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Changing your RootsChat name(s)
« on: Tuesday 12 June 07 17:14 BST (UK) »
First of all, what is your RootsChat name ??

When you register for membership on RootsChat you are asked to enter a Username
For this example, let's say you have entered Jo Soap

This is the name you use when you log in, and it will appear
  • in the "Welcome back Jo Soap, ..." message at the top of the page 
  • in replies to any topics on the forum 
  • in Personal Messages (PM)
  • as your name in the Chat-Room
  • in the Surname Interests Table (SIT)

If you later decide that you don't want to use your real name, you can change it.
Let's say you now wish to be known by a pseudonym, Sooty

Go to your profile
(Click on the "Profile" button at the top of any page, or on your name, anywhere in RootsChat messages)

Click on Membership Related Settings

You will see:
- Username: this is the username you logon to RootsChat with.
- Name: this is the name people see in your profile, your "forum name"

You are then asked for a Name
Enter Sooty in the Name: box, enter your password in the Password: box, and click on 'Change Profile'

You now have two RootsChat names:
- your Username, Jo Soap and
- your Name, or Forum name, Sooty.

You still need to log in as Jo Soap, but then:
  • the Welcome message says "Welcome back Sooty, ..."
  • all your replies, both new and old will now be under the name Sooty
  • in Personal Messages (PM) you will still be Jo Soap
  • in the Chat-Room you will still be Jo Soap
  • in the Surname Interests Table (SIT) you will still be Jo Soap 

To change your Username in the SIT, send me a PM,158039.0.html

To change your Username for login, Chat-Room and PMs, you need to contact Trystan, and ask him, as he will then need to give you a new temporary password.
(Hint: Trystan is usually busy, so you will need to watch out for him, and catch him when he is online.)

Once this is done, your Username and Forum name will be the same, you will still have your original number of posts, and .....

                :)  you can enjoy life as Sooty  :) 
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