aged 22 spinster, father Richard Griffiths carpenter

Steventon, Joseph mmm Griffiths
1855 S qtr Dudley volume 06C page 2

Joseph Stephenton at Rowley Regis 22 March 1857
Father Nimrod, mother Margaret

As it says above, Nimrod died in 1858 and I think your Joseph might be with his grandparents in 1861

Rowley Regis
George Steventon 66
Ann ditto 66
Joseph ditto 6 (grandson)
George Longstaff 29
Dorcas ditto 27
Ephraim ditto 4
George ditto 1

If the family story is true maybe he just went missing and his wife married a little later but he was never declared dead?

Is this book relevant at all? It says it gives a year-by-year account until 1875. It might be interesting even though it won't mention him (probably).

United States of America / Re: Helen Roman-Moran (DOD?)
« on: Saturday 25 February 17 13:37 GMT (UK)  »
I think that is a different one, she seems to be in the 1930 as the daughter of Steve Roman. So count her out ;-)

United States of America / Re: Helen Roman-Moran (DOD?)
« on: Saturday 25 February 17 13:29 GMT (UK)  »
I'm not sure about this, but there is:

Highland Par, Middlesex, New Jersey
John E McGowan 36
Helen E McGowan 34
John E McGowan 8

and possibly John social security record

John Edward McGowan
born 3 July 1932
New Brunswick, new jersey
Father John E McGowan
Mother Helen E Roman


12 Sep 1931
Highland Park, Middlesex, New Jersey
Helen Roman aged 25
John Mcgowan

Other Countries / Re: Barbados British West Indies
« on: Sunday 19 February 17 12:25 GMT (UK)  »
Sorry, I don't know anything much about Barbados. It is probably quite difficult for research, with records all kept locally.

If you can get to a library with free access to Ancestry, somebody has a tree on there with quite a bit of detail about this family. Going back from Ivy's parents quite a way, though obviously everything needs checking out.

Looks like it will be fun for you to do :-)

Other Countries / Re: Barbados British West Indies
« on: Sunday 19 February 17 12:10 GMT (UK)  »
Hall man seems to have been an actual job. search for it - it is on page 199. I think we forget how many staff hotels used to have!

Other Countries / Re: Barbados British West Indies
« on: Sunday 19 February 17 00:21 GMT (UK)  »
Ivy's naturalization papers are dated 5 May 1937  and give the following

Ivy McConney
address 564 W. 149th St.
occupation hwife
date of birth 8th Oct 1889 at Hillourick BWI
Emigrated to USA from Bridgetown BWI on or about 27 Sept 1921, arrived at NY on 5th Oct 1921 on the vessel Aváre
Married to Joseph, born 19th Jan 1887 at Barbados BWI
Four children
Rosamond born 1 June 1913 NY resides with Ivy
Noel born 16 Aug 1914 NY resides BWI
Kempson born 5 Mar 1919 born NY resides BWI
Ruby born 18 Apr 1920 BWI resides BWI
Married 26 June 1926 New York
Husband naturalised 25 Sept 1919
Ivy resident in US since 5 Oct 1921

and then there is an earlier "declaration of intent"

Ivy Rosamond Phillips aged 34
Ladies maid
color white, complexion fair, height 5 feet 5 inches, weight 110 pounds, hair brown, eyes brown
Born Hillswick Village, Barbados BWI 8 Oct 1889
Now residing 2762-8th avenue
Arrived 5 October 1921

The passenger list for 5 Oct 1921 gives her father as John Noel, Hillswick Village, St Joseph
and Rosamund was traveling with her.

WW1 draft card
James H Phillips
Home address 431 W 45 st NY
date of birth 12 Feb 1888
Born Barbados BWIndies
Occupation Waiter
Employed by Lambs Club, 130 West 44 st, NY
Support wife, mother, 2 children

and there is a declaration of intent (index only) giving his name as James Harfield Phillips

and a baptism

James Daniel Harfield Phillips
13 May 1888
Father, James Bend Phillips
Mother, Amelia Grant Gibson
FHL Film No 1158014, ID 1007

Other Countries / Re: Barbados British West Indies
« on: Saturday 18 February 17 23:43 GMT (UK)  »

Hallman could have been something to do with a hotel maybe? He was a bellman in a hotel in 1920.

Eighth Avenue
Manhattan assembly district 22 New York
Phillips James H m w 32 m 1910 born Barbados, father born Barbados, mother born Barbados, Bellman Hotel
ditto Ivy f w 30 m 1911 born Barbados, father born Barbados, mother born Barbados
ditto Rosamund dau f w 6 s born New York
ditto Noel son m w 5 s born New york
ditto kempson S son m w 10712 s born New York
Wall, Kempson boarder m w 28 s 1909 born England, father and mother born England, Elevator operator Hotel
Fenty George cousin m w 1 11/12 s born new York, father born Barbados

The Common Room / Re: where was this lane?
« on: Saturday 18 February 17 15:21 GMT (UK)  »
The 1871 census says for District 3

part of the hamlet of Balsall north of Balsall Street - including Needles End, Wooton Green, George Road, Redfin, Meer End, Balsall Common, Holly Lane, and the Great House, Brickiln Lane, to the Grange Farm.

This map has Grange Farm and Needles End, so it must be somewhere there. A kiln is marked just south east of Needles End.

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