Author Topic: Were your family in British India? please read  (Read 30940 times)

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Re: Were your family in British India? please read
« Reply #18 on: Sunday 12 November 06 21:04 GMT (UK) »
Gem- have been looking for this branch of the family for some time without any luck but every now and then a little bit more turns up. Wonder if you have anything that fits:

Rev. Robert Gillespie died 8 June 1900 at Gillespiepur (village named after him), Borsad, Gujarat, India. Have photo of church and gravestone. First wife Kate Watters died sometime bet.1890-1898 (India or Ireland?). Six? children (born bet.1868-1890):
1. Rev. Samuel Gillespie (6 Dec.1869 Raijkote, Kathiawar, India-Mar.1928). Had son in Indian Army & daughter in South Africa.
2. Winnie Gillespie m.(bef.1900) ___Johnson or Jacob. In 1900 they were in Poona, India.
3. Edith Gillespie.
4. Maud Gillespie.
5. Gracie Gillespie.
6. Donald Stanley Gillespie (21 June 1890 Ahmedabad, India-aft.1918), youngest child. According to medal card was in Dorsetshire regt. and then 58th Rifles Indian Army (2nd Lt. then Capt.?).

P.S. (my grandfather's aunt was Robert Gillespie's 2nd wife and my grandfather named after her stepson Donald).
Away sorting out DNA matches... I may be gone for some time many years!

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Re: Were your family in British India? please read
« Reply #19 on: Sunday 12 November 06 23:12 GMT (UK) »
Hi Gem,

Thanks for your very very kind offer.   I would be so grateful if you could look up a marriage and two baptisms for me please.  I notice you have the name COLEMAN amongst your list of names and wonder if you have anything relating to our COLEMAN family.   The information I have is:-
JOHN COLEMAN b. 1849 Aylesford Kent (m) Bridget GIBBONS in about 1874/5/6 ish possibly in India.   John Coleman was in the Royal Artillery and served in India/Burma & Arabia.
Oral family history is that he met Bridget Gibbons in India where she was a school teacher.  But, as I found on the Census  their first child was born in Burma this may not be the case.
We know little about Bridget  other than she was possibly born at Brompton, Chatham, Kent, where her father may have been  in the Royal Engineers (believe the 43rd Battn. Royal Engineers).  However, I have not been able to find a  birth cert. or baptism for her. Therefore,  I don't know the name of her parents.    John & Bridget returned to England in 1881 and John was posted to Pennar, Pembrokeshire; and later lived in Barry, Cardiff.  According to the 1881 Census for Bleasby, Northants, they had two children overseas:
Annie Coleman born in about 1876 in  Burma
Emily Rose Coleman born in about 1880 in Arabia
Re Annie, I came across the name Toungoo mentioned as her place of birth on a  later census and I think this is a town somewhere between Rangoon and Mandalay, Burma.
I have not been able to find out where or when John Coleman married Bridget Gibbons nor where the two daughters were baptised.
I would be so grateful if you could have a look and see if you can find their marriage and any baptisms for me.   
With thanks. June
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Re: Were your family in British India? please read
« Reply #20 on: Monday 13 November 06 02:55 GMT (UK) »
Nice one Gem,
Alice Martha GILES was born in London 21 Sep 1857.  The next time I see Alice is in 1891 where she married George William Henry SMITH in Bombay, India.
Just dont know how she got there but would like to know if William Henry SMITH (sorry about that) was a soldier.
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Re: Were your family in British India? please read
« Reply #21 on: Monday 13 November 06 08:31 GMT (UK) »
Hi Gem
I hope you're still doing lookups, that's very kind

I have
Robert TOWNSEND (Wife Mary Ann) in India with the army from around 1852 till at least 1865
Regiment either 41st Foot or 93rd (Highlanders)

Catherine (1849) married John Barnes in India 1866

Francis (1851), joined the 93rd when he was old enough, I have his papers

Mary Ann (1853) married Henry Wilson in India 1870

Matilda (1855) I'm hoping to find her marriage

Robina (1858) Never married died aged 33 in an accident

John born 1865 India, have his birth cert but I believe he may have died there as I can find no other mention of him with this family.

If you can help with either Matilda or John I'd be very grateful.

Have found another couple of possible daughters for Robert and Mary Ann on the IGI yesterday....

