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Glamorganshire Lookup Requests / 1841/1851 Glamorgan Census lookup please
« on: Friday 16 September 05 01:21 BST (UK)  »
Would like to trace this Jones family back to 1841/1851 if possible.  Have them from the 1861 census on.

In 1861 they had moved to Aberdare.  Details of the 1861 census:  RG9 4065 folio 65 page 58

Head - Griffith Jones c1816 Llansamlet
wife - Ann c1821 Baglan/Neath
Dau - Jennet c1841 Margam
Son - David c1843 Margam
Dau - Ann c1851 Margam
Son - William c1853 Margam
Dau - Elizabeth c1855 Margam
Son - Samuel c1860 Margam

First child Jennet born c1841 so there is a good chance they are already married 1840. 

Any information appreciated.  Many thanks if you can help.

Somerset Lookup Requests / 'Look up' Somerset Records Office
« on: Thursday 15 September 05 11:55 BST (UK)  »
Would be very grateful if anyone lives near Somerset Records Office, or is planning to go, could look up info for me.

Been pulling my hair out with this one. Trawled the web, but cannot find any other parish details for Martock except marriage.

Trying to trace the birth/baptism of Charlotte 'Shoemac' born c1810/11 in Somerset. Possibly Ash Coate or Ash Stapleton, Martock.
(After marriage lived in Stoke St Gregory - Poss connections, apart from husband's family?)

Have F H online parish marriage for William Squire and Charlotte Shoemac 2/12/1834 in North Curry. Some details are missing. Would like full details confirmed at Somerset Records Office please - name of witness etc , if possible.

May have found Charlotte's family in 1841 census- named 'Shoemac'. Possible parents are William (c1764) and Mary (c1771) In 1851 same family are 'Shoemake' So Charlotte and family could be Shoemac / Shoemake / Shoemaker!!!!!

Would dearly like to find a connection of Charlotte and  parents so I can possibly fit her with this family, and confirm connection - or not!

Also found this, think it could be connected as possible parents marriage.

Martock Marriage Index 1761 -1812 Somerset

SHOEMAKER, William and APRATT, Mary, Martock 12 Aug 1792 (Possibly Mary could be mistranscribed and is SPRATT?)

Many thanks, if anyone can help. Hope there's an angel out there

Wrong/Unwanted Birth Cert for:

Florence Williams born 14 March 1896 at 49 High Street, Mountain Ash, Glamorgan

Father: George Phillip Williams

Mother: Emily Williams, formerly Glass

Registeration district - Pontypridd
Sub District Llanwonno
County of Glamorgan

Somerset / Parish Baptisms Ash Stapleton/Ash Martock
« on: Sunday 04 September 05 20:14 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone know where I can locate information or transcriptions of parish baptisms for 'Ash Stapleton' and 'Ash Martock'?

Looking for Shoemac/Shoemaker baptisms in the above areas taken from 1841 census for Somerset.

Many thanks

Somerset Completed Lookup Requests / 'Shoemac' Stoke St Gregory / North Curry area
« on: Sunday 04 September 05 10:09 BST (UK)  »
Looking for any information or a connection to the name 'Shoemac'. 

Possibly in the North Curry or Stoke St Gregory area of Somerset.

Any info or help appreciated

Many thanks

Somerset Completed Lookup Requests / William Squire Marriage c1834
« on: Friday 02 September 05 14:53 BST (UK)  »
Looking to find the marriage of William Squire born 1797 in Stoke St Gregory to Charlotte ? born c1810 I think also St Gregory.  On IGI marriage took place around 1834.

I have this family on all census from 1841 and have looked at transcripts for the parish registers for Stoke St Gregory.

Found their children's baptisms but no marriage.  Does anyone have parish information for the surrounding areas, North Curry or Taunton?  I would dearly love to find out their marriage date and charlotte's maiden name.

many thanks

Denbighshire Lookup Requests / 1841/1851 look up (completed)
« on: Tuesday 30 August 05 12:58 BST (UK)  »
Hi, hope someone can help.

Looking to find the baptism or 1841/1851 census details of Harriet Lloyd.   born circa 1834/35 in St Martins, Chusk/ Chirk?.  Also have her on census for 'Denby Dillinson' Denbighshire. 

Any help or advice would be appreciated.  Have her married on all other census


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