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South Africa / Re: Daniel George Hendriks (1824-1884)
« on: Tuesday 24 May 22 11:09 BST (UK)  »

The whole thing had me confused for a while due to various errors in that FS tree ..
From one of your older posts I gather that you are looking for a couple Charles John Hendricks X Maria Hess. According to that FS tree, they supposedly had 2 children. James died young and Johanna married a George Henry Adler, so I assume that Johanna will be your wife’s ancestor?

So lets start with that couple Charles (John?) Hendricks X Maria Hess.
#1 I believe that there was no “John” in this guys name …
#2 Mossel Bay seems to be the main location for this family

I can’t be sure re all the events (especially the deaths) as I could not find any nice probates, but I believe that the story is something as follows (typos are possible!):

Charles HENDRI(C)KS, Occ: Labourer
? Probable birth/ Baptism: b abt 1861, bap 5 Jul 1872 Mossel bay (res Aliwal) (
? Possible death: 11 Feb 1936 Mossel Bay (
X #1 
3 Feb 1896 Mossel Bay, Western Cape -
To: Maria HESS b abt 1866,
          d 30 Nov 1904 Mossel Bay  (Death Info: , burial: )
X#2 (possible second marriage)
24 Apr 1905 -
To: Clara MAART
          probable death: 1 apr 1909 Mossel bay (
                    - stange thing is that “Chas Hendricks is supposedly a bil
          probable 1868 baptism:

These are the children that I could find for the couple. I’ve added the baptism links as the witnesses are important:
Maria Elizabeth b 4 Jul 1896, bap 13 Sep 1896 Mossel Bay ( )
Rosina b 17 Jun 1898, bap 14 Aug 1898 Mossel Bay ( )
Peter Daniel b 6 May 1900, bap 3 Jun 1900 Mossel Bay ( )
Charles Samuel b 31 Apr 1901, bap 9 Jun 1901 Mossel Bay ( )
James b 29 May 1903, bap 28 Jun 1903 Mossel Bay (
Probably also:
David George HESS b  25 Jun 1892, bap 8 Jun 1894 All Saints, Mossel Bay ( )
Mary Ann HESS b 29 Jul 1894, bap 19 Jul 1895 All Saints, Mossel Bay ( )

So no obvious daughter called Johanna for this family  ….
In Feb 1915 Johanna is 24y when she marries in Cape Town (, 35y when she immigrated mid 1928 and 56y when she died early 1946 …
i.e. her birth year is likely between  1889 and 1893, but between 1885 and 1894 there does not seem to have been a Johanna born with either a Hess or Hendri* surname in Mossel Bay!

Currently the big question is: Are you trying to find Johanna’s ancestors …. or some other person’s ancestry leading to the couple Charles and Maria in Mussel Bay?

South Africa / Re: Wits University Research Archives
« on: Sunday 15 May 22 15:26 BST (UK)  »
Google ..... :-)

South Africa / Re: Wits University Research Archives
« on: Sunday 15 May 22 14:57 BST (UK)  »
Are you sure that Wits ever had them? The inventory only lists the following:

CT Cape Town Cathedral St.George Baptisms:1899-1921
CT Cape Town Cathedral St.George Baptisms(3v):1921-70
CT Cape Town Cathedral St.George Burial:1849-1957
CT Cape Town Cathedral St.George Burial:1958-2004
CT Cape Town Cathedral St.George Marriages:1902-48
CT Cape Town Cathedral St.George Marriages:1948-52
CT Cape Town Cathedral St.George Marriages:1952-55
CT Cape Town Cathedral St.George Marriages:1956-66
(this collection starts here:

However, FS does have a collection containing earlier records but it will involve a visit to a FHC:

Europe / Re: Spanish death records
« on: Saturday 07 May 22 02:49 BST (UK)  »
There isn't a central register in Spain;  each town or city holds its own records.
Unfortunately there are several towns called Villarreal, but the main candidate would be Vila-real in Castellón, Valencia.

The paper mentioned South Spain, so I'm not sure whether Valencia would be a candidate ... (I'm not ruling it out though)

The Welshman 7 April 1865:
REES. On the 28th ult., at the South of Spain, Captain John Rees, of the brig, “Gem of the Sea,” of Llanelly ; deceased was son of Mr Jno Rees, Cilsaig farm, near Llanelly, and was much respected by all.

South Africa / Re: Cape Town Orphan Chamber inventories
« on: Friday 06 May 22 11:32 BST (UK)  »
By coincidence I'd just been playing with the MOOC's:

The "Tanap" links seemed to have been available for:
MOOC 8 - Inventories and Appraisals
MOOC 10 - Auction lists

I believe MOOC 8 doco might be be here:

Europe / Re: DeDECKER, Sleidhinge, Belgium
« on: Tuesday 26 April 22 06:57 BST (UK)  »
I’m wondering whether Emile might have felt forced to marry:
On 1 Aug 1913 Emile-Joseph De Decker registered a son called Hendrik De Decker, born 31 July 1913
i.e. only 3 months after his marriage!

France, Indice de décès de la sécurité sociale de l'Insee, 1970-2019
Name: Hendrik de Decker
Sex: Male
Death Date: 15 May 1997
Death Place: Boulogne-sur-Mer, Pas-de-Calais, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France
Birth Date: 31 Jul 1913
Birthplace: Sleidinge, Belgique

Europe / Re: DeDECKER, Sleidhinge, Belgium
« on: Tuesday 26 April 22 06:40 BST (UK)  »

But with a bit of luck, confirmation that that 1913 marriage is for your guy:

Europe / Re: DeDECKER, Sleidhinge, Belgium
« on: Tuesday 26 April 22 05:19 BST (UK)  »
He “married” my great aunt in England, but I suspect he may already have had a wife in Belgium.

Here is Emiel with his family in the 1891-1900 Sleidinge Bevolkingsregister (like a census, but a living document instead of a snapshot):
I believe Emiel (#7) is a landbouwknecht (farmhand). Mum Clementia (#2) dies in 1896 and dad Henri (#1) remarries within 5 months (#10).

This is the 1901-1910 Sleidinge BR:
So your Emiel is still living in Sleidinge in 1910. What’s more, he seems to have been the only “Emiel Joseph DeDecker” in the Sleidinge indices for the years 1891-1910.

Finally the 10 year marriage table for Sleidinge (an index only) mentions the marriage between an “Emile Joseph DeDecker” and a Marie Madgalena DeMeyer”  in 1913 (
Unfortunately the 1913 certificates don’t seem to be online (yet). Currently 1912 is online, so hopefully 1913 won't take too long to become available as well.

FYI Only:
There was only one Maria Magdalena DeMeyer (b 1894) in the 1901-1910 Sleidinge BR:  First with her probable father and sibling, but eventually she can be found as a “nicht”(niece) after returning from Gent to Sleidinge in 1910:

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