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Thank you for all your help looks like this couple will remain a mystery

Yes her son   emigrated to Detroit in 1911 and served with the CEF during the 1st WW that is him pictured with her

 The second lady is my 2x g gran she lost her husband in 1907 so 10 years prior to this photo being taken this is one of the photos   that I have been able to figure out

Thank you again I have had another look in the box and found this photo does anybody think this is the same women this one taken about 1917

Jim here is the back of the photo

Thank you Jim then it can't be them or their son and his wife as both men died before 1895

Will post back later my daughter has kicked me off the computer although I can't see any markings on the card or anything

Thank you Annie they were married in 1839 in Forfar Angus
 nothing on the photograph
his occupations included linen hand loom weaver, grocer and inn keeper in that order
They had 2 children Andrew my 2x g grandfather and Alexander

Hi I have recently inherited a few boxes of family photos from my mum some unfortunately aren't named Could this one be of my 3rd g grand parents John Lowson b 1810 and Ann Jolly b 1818/9 Thank you

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