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Maybe linked to these...
Henry Schischkar    1851    Halifax, Yorkshire    30 Oct 1873    25618    

Henry Schischkar    1851    Halifax, Yorkshire    12 Oct 1882    012086

Ok... completely missed the fact that someone had already found this fella and posted.. sorry about that!

How about this one...
Births Jun 1854   
Schischkar    Henry         Halifax    9a   436

Staffordshire Lookup Requests / Re: Thomas Thorneycroft B1865
« on: Wednesday 19 February 14 21:21 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Sensei

Following on from the chat, I carried on trying to find children etc. That was the child that I found that was one of the deaths that we needed to find, so I agree.


Cheshire / Re: Tameside Burial Records
« on: Wednesday 29 January 14 22:43 GMT (UK)  »

This has been going on for a few months now.  I had noticed this as most of the records I had already found are no longer on there.  They have changed the record format when you do manage to find one so I wonder if it is anything to do with this.  Either way it's a tad annoying!


Scotland / Re: Need Assistance: FRIEZER
« on: Tuesday 14 January 14 22:45 GMT (UK)  »
Yay... at least I know my method worked then as it was a Cartwright! Glad you've found it

Scotland / Re: Need Assistance: FRIEZER
« on: Tuesday 14 January 14 22:35 GMT (UK)  »
Hi... right by having Edith as the first name
I started by putting in begins with a b c for the surname... when it came up with yes .. i continued...
It's Edith Cartwright!

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Re: Samuel hibberd on 1841 census please
« on: Sunday 06 October 13 21:13 BST (UK)  »
HIBBERT, Samuel    M    25    1816       Yorkshire        
HIBBARD, Mary            F    25    1816       Yorkshire    
HIBBARD, William    M    4    1837       Yorkshire    
HIBBARD, Charles    M    1    1840       Yorkshire

They are in Bellfield Street, Sheffield.  The spellings are as per the image.

Piece: 1335
Book/Folio: 9/32
Page: 6     
Registration District: Sheffield

Cheshire / Re: Barker Burials in Dukinfield.
« on: Thursday 28 March 13 20:38 GMT (UK)  »
Birth Date:1790
Marital Status:
Burial Date:14 Nov 1854
Burial Year:1854
Age:64 years
Burial Place:Ashton under Lyne, St Peter's Catholic Church, Staleybridge
Date of Death:10 Nov 1854

But as someone said, Genuki says this church does not have a graveyard, which is weird that it says Burial Place.

Cheshire / Re: Barker Burials in Dukinfield.
« on: Thursday 28 March 13 20:32 GMT (UK)  »
I've just asked my head teacher (i work in a school).  That is her church and she said that there is a graveyard but only one grave there and no one knows who it is! Weird or what?

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