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Thomas Kelsey
Date Registered:
Wednesday 10 December 08 17:01 GMT (UK)
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Friday 07 August 20 05:11 BST (UK)
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Friday 24 July 20 07:54 BST (UK)
Surname Interests:
Curry, Ireland and Lincolnshire
Batty, Lincolnshire
Isle, Lincolnshire
Dennison, Ireland, Oldham, Lincolnshire
Woodhead, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire
Mell, Yorkshire
Barley, Lincolsnhire
Kelsey, Linconshire
Jeffery, Ireland, Somerset, London, Yorkshire
Wilby, Yorkshire,
Gledhill, Yorkshire
Storr, Yorkshire
Vollans, Yorkshire
Scholes, Yoorkshire
Fenton, Yorkshire
Middleton or Knowles, Yorkshire
Cavell, Yorkshire
Cokell, Lincolnshire
Osband, Lincolnshire