Ellen Alexander b1861 Pesawur, India
Agnes b 1863 Sealcote, India
Main names:
Scotland (Travellers) - Townsend/Townsley, Conway, Stewart
Lanark and Stirling - Jeffrey.
Northumberland/ Durham - Newton, Nixon, Sharp, Greaves, Naters
Warwickshire and London - Garfield.
Ireland, Co. Kerry - Marah/Meara/Mara, McClure, Howard, Melvin
Lincs - Smith, Vinter

other offshoots - Berry, Steven, Craig, Atkins, Fuller, , Stewart, Conway, Heather,

Census information is Crown Copyright, from

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Re: Were your family in British India? please read
« Reply #22 on: Thursday 16 November 06 22:50 GMT (UK) »
Just to let you all know ..... I have not forgotten about the requests. It has been a hectic couple of weeks. Please bare with me. I shall do all of the look ups on Friday evening.

Gem x

( ps, I am a happy bunny ..... just been e-mailed by a cousin 300 times removed !!....I was never very good at how to work out lineage!!)
Researching the family of Matthew fox JOHNSTONE born Ireland 1832 , Served  in India from 1855 with the Royal Artillery.
 Matthew's 8 children and their families married into the following families in India;- ( Of Irish blood= Wheeler, Kenyon, Baker, Raynor, Fitzgerald-Uniacke, Fox), of Scotch blood = Gilmour, Balfour, Taylor, . Of un-known/British blood;- Rose, Matthews, Rae, Hicks-Beach, Jones,Swetenham, D'Aguilar, Boutflower, Gwyther.

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Re: Were your family in British India? please read
« Reply #23 on: Friday 01 December 06 12:20 GMT (UK) »
What a wonderful, generous offer!

I'm chasing Ann Rebecca Williams, born in Bellary in possibly 1833. She was married in Hong Kong in 1847, making her 14!!!, so the DOB could be wrong. Her father was James Williams, a soldier.

I do remember finding a Court Martial record for a James Williams in the correct time frame, in the area near Bellary, and that the regiment he was in was later posted to Hong Kong.

I have no other details than this sorry! I would be most grateful if you could have a quick squizz for me and see what you can dig up.


Kez :)

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Re: Were your family in British India? please read
« Reply #24 on: Friday 01 December 06 12:30 GMT (UK) »

Try this site for Lineage, very useful.
                                                         Belle. ;)
EADON:         Birmingham, Sheffield, India.
SHUBART:      Ireland, Devon, India,
LEE:              Guernsey, Devon. Leicestershire,
CASELEY:       Devon,Guernsey.
MONAGHAN:   Ireland,Devon,India, Lancashire,
CROXFORD:    Guernsey,
COPELAND:    Wales, India, Devon.
LUCIETT:        Ireland, Devon,Sussex.
MOREY:           London,  India.

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Re: Were your family in British India? please read
« Reply #25 on: Friday 01 December 06 12:45 GMT (UK) »
Hi Gem

I don't know if you have any info which may help but we are looking for the marriage of William Herbert Jackson and Julia Leham.† Julia died in India in 1887? (Presently at work and need to check exact year at home, but we have the cert) William was serving in the Royal Artillery.† Their daughter Charlotte was born in 1886.† We can find no record of their marriage in UK.

William went on the marry Clara Keefe in 1893, still in India, - we have the cert for that marriage -and they were my husband's maternal grandparents.†

I am in contact with Charlotte's grandson and we have been looking with no success for William and Julia's marriage.† We do know from her death cert that Julia was born in Ireland, so we're not sure where the marriage took place.

Hope you† may be able to help. Many thanks

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Re: Were your family in British India? please read
« Reply #26 on: Saturday 02 December 06 17:14 GMT (UK) »
Hi Gem, :)
My enquiry is about a possible birth in India of a daughter Louisa Kate Short B circa 1865 .
 She is recorded on the 1871 census for Scotland as age 6 and born England Lancashire, which is also incorrectly recorded for her parents George and Martha who where both born in Lincolnshire
George Short B 1832. He enlisted age 25 at Boston Lincolnshire, on the 10th December 1857 in the Royal Welch Fusiliers (35th Regiment); posted to Chatham in late 1858 He remained in India until discharge in 15th December 1867. (Sargent). Endorsed on Horse Guards on 5th March 1868
In 1868. A daughter, Georgiana was born while George and Martha where in London.
Louisa Kate appears to have been a witness to the second marriage, in India, of her sister Georgiana Gordon Lindfield. The name is very feint on the certificate apparently. (Or so Iíve been told) I do have a reference number for this certificate at the India Office.
George Died, aged 100 years and 7 months, in 1933 Belfast.
I hope you can find time to look this up for me. Much appreciated
Short: Lincolnshire; India;London;Scotland; Limerick; Belfast<br />Lane: Surrey/London/Northampton/Hereford/Cheshire/Staffordshire<br />Occomore: Hampshire; London<br />Heaton: Yorkshire; Derbyshire;London
Cutts: London;Derbyshire; Yorkshire;Lancashire
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Census information is Crown Copyright, from