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Carmarthenshire / Re: Elusive g-g-grandfather
« on: Saturday 12 January 08 12:29 GMT (UK)  »
"BUT the 1871 census has Elizabeth's surname wrong as she has married
William Robbins 3rd q 1870 in Launceston."

Ooh Cas! Annie Hambly? Don't you just wish that you could time travel and then you could go back and ask these people?  ;D

Carmarthenshire / Re: Elusive g-g-grandfather
« on: Saturday 12 January 08 11:27 GMT (UK)  »

So there was a son called Richard as well? Well that makes more sense! It's perfectly possible for a woman to marry a man and her brother to go with his sister... It happened in another branch of the family. Margaret might have been Richard Jr's wife.

Yes, Elizabeth did marry William Robbins the year before, according to my source  :)

I'm not taking it as gospel... although I'd like to. I'm more inclined to believe it if I can make sense of it! There were some inconsistancies between the two finds and your brilliant research might have patched up a few holes.

Another Walker? Oooooh  :o

But where is William Robbins in 1881? Gone walkabouts, I see  ::) He definitely fits into the family  ;D

Carmarthenshire / Re: Elusive g-g-grandfather
« on: Friday 11 January 08 16:58 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you ever so much!  :D

Now I've just got to wait for this guy to come back and untangle the mess of Hamleys, rofl.

Carmarthenshire / Re: Elusive g-g-grandfather
« on: Friday 11 January 08 16:46 GMT (UK)  »
P.S, on the other thread, someone tantilisingly informed me that Theo and Elizabeth had another daughter and a visitor on the 1901 census, but didn't tell me who they were! I only have one photocopied page of the census and I can't get access to the census... Someone take pity on me?  :-\ (Cute little sad face... heh heh heh)

Carmarthenshire / Re: Elusive g-g-grandfather
« on: Friday 11 January 08 16:38 GMT (UK)  »
Heh heh heh, spoke too soon. Charlotte may not have been the grandmother. I think she probably was, but my source named a different wife for Richard Hamley (the sister of the four he 'would put real money on' to be the father of Richard's granddaughter) I would guess it wouldn't be her, since that would be incest. So he was probably married to her before Charlotte (there is an age gap too...) Annie Lititia... He doesn't think that she is Elizabeth J's daughter since she is accounted for in 1881 (Annie's Date of Birth), but Theophilus would have been 18 when she was born. More mystery!

Edit- there are two sets- the Hamleys and the Hamlys... We've got to sort out who was who!

The Lighter Side / Re: Oldest and Youngest Rootschatters
« on: Friday 11 January 08 14:28 GMT (UK)  »
In the 80-85 age range we have six Rootschatters but I'm at a loss to understand this obsession with ages.  By the way, just in case anyone's interested, I was born at 10.15am on 12 June 1927  ;D
Can anyone remember how to work out which day of the week one was born ?
I'm desperate to know whose child I am   ;D ;D

I was born at 3:25pm on Tuesday 26th July 1988  ;D

P.S and definitely not 'full of grace'... I reckon I was born a day early, lol

Carmarthenshire / Re: Elusive g-g-grandfather
« on: Friday 11 January 08 14:22 GMT (UK)  »
I emailed an Uglow family tree and you are right! She was Elizabeth Jane HAMLEY born 1859 to Elizabeth HAMLEY with an unknown UGLOW as the father! The man who replied also has the date of marriage for Elizabeth and Theophilus and also her mother's second marriage! That beautiful man has just made my year!! And Cas, Charlotte could well be her grandmother! Argh! I love you all!!!

Carmarthenshire / Re: Elusive g-g-grandfather
« on: Wednesday 09 January 08 17:25 GMT (UK)  »
P.S, on Elizabeth Uglow, she was born c.1860 so she couldn't have had that many marriages before Theo... The pair of them are pains in the backsides...

Carmarthenshire / Re: Elusive g-g-grandfather
« on: Wednesday 09 January 08 17:23 GMT (UK)  »
Walter's birth certificate is written in very good handwriting and clearly says 'Uglow', although having said that I don't think it is the original copy and someone might have misread/mistranscribed from the original. Uglow is a real surname though, and the right area...

Theo changed his age on every census he was on, so that doesn't help us find his DoB...

I like the option you found for 1871- naming your son after your father was common practice, so it's a good possibility. I'll put that top priority for checking out... although proving it isn't exactly 100%...

Unfortunately that brings 1881 into conflict. Yonder Peasant offered a possibility and I have the one about Carmarthen St Peter, in which he isn't living with his family.

Cas, I would like to say now that I appreciate everything you've done for me so far  :) When someone said this was a brilliant site, they weren't kidding x

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