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Staffordshire / Re: Any reason why an ancestor would use two last names?
« on: Friday 17 March 23 17:43 GMT (UK)  »
Could Joseph have been known by both Meredith or Ready as a child whether through his mother being unmarried when he was born or his father died and his mother remarried

Lanarkshire / Re: Daniel Morrison Glasgow Scotland
« on: Wednesday 30 March 22 01:13 BST (UK)  »
Daniel was born 5 Jul 1891 registered in Blackfriars Glasgow unfortunately no father's name transcribed on Ancestry but there maybe a RCE attached to his birth entry on Scotland People which will name the father

Lanarkshire / Re: Daniel Morrison Glasgow Scotland
« on: Tuesday 29 March 22 21:25 BST (UK)  »
This all will need to be checked with certificates from Scotland's People but as a start using the index on Scotland People there's one McGee Weldon marriage in the Gorbals in 1890 Elizabeth Weldon and William McGee according to the 1901 census they have 3 children Lizzie 9 Bella 7 and William 4 There is a birth in Gorbals 1894 of Isabella McGee
In the Gorbals in 1917 an Isabella McGee or Morrison marries a Thomas March
According to the 1901 census on Ancestry William McGee was 33 born about 1868 Glasgow and his wife Lizzie same age born Ireland
There is also 7 family trees with William and Elizabeth on Ancestry

Margaret may have died before Duncan married so he may not have been in a position to take care of James so maybe a older sibling or his mother may have looked after him
Have you traced all of Duncan's siblings to see if any of them emigrated to Canada and have a son James who would fit

There are only 41 births before official registration began and none after 1855 of the name Mcsheniog so wouldn't say it was a  common name
Have you checked the Kirk Session records if they have survived
Another scenario to consider is Margaret died while James was young and possibly raised by a sibling of his father

The marriage of a Thomas I found on Ancestry but this doesn't appear to be your Thomas but possibly a nephew from a later reply from Monica

In Scotland females legally don't lose their maiden name and on many legal documents notably wills you will find them addressed as Jane Smith or Watt Smith being her married name and Watt being the maiden name also in the past a possible explanation for widow's using their maiden name was the part in the wedding vows (until death do us part) there was a death so no longer married
So Agnes using her maiden name was common in those times

Another thing I have learned is that sometimes women/men have stated  the spouse dead if they had seperated or were abandoned less shameful to be widowed in those days
When did Jane marry John Potts as couldn't see a marriage wondering if they didn't marry because one of them wasn't free to marry

Finally if Thomas snr was deceased/disappeared at the time of Isabella death who was the father of Thomas jnr

Also Janet is at her mother's in 1851 with her 2 children with the Orr surname and another daughter Maria at Duff street Girvan on Ancestry the name has been transcribed as Meaneck but no husband

Also possibly a coincidence but there is a marriage record of a Thomas Menagh with a father Simon in Tyrone Ireland in 1865 could your ancestor have abandoned his wife and child and returned to Ireland

Hi have you seen the Simon Menagh also in Girvan in 1841 born Ireland married to an Ellen/Helen Doak he also appears in the 1851 in Girvan possible brother to your Thomas I can't find the family after 1851 except a son Gilbert appears to marry a Margaret Lewis in Walsall England in 1857 and a daughter Margaret who marries a William Smith and dies 1872 in Daily Ayrshire
Not the information you were looking for but they may lead you to find your family

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