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Again, thanks so much for all your efforts.

I must first apologize for giving the wrong name for Mary Jane's husband.  His name was William Henry Grantham.  I appears I may have mixed different Williams and Henrys (see below).  It also appears that I am likely following the wrong family (some things fit and others don't as you will see below) or I may have mixed two families together.  Boy, what an eye opener.  Also, I apologize for asking about the 1901 Census.  I have searched the 1901 England Census (I am a member of and meant to ask when the 1911 England Census would be available.  My only excuse is I was babysitting my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter when I was writing the reply (and I'm sure you know how defocusing that can be) but wanted to get it done since I was so late in responding.  No more excuses!

To answer your question about where I started:  I started with my Grandfather, Walter Grantham (no documents mention a middle name or initial).  Now that I look at his records to give you specific information, I realize that I thought I found his birth record and everything flowed from there.  This reply may get long but I know the more information I give you, the more you can help.  If you get tired of this, I will understand, but appreciate anything you are willing to help with.


My grandfather, Walter Grantham, was born in England per his son, daughters, a grandson who lived with him, his daughter's Birth Certificate, and the 1920 & 1930 U.S. Censuses.  He was employed by the Salvation Army and their records (which I assume is from information he personally provided) states he was born Feb 27, 1874 (no mention of location).  His Death Certificate (from information provided by his wife) states he was born Feb 27, 1875 in Manchester, England and that his father was born in Manchester (see details below).  Manchester does not match the family I was following but does match with a story (told to me by his daughter) about him losing out on an inheritance from Drinkwater Park (which is located in Prestwich, Manchester) when someone died because he was at sea and his sister didn't tell anyone how to reach him (as a result neither he, his wife nor his children were ever allowed to speak of his sister).  Coincidentally, Drinkwater Park was sold in 1902 and he immigrated to the U.S. in 1903.  Maybe there is a connection?  His grandson told me that he remembered being told that Walter first went to Canada then to Colorado.  This makes some sense since I can't find any passenger record for him and he did marry in Colorado in 1905.

Per Walter's marriage license, he was married in Victor, Colorado on August 2, 1905 to my grandmother, Lucy Reid.  The license states they both lived in Cripple Creek, Colorado at the time. 

The 1920 Census taken Jan 12 in Omaha Nebraska lists Walter Grantham (age 45 which would be correct for the Feb. 1874 birthdate but not the Feb 1875 birthdate) born in England (and both his parents were born in England) and immigrating in 1903, living with his wife (my grandmother) Lucy, a son (my father) Ward, 3 daughters and his mother, Mary (age 75) born in England (Mary's father was born in England and it states her mother was born in Iowa but that was where Walter's children were born and it's incorrectly also listed as the birthplace of the children's mother--it is an error on the form).  (Do you need the Census Reference Number for this?)

The 1930 Census taken April 4 in St. Louis, Missouri lists Walter Grantham (age 55 which is one year too young for the above Feb 1874 birthdate but correct for the Feb 1875 date) born in England.  It states he immigrated in 1917 but that was wrong.  It states his father was born in Ireland and his mother in England.  That does not match with the 1920 Census or the family I was following.

Walter's Death Certificate (from information given by his wife) states he was born in Manchester England on Feb 27, 1875.  His father (name unknown) was born in Manchester England.  His mother, maiden name Mazy (probably a typo) Larthy, was born in England.  Walter's daughter remembered his mother's maiden name was Lardy and a granddaughter's Sep 1930 Marriage Certificate Family Register lists her as Mary Carty (or McCarty) born Jan 6 (unknown year) and died Oct 1924.

It appears Walter never became a naturalized citizen of the U.S. (he retained his English citizenship).


Walter's daughter told me he was in the English Navy. 

Walter's grandson who lived with him 2 years said he remembers Walter telling him he was a "bad boy" being thrown out of school for fighting and, at age 12, was put in the English Navy as a galley boy to "straighten him out".  I have a picture of Walter in a what looks like a sailing-style uniform and hat at 12 years old.

Walter's grandson told me that he recalled Walter's family was Catholic.

I have to continue this reply in a separate message because it's too long.


Thank you Barbara & Ricky for your responses.  I apologize for the tardy reply from me.  The Yorkshire Board gave me information on another side of my family which opened up a whole new generation and many relatives and I've been concentrating on that for the last couple of days.

In gathering the answers to your questions and comparing the data (and if I did the analysis correctly) it appears she was probably born Feb 9-April 2, 1844, not 1845 (I just learned my lesson about fully analyzing all data and reanalyzing each time I get a new piece of information).

To answer your questions: 

The marriage certificate to Walter Grantham states married in Lincoln on Feb 9, 1869 and she was 24 years old (born after Feb 9, 1844?)

The 1871 Census taken April 2 in Liverpool (Lancaster County) states she was born in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England and was 27 years old (born before April 2, 1844?)

The 1881 Census taken April 3 in Liverpool, Lancashire, states she was born in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England and was 35 years old (born abt 1845 or 1846).

The 1920 U.S. Census taken Jan 12 (she was visiting her son) states she was 75 years old (born abt 1844 if born after Jan 12).

I cannot find her in the 1891 Census, though I find her husband, Walter Grantham, and her sons in Bootle (north of Liverpool) but not her.  It states Walter was a widower so that's something to figure out since she obviously was not dead.  Maybe they divorced or separated?  Walter was a Ship Steward and was mostly at sea during their marriage and their sons were 16 and 18 years old in 1891 and the 16 year old was a cook at sea so it doesn't sound like she was involved with the family in 1891.

I still cannot find a birth or christening record for her but I just might not be very good at knowing how to look.

Thanks for all your help.  I will follow up on anything you find.

Does anyone know when the 1901 England Census will be available online?


Thank you both very much!  What a great group of people.

I will research all of the information you passed along.  I'm sure one of them is my relative so it's just a matter of more investigation.  With the information you shared, I have lots more directions to go.


Can anyone find information for Mary Jane Simpson born about 1845 in Gainsborough?  Per her marriage certificate, her father was William Simpson, a farmer.

I got a birth certificate for a Mary Jane Simpson born April 12, 1845 in Gainsburgh but the father was John Simpson, a laborer.  It might be her but with a different father's name I thought I should keep looking.

Thank you.

Can anyone help find a birth date or other information for William Henry Grantham born abt 1837-1838 in Hull?  Per his marriage certificate his father was William, a draper.

I have come across 2 William Henry Granthams.  One born in 1837 and one in 1838, both in Hull both with a father named William.  If I had more specific dates, etc. maybe I could determine which is my Great Grandfather.

Thank you.

Shropshire Lookup Requests / Re: Marriage of Sarah Jordan & John Rusbridge 1840
« on: Tuesday 15 January 08 16:36 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you very much!  I will order the Marriage Certificate which should give me the information I need to search additional ancestors.

Shropshire Lookup Requests / Marriage of Sarah Jordan & John Rusbridge 1840
« on: Tuesday 15 January 08 07:16 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone help me find information about the marriage of Sarah Jordan and John Rusbridge probably Oct-Nov-Dec 1840 in Shropshire (one record states Kidderminster and another states Kington)?

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