Author Topic: Fields, McLaughlin, Speer of Clonleigh?  (Read 2765 times)

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Fields, McLaughlin, Speer of Clonleigh?
« on: Tuesday 18 November 08 14:48 GMT (UK) »
Ok, This is quite complicated. I am new at Irish research really and don't have a lot to go on. What i do have is this: My great grandfather David Fields was born in around 1900 and all i have to go on is in Ireland, somewhere! His parents are called John Fields and Elizabeth Speer and were married in Scotland in 1882, but are not found in the Scottish 1881 census and i cannot trace their births or deaths to Scotland either. The parents listed on their marriage certificate are Grace McLaughlin m John Fields and hers as Andrew Speer m Margaret McLaughlin although i'm not sure this is correct. Anyway, back to David, I know that David had a brother called John who, although i'm not sure where he was born, had at least 3 children in Scotland starting in 1907 and on the childrens birth certificates it says he was married on 14 July 1906 in Clonlee but i think they miss pelt Clonleigh? So they obviously came over to Scotland between July 1906 and October 1907 when child 1 was born. So i am thinking David possibly came with them and i am also thinking it is a big possibility that he was born in Clonleigh? I am so desperate for any pointers in the right direction as i have been working on this tree for a good couple of years now and this is the thing that has stumped me.

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Re: Fields, McLaughlin, Speer of Clonleigh?
« Reply #1 on: Tuesday 18 November 08 18:09 GMT (UK) »
Hi, There is a James Fields born 25 SEP 1869   , Donegal, (extracted record) on the IG.I. Parents named as John Fields and Grace McLaughlin. 

This looks like a brother to John Jnr and an uncle to David.

You can purchase this cert  from Groireland at

Remember and ask for the photocopy, it's cheaper

It should have on it ,  a place of birth, parents names, fathers occupation and address, and name and address of person who registered the birth.

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Re: Fields, McLaughlin, Speer of Clonleigh?
« Reply #2 on: Friday 06 April 18 22:43 BST (UK) »
Hi there,
I don't know your name, It doesn't seem to show up on this forum, I hope your still researching this Field's family & have made some progress with your research since compiling this post

Anyway I'm a direct descendant of John Field's & Grace Mc Laughlin, I've my line of this Field's family traced back to them too through their son Patrick

Patrick Field's & your John Field's were brother's, the reason you can't find a marriage certificate for John Field's & Elizabeth / Bessie / Eliza Spere is because I think they may have been married in Murlog Catholic church in Lifford Co Donegal, Within the Clonleigh parish

John & Elizabeth from the church record's I found on them in Lifford states the following children's names:

Thomas Field's was baptised on the 23/06/1889

Joseph David fields was baptised on the 29/07/1900

James fields was baptised on the 08/11/1891

Catherine fields was baptised on the 05/08/1893

Hopefully you'll see this message & this new information is of some help to you, If you require any further information or help, please get back in touch with me again

If you want to contact me directly through email, please let me know how you can be reached

Best wishes

Patrick Crawford