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Canada Lookup Request / Re: Tierney and Courtney
« on: Wednesday 09 May 07 01:45 BST (UK)  »
Mary Tierney-female b. Ireland   age 81 years lived on Lane St. a Widow
date of death Oct 18, 1903  died of Old Age  City of Guelph, County of Wellington. Dr. A. Machinson ?  Religion R. Catholic  Name of person making return J O'Neil -Registered on Oct 20, 1903

Micheal Tierney - male b Ireland age 80 lived on Lane St. Date of Death Dec. 27, 1899 - retired married   died of old age Religion R. Catholic name of Dr. Gerald O'Reilly  registered on Dec. 29, 1899 County of Wellington

Canada Lookup Request / Re: Tierney and Courtney
« on: Tuesday 08 May 07 21:35 BST (UK)  »
Hello -
I did not get your message untill today for the other request..
I did not locate who you asked for.. sorry.
I did however locate the marriage record of a sister to William Tearney.

Ann Tierney
Birth place - Whitby, Ont.
Age 33
Residence- Quelph
Father: Mishael Tierney (Thats how the transcriber spelled it)
Mother- Mary Cushing
Hugh Johnston
age 37
A - Widow
Residence- Quelph ?
Occupation- Weaver
Birth Place CO Antrim Ireland
Fathers name- John Johnston
Mothers name- Elizabeth Johnston
Marriage Date- 7 Sept 1891
Marriage Place- Quelph
Marriage County - Wellington

Witnesses- William Tierney of Quelph and Esther Johnston of Quelph.

Religion of both was Roman Catholic
Married by Banns
Married by G. B. Venney or Kenney S J

not sure if that will help you or not ???

The index I have only goes to 1922.. so if the person you wanted  was the son of Wm and Margaret Courtney Tearney.. I do not think his record would be in it.

hope this helps as far as marriages goes .
I will check births/deaths ASAP..
Got to cook dinner , keep the men happy they say

Canada Lookup Request / Re: Toronto Birth and Deaths after 1916
« on: Saturday 05 May 07 20:21 BST (UK)  »
 I am looking at the records for Canada to see what I can come up with.
I might add that the only thing else I see on the death record for the Percy Cook born in Suffolk, Eng.. was the informat apeared to be his- 'step dau.' named - "Mrs Amelia Dawson".. just incase someone else is looking for a Percy Cook.
I do not see a Percy Cook - which could fill your search, in Canada. But that means nothing really.. as he is there you said- perhaps he used his middle name of John ?? Or J P or P J - I am still searching, however.

I do see a few Percys, in the census of Eng .. that would fit as far as birth year and birth place being Staffordshire.

I will let you know what I find.

Canada Lookup Request / Re: Toronto Birth and Deaths after 1916
« on: Saturday 05 May 07 02:55 BST (UK)  »
Just wondered if you had
the  his wifes name ?
also the birth years for the children..
I wonder if he used John more so then Percy..??

Just something to go on
That may help also in locating his records.

Thanks :)

Canada Lookup Request / Re: Tierney and Courtney
« on: Saturday 05 May 07 01:55 BST (UK)  »
Hope this helps

Name : William Tearney
Birth Place: Oshama
Age: 45
Fathers Name: Micheal Tearney
Mothers Name: Mary Cushing
Est. birth year : Abt 1862

Spouse Name: Maragret Courtney
Spouse Age : 34
Spouse Birth Place : Peel Township
Spouse Fathers name: Eugene Courtney
Spouse Mothers name: Margaret Casey
Marriage Date: 25 Sep. 1907
Marriage Place: Elora, Wellington
Marriage County : Wellington

Married by Banns
Religous Denomination for both : Roman Cath.
Looks like one of the Witnesses is Wm. Jos. Tearney of Toronto

Like I said hope it helps :)

Hello Again,

 Thanks for this.. perhaps someone use to looking at the Eng. census may know what /where..etc. I sure do not !!

1851 census Charles HUDSON
 b. abt 1765 age 86
birthplace- Holme, Yorkshire, Eng.
relation - Father
Civil Parish- Market Weighton
County/Island - Yorkshire
Registration district- Pocklington
Sub- registration- East Stamford
ED, institution or vessel -9c
Household schedule number- 53

Others in home
William HUDSON age 41 (head of house)
Frances HUDSON age 31 (wife of Wm)
Mary HUDSON age 6
Jane HUDSON age 5
John HUDSON age 1

now there is one Charles HUDSON b. abt 1842 (which I know is not him )
its what the marking is for birth place and residence , this man was born Holme, Yorkshire Eng , his residence is Holme Upon Splading Moor that got me wondering.. ???

I tried using Holme on the Wolds as a birth place, I did not get any returns with that on it as a birth place. But , I did get Holme as a birth place when I used it.
I tried using Holme Upon Spalding Moor as a birth place but did not get any returned with it as a birth place - however I did recieved some marked just Holme for birthplace ..
So, same thing.. for both places ??

Talk about confusion for me here !!
 ??? ???
(more ways then I can say  :P)

Thanks for what ever light you can share with me here.
Smiles - for your kindness !!

Yorkshire (East Riding & York) / Re: SAME PLACE ?? HOLME, & Holme Upon Spalding ??
« on: Saturday 24 March 07 14:22 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Trevor,

 So, then would Holme, in the 1851 census- be Holme upon the Wolds ?

I do wished I could tell, it would help my search greatly.

Charles HUDSON listed as being born, Holme, Yorkshire Eng. in 1851 Census. Some others did also.  Yet- there were some from the Holme upon Spalding .
I am working to see who Charles father would be, and if there is a difference- that would eliminate.. a lot for me on the HUDSON name  in Holme upon Spalding. and center my search over in Holme upon the Wolds.

So how does a person tell, which is which place ??

Thanks for your answer on being 2 places with the name HOLME.
smiles for a great day,

Yorkshire (East Riding & York) / SAME PLACE ?? HOLME, & Holme Upon Spalding ??
« on: Saturday 24 March 07 11:48 GMT (UK)  »
  Wondered if some kind soul, could tell me if this happens to be - 2 places ..
Holme, and Holme Upon Spalding, Yorkshire, England.

I found both names in the 1851 census, and wondered- was it the same .. ??  ??? ?? or Differnent  ??? place

Thanks for your answers  :D

US Lookup Requests / Re: 1920 or 1930 census lookup please - Pennsylvania
« on: Monday 22 January 07 13:27 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Jan,
 I am glad to help.. everyone has helped me so much already on this site.. It makes me feel good to be able to give back the same.
So, sorry I could not get the 1930s for you. I do not have access here at home for that. However if you do not get help off here.. toward the weekend, send me a note and I will go get it from the library. Also if you would like to see the actual census.. I can send a scan of it to your email.. send me a personal note on here if you want this .
Smiles for a great day,

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